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Summoner’s War Tricks, Tips, & Cheats Guide 2018

Aside from doing quests, farming is one of the best ways to gain resources and XP bonus to level up, but it can be very, very tedious. Well, if you know their locations, what kind of monsters and their difficulty level are best for farming, then you’ll be accumulating great amounts of XPs and resources in no time. Oh, and remember to do your Daily Missions to get those extra XP, mana and crystal rewards in 2017!

So What Exactly Is Farming?

summoners-war-cheats-tips-tricks-1Like any other MMORPG games, farming means that you repeatedly grind a certain area on the map or dungeon to gain XP bonus or to collect resources that you need.  In Summoner’s War, the common resources that you could farm are XP, mana, runes, and monsters.

The best way to farm is by soloing (using one strong monster to beat the stage). You can also bring other monsters (preferably three) that you would like to level up.


You may ask, “Where’s the best location to farm?” Well, it depends on what monsters you own in your roster. Maps like Faimon Volcano, Hydeni Ruins, Aiden Forest, Tamor Desert, and Mt. White Ragon are popular farming grounds that many top players frequented. There are three modes (Normal, Hard, and Hell) in these stages and you can bring up to four monsters to use.

Here are the energy requirements and rune drops for each mode:

  • Normal = 3 to 4 (stage 7) energy, may drop 1 and 2 star runes
  • Hard = 4 to 5 (stage 7) energy, may drop 2 and 3 star runes
  • Hell = 5 to 6 (stage 7) energy, may drop 3 and 4 star runes

Now, let’s break down the four maps (and their respective stages) mentioned and why they are so popular for farming:


  • Faimon Volcano (Stage One: Gate/Path) – the 9th scenario area in the Battle Map that is available after completing Vforagus Ruins in Normal mode. This map is very hard to solo, and I do mean very hard, especially in Hell Mode, but it gives a very high XP bonus (up to 1,950 per run), high energy drop rate, and high selling runes (up to 5,236 mana). Common monsters in this stage are Fire Hellhounds (Unawaken), Fire Inugami and Sieq (Awakened with critical rate and attack buff). The damage output here is very high with lethal defense break debuff, so water monsters are the best pick like Water Dragon Knight, Water Warbear, Water Valkyrja, Water Archangel and Water Epikion Priest (Chow, Dagora, Camilla, Ariel, and Rina respectively).summoners-war-cheats-tips-tricks-2
  • Hydeni Ruins (Stage Five: Damnation) – Frequented by different kinds of elementals (high and low) and howls, this is the 6th scenario area in the Battle Map that is available after completing Telain Forest in Normal Mode. This map is fairly easy to solo that gives good XP bonus (up to 1,800 per run) and low rates of rune sellback (up to 2,205 mana). The best monster for soloing here is the Wind Joker (Lushen).
  • Aiden Forest (Stage One: Outer Wall) – the 10th scenario area in the Battle Map that is available after completing Faimon Volcano in Normal Mode. This map is also hard to solo – but fairly easy compared to Faimon Volcano – that gives up to 1,963 XP bonus, rune sellback of 5,236 mana, and high energy drop rate. Common monsters in this area are Wind (Grim Reaper, Monster Flower) and Water (Sandman, Forest Keeper) that has decent damage output with sleep and stun effects, so the best monsters to solo here are wind monsters like Lushen and Copper (Wind Living Armor).
  • Tamor Desert (Stage Three: North) – the very sandy 7th scenario area in the Battle Map that is available after completing Hydeni Ruins. This area is easy to solo that gives up to 1,800 XP bonus and 2,067 mana for rune selling (the lowest of the five maps mentioned). The first two waves of monsters consist of Wind and Fire Sandman and the final wave of two Sandman and a Fire Salamander (be aware of Fire Salamander’s stun and Sandman’s sleep). Fire monsters (like Fire Dragon (Zairos) are the best pick for soloing this stage that can be completed in under 45 seconds.
  • summoners-war-cheats-tips-tricks-3Mt. White Ragon (Stage Two: Hill) – the 4th scenario area in the Battle Map that is available after completing Kabir Ruins in Normal Mode. While this is the least popular among the maps mentioned, it is hands down the easiest to solo that gives XP bonus of 1,500 per run and a rune sellback of 2,296 mana. Monsters roaming around this stage are all unawakened Water Warbears that has a very (laughably) less damage output and frequently uses heal skills like there’s no tomorrow, so wind monsters are the monster of choice to complete the run.


Farming Tips & Tricks for Summoner’s War

Now that we know where are the best areas and stages for farming how about some tips and little tricks to improve our farming adventures? Here’s five of them:


  • Buying experience (EXP or XP, whichever you prefer) packs: This is a no-brainer. By paying 100 crystals from the in-game shop, you’ll get x2 XP bonus for 24 hours (1 day) or 200 crystals (same XP bonus) for 72 hours (3 days). So if you like to spend, then this is the best bet for faster levelling. Be sure to save some extra crystals (30 a pop) for buying energy refills and bring plenty of fodder monsters and save some Unknown Scrolls. If you don’t feel like spending, then Hell Mode is the best farm run.
  • Elemental superiority: When bringing your attack-based monsters for farming, keep in mind that they gain a critical rate bonus of 15% when attacking other monsters that have the elemental disadvantage after you.
  • Using monsters other than your roster of monsters: Like your friends’ strong monsters that can solo a summoners-war-cheats-tips-tricks-4stage. Your friend’s monsters will not receive any XP bonus like normal when you are using it, but they will carry-over to your fodder monsters. This will mean that your fodders will receive the same amount of XP bonus as if those monsters beating the stage themselves with no help at all. It is also a Daily Mission requirement.
  • Maxing out glory towers: Your overall efficiency will increase while fodder farming. Maxing out towers like Sanctum of Energy adds your energy storage and Mysterious Plant decreases the needed time to refresh your energy.
  • Using fodders wisely: Always bring fodders with additional abilities and buff skills, like your tank monsters can benefit from support and you nukers can be paired with fodders that can get killed off first for time-saving purposes. It isn’t essentially bad to have too many fodders than required so it’s fairly important to know how many fodder monsters you need to make. Let me give you an idea and plan wisely:
  • 1 six-star monster = 5 five-star monsters
  • 5 five-star monsters = 25 four-star monsters (5 max level four stars and 20 four-star fodders)
  • 25 four-star monsters = 100 three-star monsters (25 max level three stars and 75 three-star fodders)'
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