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Tips & Guide for Early Poptropica Island

Poptropica is a really cool game for children where they are involved in a virtual world with several Islands. In Poptropica, children can solve puzzles, participate in quests and also play other games. While this is a really fun game for children to play, there are some things you need to know if you want to beat the Early Poptropica Island.

Early Poptropica Island was the original Island in Poptropica, but even though it is supposed to be one of the easiest levels, some children find it to still be difficult. If you are wondering how to get through Early Poptropica Island then continue reading to find out how to do this with our tips and cheats guide.

Early Poptropica Island Guide & Tips

  • The first thing you want to do is move over to the right so that you can in Early Poptropica and then begin talking to the settlers. Once you talk to the settlers you will learn that one of them said their pig is missing. This settler will blame the missing pig on the spider, who he said stole it.
  • After you hear this you will also hear that a bucket was stolen out of the well from another settler. You then need to find the settler that is on the top of the tower. This man is going to say that he needs the flag back that was stolen.
  • Now here is where things get a little more interesting, as you will have to travel all the way back and try to find the fire hydrant. You want to look for the open sewer grate right by the hydrant as you need to go inside of this sewer grate.

early poptropica tips and cheats

  • Once you are in the sewer grate you will see the pig who can be found on the right side at the bottom corner. Get out of the sewer with the pig and then head to the streets.
  • Simply click on the guy who was missing the pig and then he will gladly accept you finding his pig and take him home.
  • You will then need to head down into the well and find the glow stick, which is in the left hand corner at the top.
  • You will need to then get out of the well and then head back to the starting area. At this point you will have to continue moving left until you come to Poptropica Towers.
  • Once you get to Poptropica Towers, you will need to find a pothole and then go down into the pothole.
  • You will then need to just go into the sewer maze which is underneath the streets. In there somewhere is a golden egg, and you will have to grab this golden egg.
  • You will then have to go up the buildings and continue until you get to the last building. You need to go up the vine on the last building and then head all of the way to the top.
  • There will be a giant at the top of the building and you need to click on that giant.
  • Once you click the giant continue going towards the right until you see a jetpack and also a bucket.


  • Head back down to the streets once you get these two items. You want to go towards Main Street and then fly to the top of the Water Tower with the jetpack.
  • Once you are on the top of the Water Tower, you will need to grab the flag from the top.
  • The man who needed the bucket is who you need to see and you will then give him back the water bucket.
  • There will be a wooden tower that you have to go over to, which is where the man will be who needs the flag. Hand over the flag to the man by the wooden tower.
  • At this point, there will be a ship that is going to head to shore. There will be a man on the ship and you need to click on this man in order to get the medal.

Tips & Cheats for Early Poptropica

Gold Card Costume- There is a gold card costume in Early Poptropica, and it is actually marked members-only. The cool thing is that anyone can wear this costume since it is the Hypnotic Costume. If you want to find this Gold Card Costume head over to the Poptropica Towers and jump on the green building. Click the window that has the orange potted flower on it and you will then have access to this Members-only Gold Card Costume.

Pixel People- A nice little gem in Early Poptropica is that you will see pixelated people. This is basically homage to the old arcade games that were from the early 1980’s. This is all because Early Poptropica is said to have been established back in 1983, so of course they put in 8-bit graphics in this part of the game.

Two Common Rooms- Early Poptropica is the only Island where you will find two common rooms as this is not found anywhere else in the game. You will find both the Arcade and the Soda Pop Shop. If you see an advertisement building on the Island then you cannot access the arcade. Sometimes though you will be able to play in the Arcade, but it just depends so definitely check it out if you can. Both of these special common rooms are found on Main Street.



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