Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Self-Driving Cars Coming To London?

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has caught the attention of the world with its self-driving cars. The search giant is one of the few companies testing its cars and looking to make progress on this technology. Some of its cars have already been seen on the road and the company plans to have them ready soon.

Testing has taken place in the U.S. but other countries and cities want to be part of this technology. One of the cities is London, where transport authorities are trying to bring car companies to test their technology. T he Isle of Man government is also working to bring self-driving cars to the island.

Isabel Dedring, who is working as the deputy mayor for transport in London, told The Guardian that the mayor’s office and the search giant had already discussed the idea of bringing the cars to the city. In the Isle of Man, Transportation Minister Phil Gawne, has suggested that instead of a city, companies working on this technology could have an entire island.

Gawne has been working hard to make this happen and said that the island’s government has been talking with a number of vehicle companies. He also said that any changes to the law could be completed this summer.

Google Self-Driving CarGoogle has been testing its self-driving cars in California and other states but the world is waiting to be part of this technology, so it would make sense for them and other car companies to start testing in other countries. The search giant has also announced that theirs cars have driven millions of miles without any crashes or collisions.

The Isle of Man has a population of 90,000 but the island has become a nice place for companies. The government is open to changes and their tax system benefits them. London has a population of almost nine million and would also be a great place for testing as the companies always study how the cars behave in a big city.

Google has been working on self-driving cars for some time now and experts believe they could be ready in 2020. The search giant is not the only one working on this technology, a few other companies are working on something similar and expect to have their cars ready right around the same time.

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