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Tips for Getting Popular on Stardoll

Want to know how to get popular in Stardoll? Whether you are a paid member or playing the game for free, you can become famous in the game and this will help you earn more rewards and points in the game. Being popular on Stardoll is not only helping you get famous but it will allow you to enjoy the game more. We are going to tell you just how to become popular in the game and if you follow these tips then you will find yourself having more friends and more opportunities in the game.

Tips for Gaining Popularity in Stardoll

Be Trendy and Pretty- You want your Stardoll to be both pretty and also trendy in terms of style and fashion. Always keep up with the latest styles and designs along with accessories. Whether it is bracelets and earrings or a new fall color collection, you will become more popular in Stardoll if you change your styles to the trends. You do not want to keep the same style for too long in the game as this can get boring and it makes people think you don’t know about style or trends.

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Wear Accessories- This was talked about a little bit previously, but a tip for becoming popular on Stardoll is to wear accessories. Earring and necklaces are considered accessories in the game, and you want to wear these along with wear makeup. Makeup and jewelry makes you look a lot better and it is part of keeping up with trends and styles. Change your accessories often too just like you want to change your outfits and designs in clothing. You also should make sure that your accessories match your outfits and that you are coordinating your style to fit your personality.

Buy Bargain Clothes– Another good tip when it comes to gaining popularity in Stardoll is to go and buy some bargain clothing. This is really useful if you do not have much money in the game. The bargain clothes can be purchased in the game in the Starbazaar and a lot of it is the trendy designer clothing that is in style right then. It is also a good idea to check out the Starbazaar and shop every day or every other day so that you can keep up with the hottest looks and trends.

Visit Suites- In Stardoll, you want to visit a lot of suites because this is a way to gain friends and popularity in the game. If you visit the suites of other people in the game then they most likely will also visit your suite and become friends with you. You can also invite people to your suite that you meet at the other suites, so it is a good way to meet people by going out and visiting the suites of the other players. Going to the suites of popular players also helps as well, because they will have more people visiting them and you will be able to connect quicker with the hottest players in the game.

Buy More Star Dollars- If you buy more Star Dollars in the game you will become a Superstar and also you will be able to collect more items and clothing since you will have more money.

Dress Up Your Suite- It is a good idea in Stardoll to dress up your suite because being eye-catching will gain you popularity. You want to use plants, carpets and plants in your suite. You also want to add a lot of furniture and all of this makes your suite look more presentable and eye-catching. You can even add 3D effects to your suite by putting wood on the walls, but you need to be a Superstar to get this special design. You also want to use bright colors both on the walls and with your accessories and items, because this will catch the eye more than dull or dark colors.

Be Nice and Respectful- This should be obvious but you want to be nice and respectful to people because it will allow people to see why they should be friends with you. No one will want to be your friend and you will not get popular if you treat people badly or you are rude to people. Just be nice and treat people how you want to be treated, especially if you go to suites and other clubs if you are invited by a group.

Earn Star Points- You should earn a bunch of Star Points in Stardoll because it helps your level go up quicker. When your level increases then more people will want to visit your suite and get to know you. Make sure that you dress up in nice outfits which is why you want to earn more Star Points and make sure you use your Star Points to make your suites better looking. If you earn Star Points and keep leveling up then you will naturally get popular in Stardoll over time, especially if people know that you are working the game and trying hard to stay trendy.

Be Unique- You also want to be unique in Stardoll which will help you become more popular. If you are just like everyone else and just like all of the other players, you will not stand out in the crowd. If you have a good style and become trendy but also keep personality of yourself, then you will be more likely to gain popularity. You want to make sure that you are just who you are and you are unique and not faking anything to try to be like “the popular players” or other people.



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