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Clash of Kings Cheats, Tips & Tricks For 2018

Clash of Kings: Last Empire, another MMORTS  RPG game similar to other strategy games like Clash of Clans where you build an empire to battle other players. Let’s cut right to the chase and help you out with some of the best new cheats and tricks for 2018! 

Clash of Kings Buildings

clash-of-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-1Buildings have different roles and functions in the game like training troops, housing your resources, research for advancement, etc. Below are the types of buildings and their functions:


  • Castle – the most important building in the game and must be upgraded to unlock other buildings. This building also provides overview of your kingdom, where players can view their level cap, buff info, and resources. Destroyed castles sets fire for 30 minutes and decreases your city defense points and they are automatically placed in random within the kingdom if the defense point reaches zero.
  • Farm – this building produces food for your troops that is consumed automatically. You can have a maximum of 10 farms and can be upgraded to increase its storage size.
  • Sawmills – this building produces wood that is needed to build and upgrade buildings. You can also have a maximum of 10 sawmills and can also be upgraded to increases its storage size.
  • College – this is where you research different kinds of technologies for advancement and also the second most important building besides castle.
  • Military Tent  – this building trains and assembles troops. It can be upgraded for higher training capacity and faster training speed.
  • Hospital – this building heals troops wounded in battle. Can be upgraded to increase its capacity and to treat more wounded troops.
  • Drill Grounds – this building is the rally point of your troops. Can be upgraded to increase marching army size.
  • Walls – functions as a city’s defense. It can be upgraded to increase the wall’s defense points and trap capacity.
  • Depot – this building protects your resources. Can be upgraded to increase the capacity and daily limit.
  • Embassy – this is where allied members can help each other. Researching science and donating in alliance science increases the help effects you’ll receive.
  • Market – this is where you can request and/or send resources from your allies. Can be upgraded to increase the amount of resources you send and decreases tax rate.
  • Hall of War – this is the place where your allies gather to form a powerful army. Can be upgraded to increase troop numbers gathered here.
  • Watchtower – this provides enemy intelligence and can be upgraded to provide detailed information.
  • Turret – Your city’s primary defense. Can be upgraded to increase its attack skills.


Clash of Kings Troops

clash-of-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-2Troops are required to attack neighboring players and pillage their resources. Build low-tier units. for efficient farming. Each troop has its own strong vs. weak against other types. Listed below are your troop’s buildings:


  • Barracks – trains infantries. Upgrading this building unlocks new troops like Militia, Infantry, Spearman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Noble Swordsman, Guard, heavy Pikeman, Halberdier, and Berserker.
  • Stables – trains cavalry. Upgrading this building unlocks new troops like Rider, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Mounted Archer, Cavalry Shooter, Knights Templar, Heavy Cavalry Archer, Royal Knight, Strike Archer, and Divine Knight.
  • Range – trains archers. Upgrading this building unlocks new troops like Shortbowman, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Arbalester, Elite Longbowman, Archer Guard, Heavy Crossbowman, Eagle Archer, Windlass Man, and Marksman.
  • Chariot Plant – trains siege equipment. Upgrading this building unlocks new troops like Bricole, Assault Cart, Mangonel, Battering Ram, Heavy Mangonel, Demolisher, Onager, Ballista, Siege Tower, and Cannon.


Clash of Kings Forging

clash-of-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-3Forging is an essential part of this game as it enhances your equipment to make it more advanced and powerful. It requires resources like materials, an extra equipment (level one is exempted), and steel you can forge in the blacksmith. Let’s look at the items.


  • Materials


Each material gives buff bonus to your equipment. They can be obtained via killing monsters, port gifts and, of course, farming. The quality of a material is identified by their color and there are six of them: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Gold (lowest to highest). You need four of the same color and material, then synthesize each color levels to obtain the highest color (Gold). Here are the list of color upgrade (forging the lowest color first):

  • 4 Orange = 1 Gold
  • 4 Purple = 1 Orange
  • 4 Blue = 1 Purple
  • 4 Green = 1 Blue
  • 4 White = 1 Green


  • Equipment

There are five different types of equipment, namely: Helmets, Shirts, Pants, Boots, and Rings. Each of them have five different levels, different colors, and each level gives different buff bonus that can be forged.

  • Steel

Steel is an important resource in equipment forging and you can get large quantities of it on a daily basis via Wishing Well.

Merging an equipment into crafting requires two pieces of equipment above level 1 to complete the forging and cannot be lower than 5 levels of an equipment that is forged. You can queue one equipment in forging at a time and is dependent on equipment quality. The higher the quality, the longer the queue.

Before you equip your forged equipment, be sure to check the buff bonus you have and swap your equipment if necessary, keeping in mind that most buffs have similar bonus.

Location of Materials in Clash of Kings

Materials are obtained through resource gathering, killing monsters, and via the Traveling Merchant who, oftentimes, offers premium Material Chest. Here are their locations and monster drops and their respective attributes (take note that all types/levels of ore are dropped by monsters regardless of their level):

  • Jade = Mithril Mine, level 12 and 13 monster, increases marching speed
  • Garnet = Mithril Mine, level 10 and 13 monster, increases trap attack
  • Crystal = Mithril Mine, level 12 monster, increases science research speed
  • Bronze = Iron Mine, level 5 and 8 monster, increases infantry attack
  • Cobalt = Iron Mine, level 8 monster, increase chariot attack
  • Amber = Iron Mine, level 8 monster, increases cavalry attack
  • Maple = Sawmill, increases building speed
  • Fur = Sawmill, increase hospital capacity
  • Bone = Sawmill and Farm, increases farm income
  • Herb = Farm, increases wood recovery speed

Clash of Kings Tips


  • clash-of-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-4Each troop has its own skills and abilities, strong vs. weak against other troops, so it’s best to mix them with cavalry, infantry and ranged troops. Focus also on training your troops as cheap as possible.
  • Never let your workers go idle. Keep on constructing buildings as much as possible. Having more builders increases the speed of construction twofold. Use 250 gold to hire extra builders for two days. This will help speed up your construction by 2x.  
  • Not all players playing the game are active. For easy farming, attack other players who are not active or abandoned the game altogether. You can identify inactive players because they don’t have that many defense troops and haven’t leveled up in a long time.


  • Keep all types of resources that you earn in quest rewards to use later on. That way, other players can’t steal the rewards before you collect them, so it’s advisable to never collect it unless necessary.
  • Advancing your weapons and techs can give a huge advantage over your enemies. All you have to do is go to the college to research for a new tech and go to the forge to unlock new and advanced weapons. Unlocked weapons can give your troops some buffs.
  • It’s advisable to forge materials and equipment of the same color. Of course, higher colors are better (Gold) as it gives you a hundred percent chance to obtain that color.
  • To have a gold equipment, start with a level one gold equipment, then always upgrade it with gold.
  • Fortress traps like Rockfall are good against infantries, Arrows are good against Cavalries, and Logs are good against Ranged.
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