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How to Fix iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Connection Issues – 2018 Update

So you’ve just come home with your brand new iPhone 6. It’s absolutely lovely, and you’re the envy of your social circle with this new apple tech. But before you can download the Facebook App and tell all your friends, you realize you can’t get it to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Does this sound at all familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you step by step through a few fixes that should fix most Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

 Potential Fix #1: Update your Apple iOS.

While it is unlikely this is your problem, there have been whispers in the tech world that some iPhone 6 models shipped without a full update to iOS 8.1. To check, go to Settings, then General, select Software Update and tap Download and Install. As usual, when updating it is recommended to keep your phone on a charger, and restart after the update is complete if the iPhone doesn’t do so automatically.

 Potential Fix #2: Disable Voice Over LTE.

iPhone1Some carriers such as Verizon allow for use of the 4G network during phone calls to increase the quality of calls. This has one major drawback, though. Even in areas where your LTE signal is extremely weak (think 2G connection or lower), your phone will prefer to use data instead of Wi-Fi, thus creating a connection conundrum. To fix this, simply go to settings, then cellular, and select Enable LTE. You should then be given a menu with the option for LTE to be active for “Data Only”. Be sure this is the only option selected and restart your phone. With any luck, this was your only issue and you can now go about enjoying your phone and trendsetting status.

 Potential Fix #3: Reset the Router.

The go to fix for any I.T. Network manager may be your best friend as well. Simply go up to the router or modem, and unplug the power. Then wait about a minute, perhaps contemplating how different the world must have been before the Internet. Lastly, plug the router back in and try to log into the network again.

Potential Fix #4: Reset Wi-Fi Network Location Services.

Some things on this planet just can’t be explained. Like why exactly this works for many individuals who have an issue connecting to Wi-Fi. Go to Settings, then Privacy, tap Location Services, and finally, System Services. At this menu, there should be a switch to disable Wi-Fi, go ahead and click it. Now, restart your phone and test the connection. You can then follow the above steps one more time and re-enable Wi-Fi Network Location Services and hopefully be on your merry way.

Potential Fix #5: Reset the iPhone Network Settings.


This fix is not complex so much as it is a tad repetitive. First, go to Settings, then General, tap Reset and then tap Reset Network Settings. You should be prompted to enter your password and be warned that this step will restore your iPhone’s network settings back to the default. Fear not though, no personal information or contacts will be lost. After confirming, your iPhone should reboot and you will then need to enter in your router’s password (and potentially name) again. After this step you should be able to connect.

 Potential Fix #6: Contact customer support.

There’s a reason I set this at the bottom of the list. If none of the above solutions worked, there is a chance that a networking component of your phone may be malfunctioning and it would be best to replace it. Most carriers and Apple themselves carry a warranty on their phones for just such occasions, and take only a few days to get you a replacement.

There you have it, 6 solutions to ending the feud between iPhones and Wi-Fi. Be sure to take a look at our technology section for quick solutions to other issues with both this device and many others, and to keep up to date with the newest toys and apps.

Cody Carmichael
University graduate in Psychology, and health worker. On my off time I'm usually tinkering with tech or traveling to the ends of the globe.


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