Super Mario Maker Levels Are Still Being Removed

Super Mario Maker levels are still being removed from the game without any explanation from the gaming giant.

This time it happened to BakeToRise, a Super Mario Maker player and father of a daughter who also likes to create levels in the game, he posted his story on reddit earlier today. The level was not created by him, it was designed by his daughter, who spent three hours creating it. The level was played and beaten by another gamer, who recommended her stage by giving it a star. They went to check the notification and noticed that the level was gone. It was reportedly removed in less than an hour.Mario

“I know this has been a post before,” he said about the removal of the stage, “but I am so angry.”

This is not the first time this happens. A few months ago, we reported about the removal of stages and why Nintendo could be doing it. Nintendo’s policy says that after a fixed period of time, courses with low popularity will be automatically deleted from the server.

After a level is removed from the server, you can still play it, but that is not what the game is about. Super Mario Maker is all about sharing levels to other players. Once the level is removed, you can’t change it and upload it again. The only way to bring it back is to re-create and upload it again.

Nintendo is not explaining why their stages are being removed and levels simply disappear. But there are some things that gamers know could get your stage deleted.

No one knows why her stage was deleted and we probably won’t ever know as there are plenty of levels that have been removed without an explanation.

Nintendo can’t keep all of the levels made on the game and it makes sense to remove stages that are not being played or are not good. But they have to at least explain why, gamers spend hours trying to create interesting and challenging levels. There are lots of complaints on the Internet, so this isn’t something new.

In other news, Super Mario Maker recently received an update that adds six new tools to help you create your levels. Pink coins, spike pillars, key doors, super expert difficulty, new costumes and bookmark site records are now part of the game.

Super Mario Maker is available now for the Wii U.