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MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Benefits

Are you interested in knowing the benefits of a MovieStarPlanet VIP membership? If you have not heard about MovieStarPlanet before, it is a virtual world that is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 15. In MovieStarPlanet, you enter into a virtual world where you customize an avatar that you then can use to create movies. The goal of MovieStarPlanet is to make your avatar into a Hollywood movie star. You can then socialize and chat with people who are all there to watch your movies that you uploaded and created.


You can customize your avatar and your movies by purchasing costumes, backdrops, clothing, accessories, and much more with StarCoins. StarCoins are the in-game currency and you also can earn Fame points by having people watch your movies as well as giving out autographs. There is so much to MovieStarPlanet that you can do for free, including making your own movies, but having one of the VIP memberships allows you to do more and purchase more items. If you have been interested in MovieStarPlanet and want to know about their VIP memberships, which come in 12 different packages, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be talking about all of the benefits that come with the VIP memberships on MovieStarPlanet.

MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Benefits

You Earn Fame- If you choose to become a VIP member on MovieStarPlanet, you will get more fame. Fame is what you need in the game in order to level up your movie star avatar. Since there are many different VIP membership packages available, the amount of fame you will get depends on which package you decide to purchase.

Sign More Autographs- Since you are a huge movie star, people want your autograph. If you decide to get a membership you can sign more autographs. This is one way you can get even more popular and famous in the game, so signing more autographs is a good thing.

More Friends- In MovieStarPlanet, you want to have a lot of friends because that is how you get more famous and how more people will become interested in your movies. As a member of MovieStarPlanet, you are allowed to have more friends, which allows you more social time and gives you more eyes on your movies.

Spins on the StarCoin Wheel- The StarCoin Wheel is exactly what it sounds like, a prize wheel where you can earn even more of the StarCoins for free. Depending on the membership you decide to get you will be allowed more spins on the StarCoin Wheel. If you choose the biggest MovieStarPlanet membership, then you get the most spins each day on the StarCoin Wheel.

More StarCoins- In MovieStarPlanet, you need a lot of StarCoins in order to purchase the clothing, backgrounds and items you need for your movies. As a member, you will be able to earn more StarCoins throughout the game, which means you will be able to purchase the better items in the store and create even more unique movies.

Diamonds- Diamonds are the exclusive currency in MovieStarPlanet that is only available for members. Obviously if you are a member then you will have access to these diamonds which you can also use to purchase items in the game. Diamonds are shiny and bright and really are a collector item within the game.

Daily Diamonds and StarCoins- Having a VIP membership for MovieStarPlanet means you will earn Diamonds and StarCoins daily. This is just a small thank you for purchasing a VIP membership to the game and you do not have to do anything to get these Diamonds or StarCoins. While it might not be many of each one, free Diamonds and StarCoins are good even if it is just a few a day.

Exclusive Items in the Shop- As a VIP member you will also get exclusive items in the MovieStarPlanet shop. This is really cool because you will find some interesting clothing items and accessories that are available only to you as a member. You will be able to make better movies and your avatar will surely look like a Hollywood star with these exclusive items.

These are just some of the many benefits of the VIP membership in MovieStarPlanet, if you want to get a free one then click here. Of course the benefits do change in amounts depending on which membership you purchase. You can get the Normal VIP, Super VIP or Elite VIP membership. The Elite VIP membership gives you the most freebies and goodies, but they all come with all of the above benefits. You can get VIP memberships from 1 week to 1 year so you can find one that fits your style and financial situation.



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