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Webkinz Deluxe VIP Membership Benefits

Webkinz is a virtual world that is aimed at children due to having animal avatars in which you can use to play games and chat with friends. Webkinz is accessed through the real purchase of a stuffed animal Webkinz, then you go online with the tag and that gives you access to the pet you purchased in virtual form.

While you can play Webkinz for free, there are a lot of reasons why you might decide to upgrade to the Deluxe VIP membership. We are going to talk about just some of the biggest benefits of getting the Deluxe membership on Webkinz and what it could enhance within the game.

Webkinz VIP Deluxe Membership Benefits

Exclusive Pets and Items- As a Deluxe VIP member of Webkinz, you will have access to the exclusive items and pets. There are a ton of pets and items that are available for free, but as a paid member you will have access to these exclusive items and pets that are only available to members.

Deluxe Hat- You also will get a Deluxe hat as part of the Deluxe VIP membership. This hat is yours to keep as long as you have the VIP membership and goes with any pet that you have in the game. This shows everyone else in the game that you are a paid VIP member.

Exclusive Play Areas- As a Deluxe member you will find out that Webkinz has a lot of other areas you can play in as well. These play areas contain other members which means you will be able to make new friends and find new things to do all with people who have a paid membership like you.

Webkinz Store Discounts- You will have access to a lot of discounts that are for the Webkinz Online Store, which can range from 20% off an item to even 40% off an item. Whether you want to get a new outfit or looking for a cool new accessory, you will be able to get all of the things in the Webkinz store at a discount.

webkinz membership benefits

Exclusive Arcade Games- One of the best parts about Webkinz is the Arcade Games, but it is limited if you are a non-paying member of the game. However, if you sign up for the Webkinz membership then you have access to even more Arcade Games, and these are exclusive games available for members only. Since this is for members only you will have to play with other members of Webkinz, and cannot play with people who do not have a membership.

Deluxe Daily Activities- You will also be able to get Deluxe Daily Activities as a Deluxe Webkinz member. These activities are part of the games and activities you can play everyday, but with a free membership the activities are often limited to a couple times a day. The activities range from harder more complex games to easy word searches and other similar easy activities.

Deluxe Challenges- As a Deluxe member of Webkinz, you will also have more challenges and opportunities to earn virtual currency. The Deluxe Challenges are available only for members who have the Deluxe VIP membership. These challenges are also very fun and engaging, so you will be wanting to go back and play them even more.

Monthly Gift Box- You will get a special monthly gift box in your Webkinz mailbox if you have a Deluxe membership. You will get this gift box on a specific day of the month, usually when you signed up for the membership, and it will continue until you cancel or your Deluxe membership ends.

Kinzville Academy Classes- You also have access to the Kinzville Academy Classes as a paid Deluxe member of Webkinz. You will learn a bunch of new things you did not know previously by going through the Academy.

More Daily Activities- With the free membership you only have a few daily activities that you can do each day and then you hit a limit. If you have a Deluxe membership however, you will have more daily activities that you can do everyday. Instead of only being able to play 4 games for example, as a paid member you might have 7 or 8 games that you can play daily. You also can earn virtual currency and rewards by playing these daily activities.

These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Deluxe VIP member of Webkinz. There are even more benefits and special offers available for you as a VIP member that we did not include such as having office jobs. If you get the Deluxe membership, you will find yourself having way more fun and earning more virtual money.



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