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Poptropica Membership Benefits

Want to know about some of the best benefits of having a Poptropica membership? We are going to tell you all about the special items and benefits you will get as a member of this game here in a minute. First, we wanted to tell you a little bit about Poptropica, which is virtual game for children where they can do quests and play games. Poptropica is also educational because there are stories and a lot of factual history rooted in the virtual world.

poptroptica benefits members

A Poptropican character is created by the kids and this character then travels to many Islands in Poptropica, learning about history, solving missions and quests and learning problem-solving skills. The children can read digital books, compete with others, watch movies and even collect various items and objects in the game. Even though children can do a lot in Poptropica without a membership, having a paid membership is very beneficial. You can get 1 month, 3 month or 6 month memberships to fit your own style and budget, and each type of membership comes with all of the upcoming benefits we are going to talk about.

Poptropica Membership Benefits

All Islands Access- As a member of Poptropica you will have access to all the Islands in the game. Not only can you play all of the regular Islands but you will get 7 exlusive Islands that are for members only. This is very good for your children because they will be able to learn more and to have more fun since they will be able to go to every Island and learn about each Island without restrictions.

Early Island Access- Beyond getting exclusive member-only Islands, you will also have early access to all of the Islands. If there is a new Island coming up on Poptropica, then you have first dibs at trying out the Islands before anyone else! The good news too is that only members will be on these Islands during early access time, so you will know that other players also have the same abilities and special Powers that you do.

No Realm Limitations- In Poptropica, you will be able to build all the realms you want without any limitations if you are a member. You can get access to all of the biomes and you will have the ability to create 20 Realms in this game. 20 Realms might not seem like much, but in a game like Poptropica that is really quite a bit and it will take you a while to get through building them all.

Share Realms- Once you have created a Realm, as a paying member of the game you can share those Realms with other players. The players that you can share your Realms with include both the members and the non-members of Poptropica. Of course if you do not want to share your created Realm you do not have to, but it is a cool way to socialize with other players and show off your own creative side.

Unlimited Costumes- Another great benefit of being a Poptropica member is that you have access to all of the costumes in the game. You will be able to use all of the costumes that you want with unlimited access.

Unlimited Powers- You also will be able to get unlimited Powers in the Poptropica Store. This helps you customize your Poptropican and gives you a more unique perspective since you have all of the Power you want or can handle. These powers will all come in handy when you are traveling from Island to Island and you need to solve a specific problem or try to do a specific quest.

Special Costume Closet- Having a Poptropica membership also gives you access to a costume closet. This costume closet is for members-only and can hold up to 30 different costumes and outfits. With the Costume Closet you will be able to keep all of your special outfits and you will be able to use them later on if you wish.

Photo Album- One cool thing about Poptropica is that you can earn Island Accomplishments. As a member of Poptropica, you will have a Photo Album in which you can store all of your Island Accomplishments as a way to cherish the fun and memories you have in the game. This is also an exclusive item that is available for members-only.



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