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Tips for Farming in AdventureQuest Worlds

One of the best parts of the MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds is the ability in the game to farm. You can farm a ton of different items in AdventureQuest Worlds including gold and money. Farming also will give you a lot of experience, so that is why it is important to know the basics about farming in the game. Farming for those of you who don’t know is basically when you find a specific battle, place or quest that offers you a lot of items such as experience or gold. You end up doing this repetitive cycle of going back to that area and completing the quest or battle in order to gain more of the item you want.

adventure quest tips farming

While it is true that farming itself can be a really repetitive and boring process, you can get many rewards out of it over a short period of time. The best way to get these rewards however is to know the basics when it comes to farming, which can vary depending on the game you are playing. We are going to tell you some of the basics about farming in AdventureQuest Worlds so you can get the items you want in the easiest way possible.

Tips for Farming in AdventureQuest Worlds:

  • Motivation is Always Present- It is important that you know there are always motivations when it comes to farming in AdventureQuest Worlds. Some people find the motivation to be getting to a higher Class while other people tend to want more Reputation or experience. While you certainly do not need a motivation in order to farm in the game, a lot of people go into farming looking to get something specific out of the deal. A lot of people also find that farming is the best way to earn money in the game, so the motivation is to earn a lot of money to buy upgrades and items.
  • Farming is Social- Since AdventureQuest Worlds is an MMORPG, this means you are not going to be by yourself when you are farming. If you found a great area to farm in, you should know that other people are also going to be in the area doing the same thing. You can actually join up with people and farm together, which is going to make the experience more fun and less repetitive. You can join up with others to farm a certain location, allowing you to make new friends and possibly find even more items or locations to farm at by just chatting it up with the other players.
  • Farming Parties Rock- Since we are on the topic of AdventureQuest Worlds being an MMORPG, another tip about farming is to make it a farming party. Farming parties are really fun and you can either host a farming party or simply find one to join within the game. If you are not sure where to find these parties all you have to do is find the AdventureQuest Worlds thread that says “Let’s Party” and this is where you will find the farming parties. Much like the previous tip, going to a farming party will help you find new friends in the game and you might learn some cool tips and tricks from your new friends.
  • Switch Your Locations- Farming can be repetitive and boring sometimes, so a good tip is to keep switching up your farming locations. There are always several different farming areas to be found in AdventureQuest Worlds, so search and keep searching until you find something you are interested in or want to try out. If you are not really into farming, then definitely have more than one or two farming areas and switch around so that you do not get bored and end up just quitting the game before you find the items you want.
  • Max Your Enhancements– The whole point of farming is to hit as hard as you can as quickly as you can to help you get the items you want or need in less time. In order for this to happen, your enhancements need to be maxed out as much as it can be, which helps make the process go quicker and helps you get more items such as experience or gold. If you are not maxing enhancements out then you likely will not be doing enough damage to the enemy for it to all matter, and then the entire point of farming goes right down the drain.
  • Need the Right Stats and Equipment- When you go farming in AdventureQuest Worlds you need to make sure you are using the right equipment and stats. The stats are important because you need to make sure you have all of the things you need to farm as quickly as you can. The same can be said for your equipment because you need to ensure you have the right Class to farm effectively.


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