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The Pax vs FireFly – Which Vaporizer is Better in 2018?

If you are looking for two sleek, discrete herbal vaporizers, the FireFly and PAX Labs PAX are two that you should seriously consider. Both of them cost at least a couple hundred dollars, but are easily worth it for the experience that they offer. These are discrete, portable, and awesome looking vaporizers that any enthusiast would be proud to own.


The FireFly is a very 50’s Americana looking device, having a retro vibe to it; it is overly rounded, but very stylish in doing so. The FireFly is an extremely simple convection vaporizer and is famous for such, since convection allows for more of the flavors and oils to be tasted in the vapor of the herb placed within. The FireFly has a front plate which is attached to the main body; on the inside of the formed chamber is a carved aluminium chamber, which actually allows for the vapor to travel through. The design is ingenious; this allows for faceplates to be changed, allowing a user to customize the colors of their FireFly with the purchase of a battery door and a front plate. The front place has a window, where the user can see the actual bowl/oven of the FireFly. The bowl is much smaller than the PAX, but the user can actually see the progress of how the vaporization is treating the herb packed into the bowl. On the back is a FireFly battery, which can be purchased separately; however, the battery charges in about 45 minutes and lasts around an hour and a half of heavy vaping.

To use the FireFly, a user presses the button on the right side of the FireFly and holds it, inhaling very gently while doing so. The look and feel of using the FireFly is very similar to using a glass or ceramic pipe.

To clean the FireFly, a user just has to lift the plate off and clean the aluminium linings with an alcohol wipe and a wet wipe, or a wet napkin. That’s it; the bowl is removable and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.


The PAX Labs PAX is a neat sleek little device, all enclosed in a stylish aluminium case that gives it a futuristic look. The PAX does not have any buttons that you can see; the only button is accessible by removing the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece, when clicked in to retract out while the device is inactive, will turn the PAX on. The X-shaped LED on the front will glow purple when the device is initially powered on, signalling that the oven is being heated. When the LED glows green, it means that it is ready to vape. When the mouthpiece is retracted and pushed in, it will turn the device off. The button on the inside of the chamber that is revealed when the mouthpiece is removed will change the temperature setting, causing the LED on the front to glow either yellow, orange or red, depending on the temperature chosen (it is recommended to start at the lowest temperature and increase the temperature every 15-20 minutes while vaping on the same packed oven). A user can also access the long, narrow tube where the vapor will travel through in this same chamber. The oven is located at the bottom of the PAX and is sealed with a magnetic oven, making it easy to clip in the lid with one hand. The PAX is available in 4 colors, with the PAX 2 being available in 4 additional colors.

To use, a user simply powers the PAX on, waits for the LED to indicate that it is ready, and takes a gentle draw inhaling breath.

The oven has a metal plate in it, which must be kept clear of any substances that may build up (typically a resin-like substance). Plates can typically be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, but if they get too dirty, then they must be replaced by purchasing a 3-plate pack from either PAX Labs or an aftermarket retailer. The mouthpiece must be lubricated as well with a glycerin; if the mouthpiece is not properly lubricated and used after time, it will get stuck and become difficult to power the device on at will. The long tubing should be cleaned with a pipe cleaner to keep it free of any resin, as well.

Which One?

The major discrepancy between these two vaporizers are the price point; the FireFly is available at around $260, while the PAX is available at $200 (and the PAX 2 is available for $250). The FireFly is more like using a traditional glass or ceramic pipe, while the PAX is meant to be more of a traditional sort of cigarette. However, the FireFly does offer a much greater experience in terms of taste and flavors due to the convection (the PAX uses conduction) at a little bit more of a price. Both of these devices are awesome vaporizers, but if money isn’t an issue, then I would choose the FireFly over the PAX. The PAX is a cheaper device that is more accessible to starting vaporizers, and should not be completely discredited.

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