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Bloons TD Cheats, Tips, & Hacks for 2018

Bloons TD Battles is different from the usual tower defense games due to its focus on multiplayer. You get to fight actual human opponents all around the globe, and this means relying on different tactics to win the game. We have listed several tips and tricks that may help you dominate the leaderboard:

Quality Over Quantity

bloons-td-cheats-tips-tricks-1Spamming dozens of towers without upgrading them won’t do you any good in the long run, especially when a huge wave of bloons come pouring in coupled with camo or regen. Take time to upgrade each tower that you deploy, provided that their attack range completely covers the track. And don’t just place towers without taking their strengths and weaknesses in consideration, for example an upgraded Ninja Monkey will do better in a loop than a Dart Monkey, and the latter is good for popping a row of bloons when upgraded.

Memorize The Pattern, Plan Ahead

All rounds have the same pattern. Round 6 makes Black Bloons available, so you should have non-explosive towers on the ready. Round 8 unlocks regrow, and round 12 unlocks the camo. Longer games eventually spawn the B.F.B, M.O.A.B, and the dreaded Z.O.M.G. Learn which bloons might be spawned or used in a certain round so you can prepare to counter whatever it may be that’s coming at you. On the other hand, always assume that the opponent also knows this pattern so don’t waste money throwing bloons when your opponent has already established defenses that can counter your chosen color.

Not All Bloons Are What They Seem

bloons-td-cheats-tips-tricks-2Unprepared players may have an easy time popping all the bloons at the early stages with their massed towers. But at the later levels, the different types of bloons might take them by surprise and bypass all defenses. Prepared players know in advance that these variants may take more than the average tower attack to pop. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Lead – Immune to darts, lasers (however in the iOS version the Laser Vision upgrade of Super Monkey can affect it), and wind. Some counters are Point Five Oh (Sniper Monkey), Tempest Tornado (Monkey Apprentice), and White Hot Spikes (Spike Factory).
  • Camo – Requires detection by certain tower upgrades like the Crow’s Nest (Monkey Buccaneer), Night Vision Goggles (Sniper Monkey), Enhanced Eyesight (Dart Monkey), and Spy Plane (Monkey Ace) to name a few.
  • Regrow – Heart-shaped bloons that take more hits to pop thanks to their ability to regenerate when damaged.
  • Ceramic – Extremely durable and spawns two rainbow bloons when popped. This bloons causes heavy damage when it gets past your defenses.
  • Rainbow – These colorful and fast bloons spawn two Zebra bloons when popped. Zebra bloons are immune to both bombs and ice.

Always Be Flexible, Don’t Be Static

As this game only allows a player to use three towers (four if the random tower roll is taken in account), plus the different maps to fight on, you cannot win if you stick to the same tower combinations and strategies in every match. Sometimes you need to drag the game with Banana Farms until you can call on powerful MOAB-Class bloons. Some maps require the use of area effect towers like Tack Shooter, and the Mortar Tower. Maps with water demand the use of aquatic towers, and not doing so might put you on a disadvantage.

Know The Color Rushes (And How To Beat Them)

bloons-td-cheats-tips-tricks-3In Assault mode, a player can rush the opponent with a huge wave of a certain bloon’s color. As not all towers can easily deal with every type of color, an ill-prepared player may be overwhelmed by the sudden influx of bloons. Know the possible rushes and their counters here:

  • Red Bloons Rush (Round 2) – Players who lack explosives or area of effect towers will find this horde of red bloons virtually impossible to stop.
  • Pink Bloons Rush (Round 4) – Pink bloons are noted for their speed and may zip fast towers that are too slow to react. Blue bloons can be deployed alongside pinks as some kind of distraction. This rush can be effective on short maps such as Cards and Hydro Dam. Boomerang Monkeys and an upgraded Ninja Monkey (3/2) can make short work of this rush.
  • Regrow Rushes (Round 8 onwards) – With the availability of regrow, bloon rushes are more dangerous especially for towers that are weak and clumped together. Regrow Yellow Bloons are both durable and fast, Regrow Whites are cheaper than Blacks and are immune to freezing, and Regrow Rainbows for the additional Zebras when popped. Upgraded towers that are evenly spaced on the track will not have problems with this kind of offense.
  • Camo Rushes (Round 12 onwards) – Camo detection is mandatory if one wants to survive this onslaught. When paired with regrow, durable bloons like Ceramic or Lead can become a nightmare to stop. And of course the numerous and fast bloons can be coupled with camo and regrow for more survivability. Ensure that at least one or two of your chosen towers have camo detection capabilities.
  • MOAB-Class Attack (Round 18 onwards) – If the game drags on long enough, a MOAB or BFB can be deployed that will surely deal with opponents who have weak tower setups. Early preparation is key, taking along anti-MOAB towers in your setup like the MOAB Assassin and the Monkey Buccaneer with its MOAB Takedown Ability. Deploying these monsters can cripple one’s income, which can turn the tide of battle in some ways.

Miss The Classic Tower Defense Games?

New players might find the game’s Assault match to be overwhelming and fast-paced. If you are well-versed with tower defense games and you’re still familiarizing yourself with the bloons and towers then you may opt to play Defensive matches instead. In this mode you and your opponent will only have to outlast each other without the need to go on the offensive and you will still get rewarded for your efforts if you win or lose, although income is a lot slower here.

Medallions Ahoy!

Medallions are crucial for purchasing towers and its upgrades. It is possible to purchase medallions with real currency, but it is not necessary as you can earn them through victories, losses, and by watching in-game advertisements. Some popular players in YouTube give medallions to their loyal fanbase. Be wary of sites that claim to give a ridiculous amount of these if you provide sensitive details (e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.) as these are usually phishing sites and will jeopardize your accounts.

It’s More Fun With Friends

The Quick Play option pits you against a random player across the globe, regardless of skill level. There’s no telling if your opponent has spent cash in buying and upgrading towers, or if you’re squaring off against a pro, and if you don’t engage in “pay to win” habits or just starting your first week with the game then you’re in for a frustratingly unfair match. But, thanks to the Play With Friends option, you can play with people you actually know in Facebook. This may make the playing field a lot more even provided your friends are on the same league with you.'
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