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Habbo Membership Club Benefits

Habbo is a virtual world for teens where you can create an avatar and then use that to chat and hang out with friends and people from all over the world. You can think of Habbo more as a social networking website where you can engage in pixel art and you can build your own rooms for your avatar as well. Habbo is also considered an MMOG, but how the membership structure works is a little different.

You pay for your Habbo Club membership subscription using coins, which is the in-game currency. This means that you can end up earning the Habbo Club membership just by collecting the coins and cashing them in for the membership. The good news to this is that after you pay with the virtual coins, your Habbo Club paid membership begins immediately, and continues until it expires.

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If you are playing Habbo then you might want to get the Club membership because there are a ton of benefits of this paid membership. We are going to be telling you about some of the best paid membership benefits you will get if you decide to join.

Habbo Club Membership Benefits

More Room Layouts- If you are a Habbo Club member you have the ability to get more rooms with bigger layouts than the free membership provides. These layouts for the rooms often have stairs and this means you can increase the complexity of your room and have a better design plan. The better room layouts also means you have more ability to be creative and show off your unique personality.

Free Furniture- You will also be given a free piece of furniture every month for having a paid membership. This is neat because the furniture is not cheap to buy in the game and it allows you to save your in-game currency for other items. You will get all of this free furniture once a month until the end of your Club membership, and these are often exclusive.

Badge- If you decide to get a Habbo Club membership you will be given a badge that you will see on your profile. This badge basically is just to show off that you are a paid member and have the membership benefits. The badge is also a good thing because it tells other people that you have access to features that they also might have access to, and this helps you gain more friends in the game.

More Friends- There is a great benefit of being a member to Habbo which is that you can have over three times the amount of friends. If you are a member you can have 1,100 friends whereas the non-members can only have 300 friends. This means you will be able to add more friends to your Friends List and be able to chat and play with more people.

Create Groups- Back in the day anyone could create groups, but that was changed a few years ago to limit the groups for only the paying members. This means that if you have a Habbo Club membership you can create groups whereas the non-members cannot anymore, and this was done right after more integration and features were put into the game.

More Catalog Sections– You will also have a special section in the catalog which is a member-only section. This special and exclusive section will feautre various items that are only for members such as the Black Holes. You will notice that the items change often as well, which means new trends are always present in the catalog.

More Clothing- As a member you get to have more clothing options, including more colors and designs of clothing. You will be able to see more styles than non-members and can also mix and match outfits in ways you previously could not as a non-member.

Unlimited SnowStorm Games– In Habbo, if you are not a member then you can only play 3 games each day. As a paid member you have unlimited access to the games, and can play all of the games as many times as you would like. These are fun little games that you will enjoy because you can earn in-game currency by playing these games and it also gives you something to do with your many friends you have made while being in the virtual world.

Three More Dances– As a paid member of Habbo you also get three more dances that are not available to the non-members. These dances are The Rollie, Pogo Mogo, and Duck Funk. You can do these dance moves with any of your Habbo characters as long as you keep the Habbo Club membership. This means that if you are no longer a member or cancel the membership then you cannot use these dance moves anymore.



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