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Star Stable Tips to Know for Racing

Star Stable is one of the best free games online where you can own horses and race them in a 3D virtual setting. Star Stable is aimed at both boys and girls and it helps children learn about taking care of horses and encourages horse racing at the same time.

In a game like Star Stable, it might be difficult at first to learn how to race the horses, even though the racing part of the game is by far the most appealing to children. We are going to tell you some of the tricks and tips that are available to help you get the most out of your racing experience in Star Stable. If you follow these tips you will become not only a more successful horse racer, but you will also enjoy the game more since you will be able to win competitions by following our advice.

Star Stable Racing Tips

Use the Practice Courses- In Star Stable, there are many different practice courses that you can use to get better. You want to use these practice courses as much as you can because it will teach you a lot, both in terms of your horse and also it will teach you about the track. There are courses where you will find more than one route is available for you, but you need to know which route is the best for that course. You want to find the best way to get your horse to the other side of the track, so try some of the courses and within a few tries you should be able to figure out which is the best one for you. If this is your first time with Star Stable or any horse racing or simulation game, then you definitely want to spend a lot of time on the practice courses so that you get used to the feel and the movements.

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Racing Gear is Best- Obviously racing gear is what you need to be using when you are racing. Some people think they can get by with just good regular gear but this is not true at all. If you are going into a Championship race, it is really important that you use the racing gear. You will need to check the inventory because there are a lot of different types of racing gear out there. You might have to check it all out early on so you know how much in-game currency you need to purchase the best racing gear. If you do not have much money you can get the lower end of the racing gear, but if you want to be the best, you might have to save up and get the more expensive racing gear.

Find Shortcuts- We just mentioned about going through the practice courses, with part of the reason being that there are various routes you can run in the races. You also will find out that many of the courses in Star Stable also have shortcuts within them. While some of the shortcuts are obvious and easy to figure out, other shortcuts are more hidden and will take some time to find. If you want to find the best shortcuts remember that jumping does slow you down, so the best shortcuts have the least jumping. Shortcuts will come in handy especially the higher you get in levels because you will be going up against a ton of great horses that are high in Speed and Agility as well as Discipline and Swiftness. If you are not that high in level yet, it is even more important you find these shortcuts.

Go Through Training Regularly– You want to go through training regularly on Star Stable, because this will help you win the races and also help improve stats. You want to go through the training when your horse levels up and your player will also see a boost in stats with the leveling up of your horse. You will want to keep one horse around just for racing, since that horse needs to be top shelf to have the best chance of winning races. The one you use for racing should be the horse you level up the most and train the most, as this should be your priority horse. You can have horses at lower levels as well, such as level 3. Just know that training a level 3 horse is not going to do anything in terms of winning a race since it is still too low of level.

Speed and Swifness Rule- In terms of your stats, you need to know that Speed and Swiftness are the two main stats to worry about. If you want to win races in Star Stable, boost these stats first. Make sure you check the horses too because not all horses have the same stats. Look for the horses with Speed and Swiftness and get those horses first as they will be the best race horses. The Discipline and Agility are also important but should be number three and four in terms of what to look for in stats or what to boost up.




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