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Plague Inc. Hacks, Cheats, & Strategy Tips for 2018

As we continue to thrust our 21st century society into a world revolving around the use of high end technology like PC’s, gaming consoles, televisions, and more importantly smartphones and tablets. Everyone these days seems to have a smartphone whether it is an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device, everybody has one; that’s excluding how many people also have a tablet or more than one smartphone or more than one tablet. With the amount of people owning at least one of the aforementioned smart devices, the mobile application development market is absolutely ridiculous. With the ios appstore and the android appstore filled to the brim with tons of applications built and designed with different purposes.

You can download social media applications, calculators, games of various genres, and a plethora of other applications all available at the touch of a finger. The mobile gaming industry continues to thrive off of our constant use of our smartphones and tablets whether it is at our homes or at our dinner table This poses as a market place of untold fortune only blocked by a lack of effort if one doesn’t try to succeed. By creating a mobile game in order to start a company and empire, the odds of you profiting heavily increase. In addition to our society’s addiction and infatuation with our mobile devices, like our smartphones and tablets, something about mass destruction just tickles our society’s collective fancy.

plague-inc-cheats-tips-tricks-1Just take a look at the overwhelming abundance of apocalyptic and zombie movies and television shows; Walking Dead, World War Z, etc… our society just loves to watch the trials and tribulations that the end of the world poses. Maybe you have always wanted to cross these two things together; mobile games plus mass destruction and the end of the world. Thankfully there is a game that accomplishes just that. Plague, Inc. is a mobile game that offers a great amount of challenge as your goal is to create a disease, spread it around the world, and kill everyone.

Originally created and put up on, Plague, Inc is without a doubt a very difficult and challenging game; after all you are trying to decimate the whole population after all. Thankfully we are here to help you in your quest to rid the world of humans one country at a time, one disease at a time, and one minute at a time in 2017.

Where to start your deadly disease

The Plague, Inc. map shows a 2D map of the entire planet showing every country, if not every country than the most important ones. This may be quite deterring to you if you are just starting the game. Where is the best place to start your disease? The United States? China? Iceland? With so many options to choose from the time to trial and error all the countries would be staggering leaving you with little enjoyment of the game. Before picking your starting point, you need to know the different ways your disease travels.

Throughout the game you can choose where to upgrade your disease from things like transmission to severity. Some ways your disease can travel is via birds, water, rats, and air. With that being said, if you start a game in China, you’ll notice that the later in the game you get the harder it is to reach islands like Iceland and Greenland. For some reason it is harder to get your disease into islands due to their seclusion. So I recommend starting your disease on an island or a country that is know for massive exports to countries all around the world to insure that your disease reaches every country.

Spend your DNA on transmission early on to increase the infection process

plague-inc-cheats-tips-tricks-2While playing the game you will notice little orange bubbles pop up around the map. These are DNA. DNA is used as a currency for upgrading your disease throughout the different upgrade screens. Early on in your game DNA will be harder to come by than when you are halfway through or near the end of your game. So with that being said you want to take your DNA points and put them into the different forms of transmission. With your main goal being to kill everyone, you kind of have to infect everyone first.

By upgrading water transmissions your disease has a higher chance of making it into a new country from overseas. In addition to infecting everybody faster, you will also be more likely to receive mutations for your disease. Mutations double as a free upgraded symptom to your disease and as a way to earn much more DNA as you play through your game. Granted these mutations are generally welcomed, becareful if the mutation ups your diseases severity as it will cause your disease to be noticed and worked against.

What happens when your disease has infected every country

plague-inc-cheats-tips-tricks-3After your disease has made its way into every country and/or 99-100% of the population you are finally on the home stretch of victory. Since everyone or every country is infected you can head to the transmissions tab and devolve practically all of your transmission upgrades to receive some DNA; devolving removes the the devolved trait from your disease in exchange for a portion of DNA.

Now that your stock full of DNA you can now head over to the symptoms screen and start to crank up the lethality of your disease; the more lethal your disease the more people will die in rapid succession meaning less people to work on a cure. During this final stretch the level of cure research will start to get rather high. This, while it may seem a bit unnerving, is fine so long as you have your genetic reshuffles left. Once the cure research has reached around 80% you want to fire off a genetic reshuffle to slow the progress of those pesky scientists. Upon doing a genetic reshuffle, you will buy yourself more time in your quest to decimate the entire human population.

Become well minded of the in game news

In Plague, Inc. you will see a little news bulletin bar on the top of your screen that will relay various pieces of in game news regarding the planet you are trying to kill. It’s generally a good idea to pay attention to this feature that is often overlooked by many. If you are only able to catch the second half of a news report you can go and open the dedicated news tab to insure that you know everything that’s going on. This will arm you with the information you need to wreak havoc on the planet.

Did the news say that bird migration is up? Then it might be worth investing some DNA into the bird transmission trait. Have doctors found any news insights or discoveries dealing with tumors? If so, maybe you want to devolve the tumor characteristic from your disease as it will become easier to cure. The list of news updates go on and on and on. These little tidbits of ingame news can be the difference between extinction and defeat in the home stretch. Be sure that you aren’t one of the people who overlook this crucial feature that aides you.

What is the cure research and how do you stop it

plague-inc-cheats-tips-tricks-4Throughout your gameplay of Plague, Inc. you will notice that scientist around the world will eventually detect your disease and work together to find a cure before you wipe out civilization; you didn’t think you were going to destroy the world without a little bit of a challenge did you? Once these scientists notice your disease it becomes a rather large pain in your rear end when playing. If scientists discover your disease early on it is extremely hard to still infect everyone and get into every country as slowly countries will close their borders making it nye impossible to get in there.

You can track the progress of the cure using the little blue bar on the main screen that will show you how far along scientists are to curing your disease together. To stop progress of cure research, there are a few things you can do. One thing is the aforementioned genetic reshuffle to slow down cure research dramatically. However this method wants to be used more towards the late game when you are on the home stretch but using when in dire need can also be fine. Next are the cure bubbles.

Much like the DNA bubbles you will see little blue bubbles with the cure symbol sprout up around the map. By tapping these bubbles it helps slow the cure research of the scientists so be sure to hit every blue bubble you find. Another method at your disposal to fight against the cure is listening to the news. By seeing what symptoms and things that doctors are learning more about, you will be able to devolve and evolve your disease accordingly making it harder for the scientists to find a cure as you are constantly changing and evolving. Finally if you notice that the new iTouch cure device is being promoted, evolve your disease to include sweating and rashes as it will make it harder for people to use the device in addition to quelling a global surge of cure resistance. Aside from these methods of cure deterioration, the best way to fight the cure is to prolong your diseases discovery. The faster your disease is discovered, the quicker scientists around the world will band together to fight your disease.

Some of the hidden symptom combos that can help you and hurt you

While playing the game you will notice that in the symptoms tab each trait has an upgrade tree with complimentary upgrades that will further evolve your disease. Though some of these traits work together to help you in the effort to destroy the world, others help you at a cost that works against you. Some examples are as follows;

  • Sneezing and Diarrhea: While these two disease traits slow down the populations production, it also increases the the population’s awareness of a new type of disease. This means that people will notice your disease and start to work together to find a cure before it is too late.
  • Skin Lesions and Hemophilia: With the two symptoms working together, your disease will have increased infectivity as the population will profusely bleed. This bleeding doubles your infectivity strength with no drawbacks like awareness.
  • Anemia and Insomnia: Nicknamed “the Walking Dead” after the AMC television show, these two traits turn your population into “zombies” as it slows research speed due to lack of sleep from the insomnia and weariness from the anemia. This also pulls double duty as the anemia trait works well with the aforementioned blood combo as the blood deficiency will travel throughout the population giving everyone the blood combo and the “Walking Dead” combo.
  • Coughing and Vomiting: If your disease has both coughing and vomiting you are looking at the potential benefit of projectile vomiting. While people are in public, if they go full Exorcist and projectile vomit all over the place, this will greatly increase your diseases infectivity rate.
  • Diarrhea and Insanity: While the other symptom combinations mostly helped you with a drawback, this symptom combination only works against you. By having both diarrhea and insanity, the populations research speed dramatically increases working against you as you now have to work against the cure even more.

These hidden symptom combinations function as a little easter egg that will help you with your goal of world extinction as your disease begins to rampage the entire population of earth. Thankfully while these symptom combos do help you, they are not required for you to do; they are added little bonuses that you can choose to do as you have complete freedom over your disease. Keep these combinations in mind next time you play and notice how they increase your gameplay.

Keep in mind what type of disease you’re using.

plague-inc-cheats-tips-tricks-5In Plague, Inc. you have a plethora of different disease to choose from. You can start your game as a virus, a fungus, bacteria, parasite, prion, nano-virus, bio-weapon, Neurax worm, Necroa flu, and Simian flu. This massive list of disease types to choose from offer many different gameplay experiences as each disease type has its own unique qualities. These qualities are as follows;

  • Bacteria: The most common cause of Plague that offers unlimited potential for mass destruction.
  • Virus: A pathogen that rapidly mutates and is extremely hard to control.
  • Fungus: Fungal Spores travel extremely long distances without special effort.
  • Parasite: The Parasitic lifestyle prevents DNA alteration found in everyday infections like Bacteria.
  • Prion: An extremely complex pathogen that is hidden in the brain that is slow and subtle until it is too late.
  • Nano-virus: Microscopic machines with a built in kill switch that quickly become out of control.
  • Bio-weapon: Extremely lethal pathogen that kills everything it touches.
  • Neurax worm: A manipulative organism that burrows itself into the brain.
  • Necroa virus: Necroa virus is unclassified. Early analysis suggests extreme regenerative abilities.
  • Simian flu: Genetically modified. Increases ape intelligence but untested on humans.

This immense list of disease types don’t even include the three “cheat” disease types that are available in plague,Inc. Those diseases are as follows;

  • Immune Plague: No Cure Cheat. It is impossible to find a cure to your disease.
  • Hidden Plague: No Governments Cheat. Humans will never take action against your disease.
  • Unlimited Plague: Unlimited DNA Cheat. Evolve with the power of a god. With unlimited DNA do whatever you want to with your disease.

Offering the massive amount of different disease types that Plague, Inc. does, gameplay with each disease type will surely be different each time. Not only will it be different from the disease differences, but also your gameplay style will be different as you try to combat the nature of your disease. If you are playing as a Nano-virus, you are going to have to play at a much faster pace as your disease will quickly rampage its way around the world. If you are playing as a Fungus, you are going to have to play it slow and think hard about the long goal of your disease. By being goal oriented with all of these different types of diseases, while still being mindful of their differences, you will be able to increase your game play skill level while destroying the population one disease at a time. In addition to being mindful of what disease type you are, keep in mind what difficulty you choose. In Plague, Inc. you can choose from Casual, Normal, Brutal, and Mega Brutal. Each difficulty ups the challenge of when you play so if you are just starting out, try your hand at Casual or Normal then slowly work your way up to Brutal and Mega Brutal.

Don’t be afraid to go and look for advice and help

If you are reading this guide then obviously you are open to advice and help in a rather challenging game. Lookup other guides, although we hope this guide helps you enough, on forums like where you can join fellow Plague, Inc. inthusists. The internet is a very big place filled with pages upon pages of knowledge and a plethora of subjects like Plague, Inc. You can find detailed walkthroughs for each disease type that you can read through to make sure you understand everything about a certain disease type. Or look up YouTube videos watch people play through the game so you can learn what to do and what not to do. One popular YouTuber who has recently started playing Plague, Inc. on their channel is popular gamer Markiplier. By asking for help and doing some research you can maximize the level of fun you will have while playing through Plague, Inc. even if the game is a bit too challenging for you.

Plague, Inc. can be played on a multitude of devices. You can find it on the ios appstore to play on your iPhone or table on the go wherever. The same is to be said about the android appstore as you can also get it for your android smartphone and android tablet and play it whenever and wherever. Finally you can also download Plague, Inc. on your PC from the popular PC gaming store Steam. While you may be wondering why the price of Plague, Inc. on steam is $14.99 whereas the mobile versions are free, the PC version comes with every disease type unlocked right from the start. The mobile versions of Plague, Inc. require you to either buy the disease with money or buy beating the previous disease type on both normal mode and brutal mode. Hopefully this Plague, Inc. tips and tricks guide helps you in your quest to set the human population on the brink of extinction numerous times.'
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