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MovieStarPlanet Tips: How to Earn More StarCoins

MovieStarPlanet is a game designed for children ages 8 to 15 where your goal is to become a Hollywood movie star. You can dress up your movie star avatar and then create your own movies using your avatar. You have the ability to purchase clothing items, accessories, jewelry, backgrounds and much more that you can incorporate into your movies. The better your movies are the more people will watch them, and this means the bigger movie star you will become.

In MovieStarPlanet you purchase the items you need in the store by earning StarCoins. StarCoins are the main currency used in MovieStarPlanet. In order to become a huge movie star you might be wondering just how you can earn even more StarCoins in the game. We are going to give you some tips that can help you earn more StarCoins in the game so keep reading to learn more.

Tips on Earning StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet

Spin the Coin Wheel- Whether you are a VIP member or not, you can spin the Coin Wheel to get StarCoins. If you do have a VIP membership, you can spin the wheel up to four times each day. If you are not a member you can only spin the Coin Wheel once a day. You will be able to collect StarCoins quickly by remembering to spin the Coin Wheel every day you login to the game.

moviestarplanet starcoins tips

Play the Floor Games- If you login to MovieStarPlanet, you will see that there are games on the floor. You can easily play these floor games and then click on the StarCoins when you see pets. If you grab your pet and go to the pet park chatroom, you can just click the pets of the players to get these StarCoins. If you want to go another route, simply enter the chatrooms and then when you find a player with a pet click on the pet icon to earn StarCoins as well.

Do The Quizzes- There are a lot of quizzes in MovieStarPlanet, although it might take you a couple times of playing the quiz games to figure out the right answers. Most of the time you can simply remember the answers to the quizzes and easily pass right through them. This will earn you quite a few StarCoins by answering them all correctly. You will also be able to spin the wheel at the same time, and earn yourself some Fame too.

Play Arcade Games- On MovieStarPlanet there is an arcade which is full of games. You want to play these arcade games as much as possible because you earn StarCoins by playing them. These arcade games do not take that long to do and you will be able to quickly earn StarCoins without having to do much work.

Make Movies– A big part of MovieStarPlanet is making movies and this is a good way to earn StarCoins as well. This is probably one of the best tips we can give you in terms of how to earn StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet. For every person that watches a movie you made, you earn 10 StarCoins. This means that if 100 people watch your movie you earn 1,000 StarCoins.

Make Good Movies- In MovieStarPlanet, you can earn StarCoins by making a really good movie. If you have a movie that is really bad you likely will not earn StarCoins at all. This means you want to take your time making the movies so that they turn out good. The better the movie is the more StarCoins you will earn for your effort. Making good movies will definitely help you earn more StarCoins as the movies are all rated.

Get In Other Movies- An easy tip to earning StarCoins simply involves asking people to be in their movies. If you are in a movie at all, even if you did not create it, you will earn StarCoins. In fact, when someone watches a movie that you were in, you earn 50 StarCoins for each view. Go into the chatrooms and talk to people, and then just ask to be in their movie. Most of the time people will not have a problem with you being in their movie, especially if you are nice to them.

Watch Movies and Rate– On MovieStarPlanet, a quick way to earn StarCoins is to simply watch some short movies and then rate them. These movies are anywhere from one minute to three minutes long, although it usually is about two minutes in length. Once you see the movie, you need to rate it 5 stars and you will get 10 StarCoins for each movie you watch and rate.

Love People’s Pets- Looking for a cute way to earn StarCoins in MovieStarPlanet? Well you can love other people’s pets and you will earn anywhere between one and three StarCoins each. Look for the players who are at level 25 or above, since they have the most pets. Go through their pets and love them and you can quickly earn 50 to 100 StarCoins or more for each person above level 25.

Make Art Projects- You can earn StarCoins, although usually not more than 10 at a time, if you make art projects. Examples of this would include making looks and art books, but can include other types of art projects or crafts as well. The more art you create in MovieStarPlanet the more StarCoins you will earn, but some of these art projects can take a little time depending on your skill level.

Invite Your Friends- This tip takes a little time to get the pay off but you can invite friends to sign up for MovieStarPlanet. Simply enter their email address in the box and then click on “Confirm” to send the request. If your friend signs up for MovieStarPlanet and they make it to level 6, you will get 200 StarCoins. If you invite 10 friends and they all end up at level 6, then you will have 2,000 StarCoins just from inviting people.



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