Nintendo Closing Mario Kart TV Website In April

Mario Kart TV, a website for Mario Kart 8 players to upload and watch their races, will soon be closed. The company announced on the website that it will close on April 4. Nintendo also mentioned that replays can still be watched through the game and YouTube.

The website will close on 11:00 PM PT on Monday, April 4 2016, the announcement said. Nintendo also thanked the people who have used the website since it opened two years ago.

Players will be able to watch the highlights from the game. The YouTube uploads will also remain after the website is closed next month. You can read the announcement on the official Mario Kart TV website, at the top of the page.

Mario KartMario Kart 8 was released two years ago and has sold millions of units since its debut. The game is considered to be one of the best of the series and has helped Wii U sales. Mario Kart 8 is similar to past editions but brings a number of new features and content that makes it stand out.

Updates and NX Console

Nintendo has released a number of updates and content for players. Tracks, characters and vehicles have all been added these last two years, giving gamers a ton of options to choose from. The online multiplayer has also been improved, making it a great experience for those who want to face stronger competition. The best part seems to be the release of downloadable content, which has added a number of popular characters and tracks. Link, a fan favorite, made his debut along with his own track in 2014.

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best in the series but many are already thinking about the next installment. But that will probably arrive for the NX, a console that we don’t know much about since Nintendo has not revealed any major details.

Nintendo is also working on Miitomo, which will arrive soon. The mobile app was expected to be released last year, but the company decided to delay it.

Mario Kart TV will close on April 4, so less than a month from now. Players will no longer be able to use the website after the time. They can watch the highlights through the game and YouTube uploads will remain after the site is closed.

Do you play Mario Kart 8? Who is your favorite character? What do you think about Nintendo’s decision to close the website? Let us know in the comments.