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The Best iPhone 6S Cases in 2017

The new iPhone 6S is an expensive device. With a contract, you can usually nab one for around $200, but an unlocked model will run you upwards of $500. They’re not something that most people can afford to just replace at a moment’s notice. And iPhones aren’t really designed with toughness in mind. All of these things point to a single empirical fact: if you buy a new iPhone, you need to buy a case. Some of them aren’t cheap, but it’s an investment that will ultimately prolong the life of your iPhone. The most difficult part of that process, though, is deciding which case is right for you.

There are a few factors to consider when you’re going to purchase an iPhone case, and it’s ultimately up to you to decide which factors are most important. Do you think that a case should be cheap? Attractive? Useful? Do you think it’s more important for your case to be safe, or for it to fit into your pocket? Only you can answer these questions. For that reason, this list isn’t really ranked. Each case on this list is great, but deciding which case is better than the others is up to your own personal preference.

Caudabe Veil

caudabe-the-veilThe iPhone 6S is a little thicker than the iPhone 6, but it still measures at a mere 7.1 millimeters. This thinness is great, because it allows you to really easily tuck your device into any pocket that you may have. Caudabe’s Veil case is perfect for people who want to maintain that same thickness. The case is only 0.355 millimeters, which makes it one of the thinnest cases on the market. It looks great, it keeps your device from getting too bulky, and it’s on the cheap side, usually selling for less than $15. It also comes in two colors: blue and black.

Obviously, with its smaller size, the Veil sacrifices protection. You wouldn’t be able to drop a Veil-swathed iPhone off of a building and expect for it to survive. Caudabe is very upfront in saying that this case is primarily meant for people who want to protect their devices from scratches or minor bumps. Anything more than that, and there’s no promising that your iPhone will make it. If you think aesthetics and portability are important, this one is for you.

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Ballistic Jewel

ballistic-jeweljpgDo you drop your iPhone a lot? If you do, it’s pretty understandable. More recent iPhones are more slippery than past models, with smoother edges and a finer finish. This makes them a lot easier to drop. Dropped iPhones usually result in cracked screens, and a drop from a high enough height could damage your device in more serious ways. The Ballistic Jewel case recognizes this issue, and fixes it. According to Ballistic, if you put your phone in this case, it can safely be dropped from heights up to 6 feet. That’s pretty high. This case is also affordable, being only a little bit more expensive than the Veil.

In my (completely subjective opinion) this case doesn’t look great. Its clear design allows you to show off the base color of your iPhone 6S, so if you splurged on a Rose Gold model, you don’t have to worry about hiding it all of the time. However, I personally feel like it also sort of gives the case a cheaper look. Your device should still fit in your pocket with this case, so bulkiness isn’t the issue. It just looks a little strange, is all. If that doesn’t matter to you, more power to you.

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Kroma Chameleon

kroma-chameleonI’m going to be honest. This is probably my favorite. The Kroma Chameleon is a case that combines aesthetic appeal with protection and utility. The case itself is very low-profile and sexy, all dark metals and plastic. The materials are high quality, and it feels much more expensive than it actually is. (The case costs around the same as the Ballistic Jewel on Amazon right now.) It’s also really tough, and is able to endure drops, scratches, bumps, and what ever other misfortune your device may come upon.

The best part of the Chameleon to me, though, would be its dual-use as a wallet. The bottom part of the case is able to flip up, revealing a perfect little compartment to fit your ID, credit card, or any other card that you may travel around with a lot. As someone who has never liked wallets, but who takes their phone everywhere, this is fantastic. There are plenty of wallet cases out there, but this particular case is much easier to carry around than its competitors. It keeps the same smooth feeling of the original 6S, and deserving of its name, it doesn’t really stick out. This case is subtle, and it does what it needs to do.

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Crave Strong Guard

crave-strong-guardThis case isn’t quite as flashy as its competitors, but it’s still a solid case. I like to think of the Strong Guard as a case that straddles the line between the Veil and the Chameleon. It’s good looking, and it doesn’t stick out in a crowd, but it still offers a lot of protection. It probably couldn’t be dropped from six feet and survive, but it is still very scratch-proof and shock-absorbent. The case comes in a variety of colors, and it isn’t bulky at all.

There aren’t many negative things to say about the case. They’re well-made, and even if they weren’t, you would be able to take advantage of the lifetime warranty that comes with the case. Plus, this is one of the cheaper cases available, and each color costs a little over $10. It’s a great value for your money, and it’s probably one of the best all-around “vanilla” cases available right now, dollar-for-dollar.

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buddiboxNow, for something a little different. This next case is so hardcore that its ENTIRE NAME is in ALL CAPS. The Super Protect sticks out like a sore thumb next to some of the other cases on this list, and that’s because it wasn’t really designed with blending in in mind. This case is one of the most protective cases on the market, with double-layer protection. A lot of phone cases are made as two layers, but the second plastic layer on the Super Protect is designed to be resistant to drops, scratches, bumps, shatters, and what have you. Unlike some of the smoother cases on this list, this case’s unique tread design makes it really difficult for your iPhone to accidentally slip out of your hand.

As a bonus, this case also has a built-in kickstand, which can be used to watch videos on your device without use of your hands. (Don’t worry, if you want a kickstand in a more low-profile case, I’ve got you covered a little further down the list.) This case is also surprisingly inexpensive, and costs about as much as the Crave Strong Guard — a little over $10. The plastic part of the case always comes in black, but you’re able to purchase different color cases, which come with a different color of plastic underneath. Overall, this case is good for someone who wants to make sure their device is as safe as possible.

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Tekcoo Tmajor

tekcoo-tmajorI’ve been loyal to the Tekcoo brand for quite a while now. They make quality cases, and they’ve been doing so for several years now. If you’ve ever seen or used a Tekcoo, you will probably know what to expect from their case for the iPhone 6S. It’s a comfortable fusion of fashion and function, and it’s a good middle-ground between the aforementioned Buddibox case and the Crave case. Their cases usually consist of two layers — a rubberized one and a plastic one. The plastic layer covers the back of your device in a subtle honey-comb pattern, which allows you to easily grip the back of your phone and predict drops. (It’s a little less over-the-top than the tire tread design of the Buddibox case.)

The Tekcoo case comes in a variety of different colors, and they’re ridiculously inexpensive, with most of their cases costing well under $10. This low price, of course, means that you can’t really expect the same build quality that you would see in other cases. The case won’t fall apart, but you may experience issues with pieces not being perfectly flush, or with other small imperfections. Aside from that, this rugged, yet simple case, is another good all-around option for someone who doesn’t have anything specific in mind when they’re shopping for a new case.

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Trianium Atomic S

Trianium-Atomic-SjpgOne of the largest complaints that people have with the iPhone 6S is that its battery life is too weak. Features like 3D Touch are great, but they required the size of the device’s battery to be reduced. If this is a major issue for you, you should be happy to hear that there are plenty of cases out there that allow you to extend your device’s battery life, and the Trianium Atomic S is one of the best in its class.

The Atomic S is capable of extending your device’s battery life by over 100%, which is an enormous boost. The case is secure, and it fits the iPhone 6S snugly. (However, it does make the iPhone substantially thicker. It still fits in your pocket, but it’s larger nonetheless.) The case itself is secure, easy to install, and easy to make use of. The only issue is the price tag. Being a lot more sophisticated than most other regular cases, a battery pack case can cost more than double the price of a normal case. The Trianium Atomic S is slightly more affordable than its competitors, though, and is on the lower end of their price range, which is usually between $80 and $120.

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Spigen Tough Armor

spigen-tough-armorThe Spigen Tough Armor case is for someone who wants a more heavy-duty case without all of the weird bumps and textures that usually come with them. This case is sleek and simple, while still having ballistic corners and a shell that fits snugly over the rest of your device. According to Spigen, their case is certified as being military-grade protection. You wouldn’t really expect it to be, considering the more subtle case design.

Remember when I talked about kickstands in normal-looking cases, too? The Tough Armor has a kickstand that is known as one of the best around, allowing the user to view their iPhone’s screen from two different viewing angles. The stand blends in nicely with the rest of the design, and doesn’t stick out from the rest of the case. It remains flush with the polycarbonate outer layer of the case, which comes in a variety of different colors. This case doesn’t really break the bank, either, typically retailing at around $20.

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Cover-Up #WoodBack

woodbackThis case is for someone who is willing to sacrifice protection for something that is a little more stylish. Are you tired of seeing cases that are made out of silicone, rubber, plastic, and so on? #WoodBack cases are comprised of a snap-on polycarbonate case, which is nicely dressed in a back made entirely of actual wood. The result is a case that looks and feels a lot better than most other cases out there. It gives your device a certain natural feel that some of these other cases just don’t do. As far as cost goes, this case is a little more expensive than its competitors, at $30.

Most impressive is the ability for the customer to decide which kind of wood they would like featured on their phone. Whether you want bamboo or mahogany, #WoodBack has got you covered. (Pun not intended, but I’m keeping it.) Buyers should keep in mind, though, that these cases were designed with aesthetics in mind over all else. The outer case does protect your device from minor bumps or scratches, but dropping this thing would mean trouble. It doesn’t offer much in the way of shock absorption. Keep this in mind, and be a little more delicate when handling your device if you use this case.

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Native Union CLIC Marble

native-union-clic-marbleI wanted to end this list on something a little more extravagant. I’ve talked about cases that fit a wide variety of budgets, and the most expensive case was the battery pack, which was expensive because, well, it’s a gadget in itself. This next case retails at $80, and it’s for no reason other than what it’s made of. Like the WoodBack, the CLIC Marble is a case that blends your standard rubberized case design with actual marble. The result? A case that looks fashionable as hell, and that manages to be pretty practical in the process.

Aside from the literal rock that sits on its back, the case itself isn’t all that durable. You shouldn’t expect to be able to get a lot of drop protection, but the marble does offer a certain degree of general protection to the device that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The case fits snugly to your device, and the stylish marble backing is flush with the rest of the case. The case is also lighter than you would expect, since the marble itself is actually very thin. The top of the marble is then covered in a clear coating, which lets the back still feel like marble without being as heavy as marble that thick. If you can afford it, this is probably one of the best-looking cases out there. It’s simple, unique, and it’s really sexy. I recommend it to someone who wants a case that will turn heads, and is a fashion statement above all else.

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