Fallen London Released for iOS

Fallen London's iOS version was released April 19, 2016, with an Android version to follow depending on interest

Fallen London, originally Echo Bazaar, is a lovely gothic text-based game set in a Victorian London. Available through web-browsers since 2009, the game released a native iOS Universal app today.

Developed by Failbetter Games, Fallen London could perhaps best be described as a choose-your-own adventure game. You take on the role of someone who has immigrated to a London which has been stolen by bats and taken to the Unterzee, a subterranean ocean infested with monsters and mysterious islands.

If you’re familiar with the browser version, you’ll find many things remain the same for the iOS version. However, developers have added a wonderful soundtrack, and honestly, the slow pace and text-heavy game works better on a mobile device, where you can check in and progress in your personal storyline at your leisure.

The game is free-to-play, and unlike many other F2P games, is genuinely free to play. While you can buy actions to progress through the game more quickly, that won’t give you much edge in the Player v. Player aspects of the game. Players who subscribe monthly also have access to one exclusive Story a month, but this also doesn’t directly affect PvP gameplay.