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Spyder PowerShadow Battery Case Review – iPhone 6 & 6s Edition

If you’re like 90% of people with an iphone you’ve run into a situation where you needed to use your phone but it was dead. If you’re like me this seems to be a weekly occurance…  This is where an iphone battery case can be your knight in shining armor. If you find yourself with a dead iphone all it takes is a click on a button and your charging your phone.

The real question is “What is the Best Charging Case for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s?” One of the most popular cases currently on the market is the Spyder PowerShadow, so let’s take a closer look at this option.

PowerShadow Review – Features and Design

First things first the Spyder Powershadow brings a pretty impressive set of features to the table. So let’s start this review off by going over some of the more important features.


Shock Proof – When it comes to an iPhone case the single most important factor is protection. If your case can’t protect your phone it’s not really a “case” is it? Despite the thin and sleek design of the PowerShadow (it’s literally one of the thinnest battery cases we’ve ever reviewed) it provides more than ample shock protection. We were able to drop our test phone from roughly 20 feet (we don’t recommend repeating this test…) multiple times without any noticeable damage to the case or the phone. That said we still always recommend a tempered glass screen protector for all iPhones just to err on the side of caution.

Water & Spill Resistant – Now you can go swimming with your iPhone! Just kidding, seriously don’t do that. That said the case is fairly water and spill resistant which is huge for a battery case. As you can probably imagine water and other liquids aren’t too kind to batteries. Compared to the battery cases we’ve reviewed the PowerShadow takes the cake from a spill/water resistance standpoint. The one piece design and nearly flawless fit prevents virtually any liquid to make it’s way to your covered phone areas or more importantly into the battery located inside the case.

Antimicrobial & Dust Resistant– First off did you know that the average cell phone contains up to 18 times as much bacteria as your average public restroom? Yeah if that doesn’t make you think If you are a bit of a germ freak like myself this is going to come as great news. The spyder powershadow case is the FIRST antimicrobial battery case designed for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s.

Wireless Charging – If you hate charging cables as much as me, this is a god send. The powershadow comes with the option to dock your phone (dock sold seperately) and charge it without having to worry about cables. Even better the dock even allows your phone to automatically backup itself up so you don’t have to worry about ever losing your data.

The Thinnest Battery Case For the iPhone 6 & 6s

Finding looking for a battery case the hardest thing to find is something that actually looks nice, this is probably the area where the PowerShadow excels the most. Most battery cases, as you can imagine, are bulky and frankly ugly to look at. It’s hard to fault the designers as you need to put the battery somewhere and there isn’t a lot of options. That said the designers at Spyder deserve a raise. They were able to fit the battery into the design and still have the case be under 3/5ths of an inch thick. That’s a fair bit thinner than a lot of “batteryless” cases on the market today.spyder-powershadow-review

Another thing that seperates the Spyder PowerShadow from the competition is the amount of color combinations available. Most battery cases are usually one of two colors, black or white.  With the Spyder PowerShadow you can choose between 4 popular colors to match your iPhone: Black, Titanium, White, Champagne

One thing you need to look out for with third party charging cases is whether or not they are actually certified by Apple. A lot of products that aren’t officially certified may stop working with future updates to ios. Good news is the Spyder style case is certified by apple and approved as a “Made for iPhone” product.

Price & Value – Is it Worth it?

What really seperates the spyderstyle PowerShadow case from the competition is the amount of features, build quality, and battery capacity for under $100. There aren’t a lot of competing products that offer the same set of features and the majority of these products are either extremely bulky or cost nearly double the price of the powershadow.

At the $99 price tag you are going to be hardpressed to find a better value than the powershadow.

UPDATE: PowerShadow Discount: You can actually get the powershadow case for a substanial discount right now on Click here to get the power shadow with all discounts automatically applied.

Should You Buy The Spyder PowerShadow

When it comes to charging cases for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s the PowerShadow really is the cream of the crop. With a slim and sleek design, industry leading battery capacity, superior build quality, and a 1 year warranty there really isn’t a better option on the market in 2016.

Also if you’re like myself and hate having to worry about charging cables for your iPhone you should really check out their wireless docking station as well. Similar to their iPhone case the docking station is a premium product with a reasonable price tag. Best of all it looks great sitting on a nightstand or desk.

PowerShadow: Click here to Get the PowerShadow on with all discounts automatically applied

PowerShadow Dock: Click here to Get the PowerShadow Dock on with all discounts automatically applied'
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