How to Block Numbers on Your Android Phone in 2018

How to Block Numbers on Your Android Phone

We’ve all had them. Telemarketers, scam agencies, maybe even a few ex’s who simply won’t stop calling at any hour of the day. If you’ve ever wished for the good old days of being able to block calls at the network level, today we can do you one better. Here, we take a look at how to block numbers on your android phone using three easy methods in 2017: Device Specific blocks, Apps that block, and formal registers.

Call Block Method #1: Device Specific Blocks

Since there are many different phone manufacturers, it makes sense that not all of them use the same method to make sure you never need to listen to an annoying pitch again. Let’s quickly go over how a few of the most popular phone makers allow you to enable call blocking. While models per manufacturer may vary slightly, internal consistency is common with major phone companies.


For most Samsung devices, the method of blocking is rather simple. First, go to the phone menu, specifically your call log. Then, find the number you don’t wish to get calls from again and hold down on that number for approximately one second. Lastly, you should get a menu that appears with the option to add the number to a reject list. Once applied, this option will block calls from this number, and can be disabled using the same method as above.

LG and HTC Phones

To block numbers on an LG phone, go to Home and hit the phone button. Then, you should find a three dot symbol on the upper right hand corner. Next, select Call Settings, Call Reject and Reject Calls From. At that point, you are given both a broad and specific option. The first will block all non-identifiable numbers, by pressing the check box next to “Private Numbers”. The more specific option is to tap the plus symbol, and manually add the numbers you don’t wish to be bothered with anymore.

Call Block Method #2: Apps That Can Block Calls

Mr. Number
Mr. Number’s block interface.

As usual when the original Operating System or hardware doesn’t properly allow for an action, you can rely on mobile app developers to pull through. There are two primary apps who carry great reputations for this task: TrueCaller and Mr. Number, which both carry remarkably simple interfaces and near instant relief. Simply turn on either app, enter the number(s) into the block list, and you’re all set. Another app would be the Avast Anti-Virus which carries a reject call list in the options menu.

Call Block Method #3: Do Not Call Lists

This doesn’t have to be you.

If you find yourself unable to continuously block new telemarketing numbers, most countries carry a “Do Not Call” registry. Once you have added your number to such a registry, it can be considered an illegal action for any company (marketing, debt collection, etc) to actively contact you. In fact, in some regions of the United States you may find yourself able to sue the responsible company for up to $1,500 per proven unwarranted phone call due to recent laws.

Besides the aforementioned post-call blocking methods, there are a few things you can do outside of your phone to avoid calls from agencies, marketers, and scams in particular. The first is to not share your number on any social media platform, website, or even in email correspondence. Many marketing agencies scour these resources for new potential targets. Simply minimizing your digital footprint can at times be more effective than any of the methods above for this one instance. In terms of of the jilted lover or individual you couldn’t stand but had to swap contact information for work purposes? Best of luck to you, we really can’t help you anymore than we have here.