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Webkinz Tips for Earning Kinzcash

Webkinz is a really cool game where you can play in a virtual world using a real-world stuffed pet that you purchase. In order to make an account at Webkinz, you need to buy a stuffed Webkinz animal at the store, then you use the access code from the tag to login to the game and play with a virtual pet.

In Webkinz, you can earn Kinzcash which is the currency used in the game. This currency is used to purchase various items like decorations for your home, clothing for your Webkinz, and also food items for your pet. When it comes to Kinzcash, there are several ways you can earn the currency in the game, and some of the ways you can earn the currency you might not know about. If you want to earn more Kinzcash in Webkinz, then continue to read on to learn more about the best ways to generate money.

Tips for Earning Kinzcash in Webkinz

Daily Activities- Even though you can only do each daily activity once a day, this is a great way to earn Kinzcash. There are plenty of activities in this part of the game that you can play and you get good amounts of Kinzcash for these simple activities. These activities also do not take that much time either considering the amount of Kinzcash you can earn, especially once you get good with the activities and can knock them out within minutes.

webkinz tips for kinzcash

Check Hourly Events- Every day there are special events in Webkinz which are known as Hourly Events. These events might be something simple such as spinning the Wheel of Wow and getting an extra spin for an hour. Quite a few of these hourly events offer Kinzcash as a reward or offer you the chance to earn more Kinzcash by letting you play a game or daily game more than once. Another example might be getting double the Kinzcash. Just check the hourly events in the morning and you will see the schedule so you can see which events offer you the most Kinzcash.

Get Involved in Jobs- In Webkinz, you can sign up for jobs, but you can only do one job every eight hours. Jobs are often times the best way to earn a lot of Kinzcash in a small amount of time. That is partially why it is limited to one job every eight hours. If you have a Webkinz Deluxe membership then you can even get the higher paying jobs, which offer you more Kinzcash for small amounts of jobs. The members of course get the best jobs in Webkinz, which are the office jobs, but many other jobs are available for the non-paying members.

Love Your Webkinz- If you click the “I Love my Webkinz” button every day you will earn $25 Kinzcash every week, and also earn some food as well. Simply click “Me and My Pets” page and then you will see that there is a “Daily KinzCare” tab on the screen. You will see seven boxes with all of the days on it. Just click the day of the week it is and it will be checked off. Once you get to Sunday and check that box, you will get your $25 in extra Kinzcash just for loving your pet. Not only do you get food and $25 in Kinzcash weekly if you check off all seven boxes, but you have a chance to win an exclusive item as well. Even if you miss a day, you can still earn some Kinzcash by checking off the days that you remember to do it so don’t worry if you forget one day.

Game of the Day- Check the newspaper to see what the Game of the Day is, and then you will know which game is the special game of the day. Game of the Day is simply just the regular games but you get way more Kinzcash than normal for that day on that specific game. Each day is a different game and the reward amounts change as well for each game. This is an easy way to earn a little more Kinzcash than you would normally by just playing the game.

Head to Quizzy’s Question Corner- You can also go over to Quizzy’s Question Corner and answer questions to earn some Kinzcash. These questions often times have to do with Webkinz in general and also can deal with a game or some history about Webkinz. Most of the answers can be found in the newspaper or history of the game. You won’t earn a ton of Kinzcash this way but it definitely helps if you answer some questions each day. The questions do change after a certain amount of time, so you can study the answers for a while but at another point it changes and you might have to look them up.

Surveys- You also can do surveys every few days to earn some Kinzcash. Basically you just answer one question and it will allow you to increase your pet’s happiness and earn Kinzcash. All you do is click the Newspaper and then click the “Contact Us” area. You will then have to click “Comments and Suggestions” and that is where the question of the day or the survey will be. It is multiple choice and just click the answer you want. You will earn $50 Kinzcash just for answering the single question.



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