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Neopets Trading Post Tips

Neopets is a virtual pet world game that is aimed at children. In this game, you enter into the world of Neopia where you can adopt various virtual pets and you have to feed them and take care of them. In Neopets, there are several different activities you can engage in to earn Neopoints and have fun.

One of the more interesting things you can do in Neopets is hang out over at the Trading Post. The Trading Post is where you can go if you would like to buy and sell items in the game. You earn Neopoints in this game by trading items with other players, and you can often times get discounts on really nice items by going through the Trading Post. We are going to talk about tips that you need to keep in mind that can help you make the most out of the Trading Post in Neopets.

Neopets Trading Post Tips

Keys to Making an Offer- If you want to make an offer it is simple just click “make an offer” which you will find under the item that you want to trade for. You want to click right next to the item that you want to trade yourself, then assign a Neopoint value to it if you want. You will then click “make an offer” again to show that you are willing to trade your item with a specific value for the trade item.

How to Create Trades- You will see that there is a main page to the Trading Post and you want to click “create a new trade” then choose what items that you want to trade. You can choose up to 10 items to trade but you cannot include Neopoints in this. This trade post will last online for 2 weeks and then it is automatically removed.

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Know Wishlists- Wishlists are where you put what you want for an item when you make a trade. It is optional and everything but it does help ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. A lot of people have a wishlist on their trades so you can go through it and read it to see what the other person wants for their item.

How to Accept or Reject- After you begin going through the trading steps on Neopets, you will end up getting an offer. You will see the offer icon on the left side of the page and if you click it then it will take you right to the Trading Post. You can then click on the “# of offers on this trade” and you will notice that this is where all of the offers are that you have gotten to this point. You can accept, reject or leave another offer on the offers that you get on this page.

How to Take Down Trades- You can take down your Neopets Trading Post offers and trades. Simply go to the main Trading Post page and then click “cancel this lot” if you want to take down a trade. You need to leave it up for 15 minutes before you can do this, and it will automatically tell you how long you have left before you can take it down. If you made an offer on someone else’s stuff then click “offers you have made” and from there find what offer you want to get rid of and click “cancel this offer” right on that page.

Know the Terms- In the Trading Post on Neopets, there are terms you need to know so you can be successful in your trading and not be ripped off or simply seem like a noob. If you see someone who says “will haggle” this means they will negotiate on price or trade but you need to contact them to see what they are willing to offer or go down to. You might see “Neomail First” which means if you want to get your offer accepted by them then you need to contact that person first. “ETS” simply means easy to sell and “HTS” is hard to sell.

Searching Tips- When you need to search for an item you need to make sure you are using the full name and spelling the item right. You can type in part of the name or item if you are not sure and then you can look at the “containing my phrases” choices to find what you are looking for. You also want to search by newer posts first because the newer posts and items are more likely to still be around. The older the trading post is the less likely it is to still be available, so always sort by newer first.

Know about Browsing Lots- You can browse lots in the Trading Post and all you do is click “browse lots” button and you will see the lots. You can either see them by newest first or by username or name of the item. You can choose the ways that you can browse by the lots depending on if you are looking for a specific item or username.

Make Nice Offers- You should check the wishlist to see what someone wants and then offer them something comparable to the wishlist. Do not try to give people a lowball offer, which means you are making an offer for a lot less than what they wish for. Make the offer even a little higher than the wishlist if you are trying to get that item or if you want them to accept your offer quickly. Never lowball in the game and make sure you are offering based off items or values that the person has in mind.



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