World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) 2K16: New Patch For DLC Issues

2K has released a new patch for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) 2K16 (PS4) to fix the issues involving the Future Stars DLC Pack, which erased the game saves for some users. The patch was just released for the PS4, it will arrive to other consoles soon.

Here are some of the things that the patch has improved:

  • Fixed an issue where wrestlers were able to do the best moves without stamina.
  • The strike combo for Roman Reigns can now be completed. Before the patch, his combo would not connect properly.
  • Superkick 5 can now be reversed.
  • The Rock and Ultimate Warrior will now go for other moves rather than go straight for the pin after a finisher.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Triple H’s bottle in a steel cage match.
  • Addressed an issue that happened when gamers would install the DLC. Part of the WWE Universe would reset and changes wouldn’t save properly after the install.
  • Fixed an issue where your tag partner would get stuck on the ropes.

These are just some of the things, the patch has fixed many issues that the studio has noticed these last few weeks.

The Future Stars DLC Pack available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, costs $7.99. It features five new playable WWE and NXT superstars, including Los Matadores and Samoa Joe. The latest DLC is also part of the Season Pass, which is available for $24.99. The pass will give players more content as they become available.

The studio recently confirmed that one superstar would not be added to this year’s roster. We’re talking about AJ Styles, who recently signed with the company. AJ Styles made his debut during the Royal Rumble, entering at number three and lasting close to 30 minutes. He will not be in this year’s edition because the DLC was locked in way before he decided to sign with the company. AJ Styles will probably be in next year’s game as he signed a multi-year contract with WWE. There are tutorials on how to create him if you can’t wait until WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K16 was released last year with one of the biggest rosters of all time. The latest WWE title features new matches and game modes. WWE 2K16 has already released a number of updates and downloadable content to fix minor issues and keep fans entertained.

What do you think about the new DLC? Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments.