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What Happened to Dylan & Cole Sprouse? 2018 Update

If you want your kid to make it in Hollywood they stand a better chance if they’re a twin. California labor laws limit the amount of time a child actor can film for. It’s why so many child actors come in pairs. Like the Sprouse brothers, Dylan and Cole. Beginning their career in 1999 they have gone on to play the same character in many films and TV shows. Until 2005 when they landed a role-playing Twin boys Zach and Cody on the Disney Channel. So what are they up to these days?

Dylan & Cole Sprouse’s Early Life

Dylan or Cole in Big Daddy

The Sprouse Bros were born on August 4th 1992 in Tuscany Italy. Their parents, Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, were teaching English as a foreign language in the country. They moved to the United States at four months, living in their parents native Long Beach in California. They began acting at the age of eight months, appearing in a commercial for diapers, can it be called acting if you’re a baby? Probably not.

They had a main role in the 1993 sitcom “Grace Under Fire” and appeared in all 112 episodes of the original run. They shared the role of Patrick Kelly, youngest son of series protagonist Grace. They had their first film role in 1999, in the Johnny Depp flick “The Astronaut’s Wife”. In something of a change for the Sprouse boys they played separate characters. It was short-lived as their next film was the Adam Sandler Vehicle “Big Daddy”, playing the role of Julian McGrath. They received more critical acclaim than Sandler did, being nominated for several awards, though receiving none.

They appeared in numerous films in the early 2000s, mostly playing one character. In 2005 they were cast in what would become their most recognizable role. “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” debuted on the Disney Channel to four million viewers, the highest opening numbers for a Disney Channel show in 2005. The Show was a tremendous success and made household names of the Sprouse brothers.

The Sprouse life of Zach and Cody

They were able to leverage the popularity of “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” into a multimedia brand, marketing a successful line of clothing, comics, personal hygiene products, sportswear and even a magazine. Licensed through the Dualstar Entertainment group, all but the clothing line are now defunct.

Due to audience familiarity with the twins their film roles during “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody’s” original run would have them playing different characters. While none of the films were a critical success, the revenue they produced was substantial. As is common on in-house Disney live action shows the Sprouse Bros would appear in other live action Disney shows as their “Zach and Cody” characters, from “That’s so Raven” to “Hannah Montana”.

Toss a coin, 50/50 chance you’re right either way.

After “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” they spun the show off into a different setting. Dubbed “The Suite Life on Deck” it starred the Sprouse boys, again as Zach and Cody, but this time on a boat. Once that concluded in 2011 they decided to go to college. They graduated last year, with Dylan gaining a degree in Video Game Design and Cole majoring in archaeology. Both Dylan and Cole have stated that they intend to continue acting.

What are the Sprouse Brothers Doing Now in 2018?

Dylan Sprouse was managing a restaurant in New York until recently, and providing color commentary for a few Super Smash Bros tournaments, but has recently returned to acting. He is set to appear in “Dismissed” this year alongside Kent Osbourne. The film is billed as a thriller about an idealistic, straight-laced English teacher drawn down a nightmarish rabbit hole by an honor roll student who will stop at nothing to get an A. He is also putting that degree in Game Design to good use joining the cast of the video game “Reborn”.

Cole Sprouse on the other hand has been keeping a low profile. A few tweets here and there, a moderately active instagram page and that’s about it. He has been sending tapes out to a few projects that he’s interested in, and has spent some time with a pen in his hand, branching out into writing, but no concrete projects on the horizon. They both decided to take a break from acting this year, and while it seems that Dylan as reneged on that idea, Cole has not.

The Pair in 2017 are consumed by personal projects, script writing, and interestingly starting a Brewery in the Brooklyn area. Overall what is most impressive about the twins is their ability to avoid the classic child star pitfalls. Both seem well adjusted and driven, so even if we don’t see much of them this year, we can be assured they are doing well.

Barry W Stanton
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  1. Adding to what they are doing in 2017 – Cole is staring in Riverdale, an Archie comic spin-off as well as pursuing his photography career and as you’ve mentions Dylan is starting a brewery, All wise Meadery (New York City’s only Meadery)


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