Low Attendance For Uber Drivers Super Bowl Protest

A few days ago, Uber drivers said they would protest during the Super Bowl and shut everything down. But that never happened and fans got there in time to watch the game between the Panthers and Broncos.

Uber, one of the most popular ride sharing companies around the world, has angered its drivers with fare cuts these last few days. The drivers said the decision lowered their earnings and that they would protest during the game on Sunday.

The protest sounded like it would disrupt traffic, with one of the organizers saying that he expected 9,000 drivers to attend. That never happened as the organizers blamed the low attendance on Uber’s $40 per hour minimum wage for the drivers who worked during the event. The company does this during big events to ensure that there are drivers on the road to pick up customers.

Uber announced last month that it would cut fares to attract customers but the decision was not well received by drivers, who say they are not earning enough. San Francisco received a fare cut of ten percent. This helps keep drivers busy during the slow season, according to Uber.

Drivers who knew about the protest decided to ask others to turn off the app and join them. The protest went on but it was not the number they expected. Sam Pal, a driver for the company in Oakland, said he had not heard of Sunday’s protest and did not plan to join them. He did say he was unhappy about the fare cuts, which happened in many U.S. and Canadian cities.

Previous Plan

Organizers thought about blocking the highways leading to the stadium but decided not to the day before the event. Uber has seen a number of protests these last few weeks and they will probably continue as drivers are not happy with the fare cuts.

The protest could have disrupted the Super Bowl as organizers expected thousands of drivers from other cities and states to join them. The number was smaller and fans made it to the event before it started.

Uber was actually part of the event as it made a deal to be the official ride-hailing partner. The company had drop offs and pickups throughout the event.

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