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The Best Games like Destiny 2018 – Top Alternatives

Destiny has gone on to become one of the best-selling games of this generation. With millions of units having been sold, as well as several expansions being released, Destiny is a game you’ll surely not want to miss out on.

What is Destiny?

Destiny is a first-person shooter game that began development in 2010 and was finally released in September 2014. The original premise of the game was for it to be a shooting game which incorporates elements of fantasy and role-playing games. While it is similar to other first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Goldeneye, where the player groups up with teammates to take out other teams in a timed match, there is also a story involved that has the player fending off enemies.

The setting of the game takes place far into the future. An evil entity known simply as “Darkness” has begun plaguing worlds and wiping out humanity all around the universe. Humans have reached a point in technology where they have been able to colonize other planets in the solar system and this “Darkness” has wiped out every last planet, except for Earth. Another entity known as “The Traveler” now hovers above the last remaining safe city on our planet and enables playing characters (known as Guardians) to wield a powerful force known as “Light”.

When the game starts, players are able to choose one of the three humanoid races to play as. They then choose one out of the several classes available in the game. Each class is vastly different, with some being hunters, some being space wizards and others being like tanks. Each class has their own sub-class too but you’ll need to purchase the expansion packs in order to play those. The player then begins their mission, travelling across the world and to other planets in an attempt to save the galaxy from Darkness. There are several NPCs in the game which will aid you on your quest, as well as different modes of gameplay. If you’re bored of playing the storyline you can hop into player vs. player combat to both level up and upgrade your gear.

Just recently it has been confirmed that a sequel to the game will be released sometime in the year 2017.

Top Five Games like Destiny – 2018 List

#5 – Borderlands 2 (PC)


Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the successful Borderlands game. Released in 2012 by Gearbox Software and 2K Games, Borderlands 2 is one of the best-selling sequels of all time, with over 14 million copies being sold in as little as two years. That’s very impressive considering the original has only sold between 3-4 million copies. Borderlands 2 has also gained a ridiculous amount of critical praise. Since its release it has gone on to win dozens of “Best…” awards, including X-Plays Game of the Year Award in 2012. Critics from several different media outlets have praised Borderlands 2 for its humor, immersive storyline, unique graphics and terrific characters.

The game starts off somewhat similar to the first Borderlands game. You are introduced to four playable characters. While the previous game also had four playable characters, these ones are brand new. Much like the first game, these characters are known as “Vault Hunters” because throughout the game you are essentially chasing a vault. The antagonist of the game, who goes by the name Handsome Jack, rules over the world with an iron fist. He is in search of a vault and inside the vault is an unknown creater that is created out of a rare mineral. Legend states that whatever is inside this vault will obey whoever releases it. It is up to you, the player, to find the key to this vault and prevent Handsome Jack from opening it. If he does, the world will be enthralled into chaos. Along the way you meet characters from the previous installment of the franchise as well as new friends who will aid you in your quest. Fans of the original Borderlands will also be happy to hear that the four original Vault Hunters make a return as non-playable characters.

The gameplay of Borderlands 2 is quite similar to Destiny. You are in the first-person perspective and throughout the game you are able to equip one of the dozens of available weapons. There are also four playable characters to choose from, each of them equipped with their own unique set of skills. Along the way you’ll be able to complete missions and obtain new loot that is randomly generated by the game itself. There are also new aspects in Borderlands 2, such as a new currency to purchase premium items and a trading system that is available when you connect with your peers online. There is also a new game+ mode available once you beat the main storyline of the game. This new mode allows the player to go through the entire game again with increased difficulty and the chance to go past the previous level cap.

While the base game itself is only about $20.00, you’re better off paying for the ultimate edition which costs about $60.00. It’s a lot more money but well worth it, as tons of DLC is included with the ultimate edition, as well as two new playable characters. While fans have begged the developers to release a third entry to the series, they state it would be difficult to top Borderlands 2 and that if they ever do make one, it won’t be for quite a while.

#4 – Nexuiz (PC, Xbox 360)


Nexuiz has been hailed by many to be the greatest open-source first person shooter game of all time. While development for the game originally began in 2001, Nexuiz wouldn’t be officially released until 2005, as there were very few developers on board and they made the game with no budget. Nexuiz was inspired by the popular Quake video game which was released back in 1996. Because Nexuiz is open-source, players of the game are able to use the code to make and release to the public, modifications to the core game. In general, people from all around the world have created hundreds of new maps for anyone to install.

Because this game was inspired by Quake, Nexuiz proudly incorporates fast-paced gameplay. The main draw to this game is the multi-player aspects. Players are able to quickly enter campaign mode where they team up with a group of other players, and square off against another set of four players. You will need quick reflexes to be truly successful in this game, as once you start the game, it’s on. There are several different weapons available and the player sprints through maze-like levels and use portals to jump extremely high distances to get from one area to the next. An experienced player will easily be able to take out another player in a matter of seconds, adding points to their team while the dead player must wait to respawn. These matches are set in the future between two enemy races that have long been at war with another. One race is called the Forsellians while the other is called the Kavussari. Within the lore of the game you are set up against the enemy faction in an arena that is being televised all around the galaxy. It’s sort of like a futuristic Hunger Games, only no Katniss.

If you’re new to Nexuiz or first person shooters in general, you’re in luck; there is a single-player mode where the player is able to face off against bots in order to improve your technique. It is recommended that beginners start here as Nexuiz, in general, is considered to be a highly competitive game. It’s so competitive in fact that a few years ago, GameStop’s across the United States set up a Nexuiz competition. People from all ages could freely enter a campaign mode to see who could receive the highest score. There were monthly winners and if you were old enough you could get a free $100.00 gift card to GameStop.

It’s humbling to know that development for Nexuiz never really stopped. The game first began being coded back in 2001 and throughout the years was periodically updated, adding new official maps and updated graphics. In 2012, Nexuiz was re-released by the original company, adding new features and current-generation graphics to the fast-paced game. It is available to purchase on Steam and just recently has begun development to be released on consoles. It’s nearly impossible to play the original 2005 version of Nexuiz, as nobody plays the game anymore, so you are better off playing the 2012 version.

#3 – Tribes: Ascend (PC)


Tribes Ascend is a multiplayer free-to-play first-person shooter game that was released in 2012. Developed and published by game company Hi-Rez Studios, Tribes: Ascend is a sequel to several other Tribes games but is still its own standalone game. While most first-person shooter games have a substantial storyline that you can follow in a solo mode, Tribes: Ascend differs by being strictly multiplayer. There are several game modes within the game that players are allowed to partake in, such as:

Capture the Flag – You team up with several other players and you square off against another team. While you are able to kill the enemy team, you earn points by grabbing a flag and returning it to your base. Each team has their own team base which they must defend from the opposite team. There are several other factors involved in making gameplay more fun, including the use of vehicles and jet packs.

Team Deathmatch – Similar to Capture the Flag in that the maps are wide open but rather than retrieving a flag, it’s an all-out war against the other team. Whichever team gets the most kills, wins.

Arena – Kind of like Team Deathmatch but you are in a tighter space. You will need to be a lot more careful in this mode as getting killed is fairly easy.

CTF Blitz – Similar to Capture the Flag in that you need to grab the flag and return it to your base, with the main difference being the flag is not in the same spot every round. It moves around, making it a tad bit more difficult.

Rabbit – One person has the flag and receives points after holding the flag for a set amount of time. There are no teams in this mode so your goal is to kill the flag carrier before they are able to score. If you kill the flag carrier you earn points.

Tribes: Ascend prides itself in speedy combat. When you begin the match it’s action from the go as you’ll quickly want to navigate through the large maps to hunt down your opponents. Most first-person shooters have the player just running around and shooting but with Tribes: Ascend it’s a tad bit more complicated than that. There are vehicles scattered around the maps which players are quickly able to hop into and pilot around. Vehicles range from a tank, two-person fighters and even jets. There are other ways to navigate around the map including jetpacks and skis. Jetpacks are awesome because it gives the player a flighty feeling where they can traverse around the open area and scout out opponents. You can even blast each other in the air, sort of like dog fights from WW2. Skis are used to travel down mountains at an alarmingly quick rate. Speed really is the most important aspect of this game.

As players progress through the game they are able to level up their rank and earn unique titles. In order to gain experience you must perform at your absolute best in each game. There are also weapons, items and even new classes that can be unlocked but they aren’t cheap.

Tribes: Ascend is a great game to check out on Steam if you’re looking for a game where you can simply log in whenever you’re bored and mess around. Like I mentioned before, there is no single-player mode so long quests and missions aren’t an issue.

#2 – Planetside 2 (PC, PlayStation 4)


Planetside 2 is free-to-play first-person shooter massively multiplayer online game. If you are accustomed to epic battles in a large, open arena then you will absolutely want to check this game out. Where most games feature small teams with only a handful of players, Planetside 2 does the opposite and allows hundreds, even thousands of people in the same battle field at once. The original Planetside was released all the way back in 2003. The game would receive a large amount of praise but a sequel wasn’t in the works until half a decade later. In 2009, Sony Entertainment released a survey online for players of Planetside to partake in. It stated they were working on a sequel dubbed Planetside Next and would like to hear back from the franchise’s most loyal supporters. After being in development for three years, Planetside 2 was finally released in 2012 by Daybreak Game Company and was originally meant to be released alongside the PlayStation 4 in 2013 but was pushed back to 2015.

Unlike in the previous game, Planetside 2 features more open-world combat – something that needed to happen if the game was going to receive any amount of success. There are several continents in the game, each having their own unique setting, like grassy highlands and tropical rainforests. To support new players, Daybreak Game Company just recently added a brand new continent for anyone under level 15 to try out.

The game features several different classes that the player may choose to play as. Each class is unique in its own way by offering different types of weapons and skills.

Heavy Assault – Heavy Assault classes tend to be the most popular. You are able to equip several different weapons, including the rocket launcher to go on sprees and take out your enemies as quickly as you possibly can.

Light Assault – Similar to the above class in that it relies on weapons but it’s more mobile. This class comes equipped with a jetpack that can help you fly over large obstacles in a timely manner. They have access to several types of weapons, including the shotgun and even C4 charges to blow your enemy up.

Infiltrator – The stealth class. If you’re more into being sneaky and quiet, this is the class for you. You come equipped with a cloaking device which can get you passed enemies without being detected and a sniper rifle which can shoot down enemies from long distances.

Mechanized Assault eXosuit (MAX) – This class is your typical mecha that you see in a lot of games. While it is a very powerful suit, you’re often times going to need repairs. These suits come equipped with several different mounted weapons that you may detach when it’s convenient to you.

Engineer – This is more of a support class. You are able to repair broken down vehicles and even MAX classes which frequently need repairs. While you can use shotguns and battle rifles for support, you also get access to turrets which you can deploy to help protect yourself while you’re busy making repairs.

Medic – Like the name implies, medics are the real heroes of the game. You go behind enemy lines to help aid in your teammate’s battles. Using your advanced knowledge in the medical department, medics use their ability to heal and revive their team to help them get an advantage over the enemy.

Like its predecessor, Planetside 2 has gone on to receive a high amount of praise from the gaming community, including several awards from various media outlets.

#1 – Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)


Killzone: Shadow Fall is a first-person shooter game that was released alongside the launch of the PlayStation 4 back in 2013. It is merely one of the many entries to the popular Killzone franchise. In previous installments, Killzone mainly dealt with fast but relatively linear gameplay. Guerrilla Games, which is the company that developed Shadow Fall decided to change all that and gear the direction of this entry to be more about player choices, open-world fighting and stealth movement.

Shadow Fall is geared more towards single-player combat with multiplayer available for those who are interested. With multiplayer, you are able to choose one of three classes to play as: Assault, Scout and Support. Each class has their own unique skillset to offer and to make things easier for everyone involved, all weapons are unlocked from the get-go.

If you truly want to explore what this game has to offer you’re going to have to go through the main storyline. It begins with the player as a young child named Lucas who is attempting to escape to a place known as “The Wall”. He gets picked up by a singular military personnel named Sinclair who trains him in military combat for the next several years of his life until Lucas is all grown up and can explore the world on his own. For the remainder of the game you are given several missions to help out your fellow comrades against an evil force known as the Helghast. Unlike previous entries to the Killzone franchise where the main character was accompanied by several allies at once, Shadow Fall is primarily played by the main character. Although throughout the game you are joined by two allies: OWL – an intriguing drone who you are able to give commands to (including scanning and hacking terminals), and Echo – a female character who doesn’t show up until later on in the game.

Shadow Fall takes place in a primarily science fiction setting. The world is set in the year 2370 where weapon technology is now very advanced, including personal drones that you can give commands to. As this entry is set only 30 years into the future from the previous one, you’ll notice a lot of the guns from previous games have been included, albeit much more detailed in terms of graphics. There are also new weapons that make their debut, including new pistols and assault rifles.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the very first entries to the PlayStation 4 library and since its release it has gone on to sell more than two million units, making It one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time. The developers have been making Killzone games for years but with Shadow Fall they really wanted to have it stand out amongst the rest of the games in the franchise. Their change-up in formula was noticed by many, granting it high scores from several media outlets for its great storytelling and beautiful graphics.

And that wraps up the list for the top five games like Destiny. There really are some great FPS games on the list and if you’re a fan of that genre you will get a kick out of all these games.

What is your favorite FPS game? Let me know in the comments below.

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