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Bully (PS4) – Trophy List, Tips and Strategies

Bully was released on the PS4 a few hours ago and those who didn’t get to play it on the PS2 or other consoles will now have the chance to play it. The title is now available in North America and Europe.

The game is a little different from the open world titles we have today as it takes place in a school and surrounding towns. Players have to attend classes on time and actually complete the assignments given to them during the class. It all sounds easy but the game is challenging as it is not easy to get to class in time, especially when being chased by other students. The classwork or tests are also challenging as they have limited time or require you to press a button at an exact time.

Bully is lots of fun and with an interesting story and other activities to complete, it is a great game to unlock the Platinum trophy. Here we have the trophy list and what to do to unlock them:

After Hours (Bronze) – Spend five hours out after curfew.

Green Thumbs Up (Bronze) – Pick 50 flowers.

Casanova (Bronze) – Receive 25 kisses.

Kickin’ the Balls (Bronze) – Kick 100 soccer balls.

Eggsellent (Bronze) – Egg 25 cars.

Watch Your Step (Bronze) – Trip 25 people with marbles.

Dual Nebula (Bronze) – Achieve a high score on the arcade games.

Down for the Count (Bronze) – Knock out 200 opponents.

Soda ‘Licious (Bronze) – Buy 100 sodas.

Speed Freak (Bronze) – Complete the carnival go kart races.

Helping Hand (Bronze) – Complete ten errand missions.

Little Angel (Bronze) – Complete twenty errand missions.

Keener (Bronze) – Complete three classes.

Teacher’s Pet (Bronze) – Complete six classes.

Popularity Contest (Bronze) – Gain 100 percent respect from two cliques simultaneously.

The Expert Bicycle Thief (Bronze) – Take 20 bicycles.

Pole Position (Bronze) – Complete the go kart street races.

Green Thumb (Bronze) – Mow the lawn ten times.

Rich Kid Blues (Bronze) – Have $1,000 in pocket change.

Freshman (Bronze) – Complete Chapter One.

Sophomore (Bronze) – Complete Chapter Two.

Junior (Bronze) – Complete Chapter Three.

Senior (Bronze) – Complete Chapter Four.

Skate Pro (Silver) – Travel 50,000 meters on the skateboard.

Smart Mouth (Silver) – Say 100 taunts.

Glass Dismissed (Silver) – Break 300 bottles of the gallery.

Momma’s Boy (Silver) – Complete thirty errand missions.

Marathon (Silver) – Travel 100,000 meters on foot.

The Wheel Deal (Silver) – Perform 200 wheelies on the bike.

Sharp Dressed Man (Silver) – Purchase 250 clothing items.

Tour de Bullworth (Silver) – Travel 100 km on the bike.

Boy Genius (Gold) – Complete all five classes for every subject.

Graduate (Gold) – Complete Chapter Five.

Problem Child (Gold) – Get to 160,000 trouble points.

Valedictorian (Platinum) – Unlock every trophy.

That’s a lot of trophies but it shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock Platinum. We also have a few tips and strategies to get through the game and complete everything.

Bully GameSchool Rules, Controls and Friends

Before you start walking around the school, learn the school rules, controls and who your friends are. Learning the controls shouldn’t be too difficult but take your time to read information about the school, which has its rules and wants you to attend every class. The game will introduce you to the bullies right away and a few of your friends after the tutorial.

Don’t Miss Class

Yes, this is difficult to do as you’ll probably be on the other side of the school or trying to avoid bullies. But try to attend every class, especially if you’re trying to unlock the Platinum trophy, which requires you to complete everything. Once you’re in class, you’ll have to finish an assignment.

Boxing Practice

Bully has a lot of activities to do but one that helps you throughout the game is boxing practice. It is optional but each training helps improve your punch damage, which will really help you in the story and other challenges around the school.

Try To Complete The Optional Challenges

One of the fun things about Bully is that it has an interesting story and optional challenges to keep you entertained for a while. The optional challenges appear around the school and surrounding towns and give you rewards for completing them. Most of them earn you more respect and money, which can be used to buy clothing and other items.

In Bully, you will have to fight to complete parts of the story. Fights will also take place outside of the school, so you will need to be ready at all times. Don’t go into a fight with low health as some of the opponents will be very strong, especially in the story. If you have low health and know you’re about to face a tough opponent, drink a soda. Sodas are also part of the trophy list, so if you buy 100 you will unlock a bronze trophy.

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