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Inside Out: Thought Bubbles Tips & Cheats – 2018 Update

Looking to improve in Inside Out Thought Bubbles so that you can show off to your friends?  Did you enjoy the movie, Inside Out, and want to play a fun mini game associated with it?  This is the right place where you will be able to get a good guide of tips and tricks that can help guide you through the most efficient and effective way of getting through each level.

As long as you read through all of these tips and tricks and figure out your way of getting through to performing each of these tips, you will have some good success in Inside Out Thought Bubbles.

Time is on your side

In Inside Out Thought Bubbles, there is no time limit on how long you have to make each move which pretty much means that you will have free reign when it comes to trying to make combinations through the thought bubbles that you get.  This means that you should always be on the look out for the best possible combination that you can find on each turn if you are struggling through the level.  There is no time limit when it comes to making each move, but if you don’t think about it enough and don’t do good enough combinations, you will struggle a certain bit when it comes to trying to win the level.  

You should also take your time in Inside Out Thought bubbles because it is important for you to understand how the bubbles move around and understand the mechanics behind the game because it makes everything a lot easier when it comes to trying to make sure that you get the necessary points in order to continue your adventure.  If you are unable to get through a level for a while even with these tricks and tips, you should take breaks so that you aren’t getting too frustrated with the game.   When you are frustrated with Inside Out Thought Bubbles, you do worst, so it is not bad to take a break from the game because it is not so good for you to take up so much time through your frustrated runs.  

The most important thing in Inside Out Thought Bubbles is not the fact that you have to go fast for every single run, but rather that you spend time on every single run so that you can do the most efficient run and get the most out of the bubbles that you shoot.

New emotions to discover

After  certain point of time in the game, you will start to discover that you unlock different emotions such as sadness and anger which all have different special abilities.  You can use these emotion characters whenever you have an opportunity to switch out.  This will give you the best opportunity when it comes to trying to do the best for each round and the abilities that you can use so that you can score the highest for that round.  So as you unlock the new emotions, you also have to begin to understand who is good at what spots so that the emotions can guide you through the game at the proper moments whenever you need to have the right emotion for th level.

Shoot your bubbles carefully

inside-out-thought-bubbles-cheats-tips-2You should always focus on the number of thought bubbles that are left that you need to dispose of whenever you are playing the mini game.  By knowing the number of bubbles that you have to shoot and the number that you need to shoot in order to complete the round, it will be much easier in order to try and manage your bubbles correctly so that you will be able to do the best and complete each level with the most efficient.  When you are thinking about the amount that it takes in order to and win, you will be much more selective when it comes to shooting your bubbles and as I have talked before, Inside Out Thought bubbles is not managed by the amount of time you have during the turn, but rather how much time that you are willing to spend on the topic.  

Target Obstacles

Because the target obstacle stages are based on wiping out the number of targets, you should always be trying to shoot for the targets using the limited number of bubbles that you have in your arsenal.  If you are struggling in this part of the game, just try and make sure that you are aiming in the general vicinity of the target and just hope that luck will find its way to the target.  By doing this, you will be getting the best chance in order to try and win the round and move on to the next one.   There are no do overs when it comes to shooting the bubbles unless you want to completely start over.  So if you know that it is unlikely that you will be able to complete the round, you should still try and attempt at finishing the round due to the fact that you can go for trick shots that might hit more than one target at a time.

Frozen Clusters?  No problem

inside-out-thought-bubbles-cheats-tips-3If you are running into some problems in the game due to the ice clusters that have bubbles in them that you need to pop, you need to have a good way of popping those ice crystals so that you will be able to use the bubbles necessary in order to pop them.  this means that you need a good way to go through these stages otherwise it will be very difficult.  One way to get through this is by making sure that you are using Joy’s ability because if you are able to shoot her special bubble towards the ice, then you will be able to start trying to match the bubbles because of Joy’s special ability.  This gives her some advanced technology when it comes to trying to stop the ice crystals from blocking the way towards the bubbles.  

Watch the advertisements

Although it may seem like a huge burden on yourself, you should be watching the ads that the game has because they are basically just to promote the movie and just give a ton of extra lives that you can use all the time.  If you haven’t watched Inside Out, this is a great game to give you an introduction to start watching it.  The video advertisements are very small so they shouldn’t take up too much of your time.  So ultimately, it is completely worth it to spend those extra seconds watching those advertisements so that you can gain a couple of extra lives in order to start being able to survive another day even if you lose the first time.

Remember to switch the color

Although it may seem pretty obvious, you should always make sure that you are shooting the right color of bubble.  This is so that you are not making a huge mistake and will be making the situation worse or impossible to complete.  As I have said before, it is just about taking your time and being careful while planning everything out.'
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