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Hay Day Tips, Cheats, & Tricks – 2018 Update

One of Supercell’s top three best-selling games along with Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, Hay Day is a mobile MMO strategy game similar to Farmville where players manage their farm, make it grow, and sell goods to earn coins and experience points.

Managing a farm in this game is very time consuming and making your business grow and profit requires smart strategies and techniques. Below are some of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get the upper hand and to seamlessly grow your business and make huge amounts of money and experience points (XP).

How To Get Free Diamonds

Hay dayEarn free diamonds by leveling up, follow Hay Day on Facebook and link it to your device, enter their contests, completing achievements, open mystery boxes and mining (starts at level 24).

Another way to earn diamonds is to look for purple movie tickets that appear in your newspaper and watch the ad clip.

How To Make Money – The Cash Grab

If you want oodles of cash, plant wheat and sell it at 1 to get more mats (silo and land expansion) and barn.

Expand your silo as much as possible. If necessary, buy 1 coin worth of wheat from people you find in the newspaper, fill it with wheat and only wheat, and visitors will only ask for it. That’s where the money comes from and comes in.

There will come a time where you don’t need to plant wheat. Just purchase it from other players to fill up the silo and cash it in.

Another tip is to grow crops of high value only and keep selling it. Buy wheat and other good deals from your friends or in the newspaper.

Extra XP Bonus

hay-day-cheats-tips-tricks-2If you have apple trees and your level is 15 and up, be sure to get the apples because each apple will give you 7 XP. You can find those advertised apples in the paper, visit those people who have that advertisement, and search their farm for rocking trees with an exclamation mark sign. Click that sign and you’ll get an XP bonus. You can also visit other farms and search their dock for a crate with an exclamation mark sign, click it and survey the supplies you need for an XP bonus.

You can also gain extra 30 XP bonus by feeding your pet cat and/or dog. Buy your pet a house and food (bacons for dogs and milk for cats) first before you purchase them with your vouchers. Your pets also serves as a nice decoration for your farm.

A Simple Little Hack or Dirty Trick

hay-day-cheats-tips-tricks-3How about convincing your friends that you’ve just received 2x amount of coins or experience by completing the boat order? To do this neat trick, tap and hold the check mark when you received an order from a boat into the dock, let go of the check mark, then click the x button at the top of the page as fast as possible. It will show you that you’ve received 2x amount of coins and/or experience, but you won’t actually get it.

Predicting The Future

You can predict the items that you’ll need to complete the shipments in the future. All you have to do is find the delivery boy, tap him and choose the “no thanks” button. The delivery boy will go away and lie down in a field. Then you’ll see a bubble where images of items pops up above his head to complete future shipments.

Find and Buy Missing Crops

When a certain kind of crop runs out, just select Greg on your friend’s tab and buy everything in his roadside shop. You can find some tools in his shop that are very cheap. But what if Greg doesn’t have an item that you want? Just visit other people’s farm, survey their newspapers, and buy the items you need in volumes.

For levels 7 and up, if you’re missing some kind of crops, just look at the newspaper and see what’s on sale. You can also go to your friend’s farm and look for their roadside shop to see what they’re selling.

Unlimited New Deals in 2018

To have an infinite newspaper available for you, just alter your language and you’ll find a brand new newspaper to browse for your item of choice.

Another way is to restart the app. For Android players, just go to settings, application manager, search Hay Day, and then tap the “force stop” button. For iPhone, just tap the home button twice and swipe up the app. If this tip is too complicated for you, just restart your phone or tab or switch it off then on, and then launch the app.

More Newspaper Tips

Search the newspaper and buy all goods and construction equipment, put out an ad, then sell each of them for 180-200 coins.

You can also steal someone else’s newspaper and use it for your own gain.     

Mystery Box Glitch

hay-day-cheats-tips-tricks-4Go to a neighbor or friend’s farm and open the mystery boxes. To open all of them at the same time, tap outside the box except the X button, click on the friend’s bar your friend’s icon to reload the farm, then look for it again (sometimes it is in a different position or hidden behind the house or a tree). Rinse and repeat (like 30 times) to get your item out.

Hay Day Tips

  •         Save your diamonds (up to 90 for good measure) with achievements. When Tom’s offer pops up, use your 90 diamonds to hire him for 10 days, then buy shovels every two hours and use it in the mine to gather more diamonds. When the 10 days are up, you’ll have 90 or more extra diamonds. It’s best to sell the metals you gather from the mine instead of keeping it.
  •         Earn vouchers by completing the orders from trucks and boats, from mystery boxes, or crop harvesting.
  •         For vouchers on your board, only do the ones that are blue. You can ignore the white orders unless they demand cheap crops or wheat.
  •         Go fishing. Sell what you get and keep the wheat. Not only you will get food from fishing, but you also get diamonds as well.
  •         Plant 17 or more wheats and quickly collect it as quickly as possible when ready to collect building materials like bolts, tape and screw along with the wheat.
  •         Bars and ores are hot sellers and sells very fast. The same can be said for land materials, buildings, dairy products, pie, cakes, and sugars, so it’s best to sell them at their max price.
  •         Items like bacon, eggs, milk, wool sells about 50 coins less than their max price.
  •         Advertise as much as possible even for one product to get other people’s attention and start gaining interest.
  •         Wood panels can be bought with diamonds or can be found in treasure chests. They can also be found when you’re harvesting crops.
  •         You can sell your items at the roadside shop as much as you want as long as you have slots available.
  •         You can get free ads in the newspaper every 30 minutes.
  •         Fill your silo with wheat and plant one-half of it, then turn your device upright and shake it while the wheat is being cut down for free items.



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