Far Cry Primal’s New Trailer Gives Us More Details On Story, Animals and World

Far Cry Primal will be released in less than three weeks and fans of the franchise can’t wait to play the latest title. The upcoming game will be a little different from the previous versions as it has abandoned the guns for bows, arrows and spears.

The game developer has already given fans a few details through the trailers and gameplay. But there is always more on a big title like this and the latest trailer shows just how fun and detailed the game will be.

The start of the trailer shows us the different animals in the world and what some can do. In the first fifteen seconds we see tigers, mammoths, wolves and bears. The video then presents us the main character and the many animals he can tame.

Crafting and Animals

We also get to see some of the weapons and how they can be crafted by finding material around the world. The trailer also confirms that there are fortresses and outposts, just like we had during the previous games. The battles there will be a little different as we no longer have mortars, helicopters and enemies shooting at us with automatic weapons.

The video also gives us more on the animals, which can be called in whenever you need help. The animals can be tamed and come with different skills and abilities. In the trailer, we see the owl making a quick attack while the bear just takes down an enemy. You can also ride the animals and get to an area faster.

The game also introduces two tribes and their leaders. One of these groups specializes at hunting while the other defends its territory with fire.

February 23

Takkar, the main character, has to conquer the two tribes and work on building his village. The mission won’t be easy as all the animals and tribes in the world will fight back and even attack when you least expect it.

Far Cry Primal will be out in stores for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 23. The end of the trailer also lets fans know that if you pre-order the game now, you get three extra missions called Legend of the Mammoth.

Here is the new trailer:

What do you think about this game? Did you pre-order for the extra missions? Will it be as good as previous editions? Let us know in the comments.