Pokémon Sun and Moon Release Date



February 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. It was 20 years ago that Pokémon Red and Blue debuted in Japan for the Nintendo Gameboy. Since then the franchise has become a global phenomenon, spawning multiple other game releases, a popular manga and anime, toys and a card game. All month long Nintendo has been celebrating the 20th anniversary with giveaways for the current Nintendo 3DS games, and they even filmed a Superbowl ad which aired earlier this month.

New Pokemon Games Release Dates

Tomorrow, February 26th, at 7AM PT/10AM ET will be the first Nintendo Direct of the year. Earlier today Nintendo Co. Ltd. registered the trademark for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and even included two logos to go along with it. They have randomly trademarked games and never announced them in the past but considering there is a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, it’s the 20th anniversary, there hasn’t been a new Pokémon game in over a year and logos have already been leaked, the odds are in our favor that the 7th generation of these games will be announced.

Nothing else is known about the upcoming games. We can only assume they will be released on the Nintendo 3DS, but with the Nintendo NX rumored to be released sometime this year,there is a slight chance we could see Pokémon released on what we assume is a new Nintendo console. With the Wii U having abysmal sales, it would be wise for Nintendo to release something as mega popular as Pocket Monsters on their rumored console. Nintendo loves keeping things secret but we will find out more about the Nintendo NX this June 14th – 16th during E3.


Just a few weeks ago Nintendo teased a new monster named Magearna. It was implied to be a new legendary for the current generation but with Pokémon Sun and Moon being officially announced tomorrow, there is a possibility it will belong to those games. Magearna does look like it would belong to a game with moon in the title.

We should have more information available tomorrow, after Nintendo Direct airs. Considering the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was in November 2014,  and with X and Y released in October of 2013, it seems very likely that Nintendo will be releasing Pokémon Sun and Moon this year. Nintendo will want to take advantage of the 20th anniversary of the series too. So expect to see the games on the shelves, and in the eShop, in time for the busy Q4 November block.

Update: The news in in folks. Pokemon Sun and Moon confirmed for the Holiday season 2016. Releasing in all regions on the same day for the Nintendo 3DS. After having a look behind the scenes of the Pokemon Sun and Moon it seems it will use the same game engine as the previous two games. Also announced is the release of the first generation of Pokemon games, Red, Blue and Yellow, for the Nintendo eShop. All in all good news for Pokefans.