Delaware School Suspends Students Involved In Fatal Fight

School officials have confirmed that three students involved in a bathroom fight at a Delaware school in which a teenager lost her life have been suspended. Kathy Demarest, the spokesman for the School District, said the girls had been out of Howard High School of Technology since the fight last week. Amy Joyner-Francis was killed during the fight, which was captured on video. The three students were questioned after the fight and have not returned since the incident.

School officials will host parent meetings later this week to answer questions and talk about ways of preventing this. Delaware police are expected to file charges against the three girls, who reportedly fought the girl in the school bathroom. Amy Joyner-Francis was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition but died shortly after.

The Wilmington Police Department confirmed yesterday that no weapon was used during the fight, which happened at Howard High School of Technology on April 21. The incident was captured on video but the police is currently searching for more videos as they believe the incident may have been filmed by others. They are currently looking at a video from a cellphone, which may have more evidence about the fight.

One student that saw the fight happen in the school bathroom said the girl was fighting another girl over a boy. Other girls got involved and the witness said that the girl hit her head on the sink.

Friends of Amy said she was not a person who got into fights and would often act as a peacemaker when there were disputes. One of Amy’s friends, Nik Stryminski, told the News-Journal that she once prevented him from fighting another student.

Yesterday, the mayor of Wilmington made an emotional statement in a press conference. Stanley Spoor, head of the school, also released a statement saying that the past two days had been difficult for the Howard community. He finished by saying that this will be a difficult week for all.

The students responsible for Amy’s death could spend a lot of time behind bars if found guilty. Police are still investigating the incident and looking for more videos that could show more on the attack and how it started. Police chief Bobby Cummings says charges are expected to be filed against the girls once the cause of death is determined.

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