Uncharted 4 – New Gameplay Video From Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4 will be released next month and Naughty Dog has already confirmed that the game is complete. The game developer has now revealed a new gameplay video to give fans a little more on one of the settings from the game.

Uncharted 4 looks amazing in this video, which is not surprising since this is something gamers have been saying since the first trailer was revealed. Naughty Dog’s new 15 minute video gives us lots of details and we’ll discuss them here.

The video, titled Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Madagascar Preview, starts off with a beautiful scenery and then turns to Victor, Sam and Nathan, who seem a little lost. Nathan then takes out a map and talks about a route that will lead them to a volcano.

Nathan starts driving and we get to see more of the beautiful setting. The mountains and even the tire marks left on the mud look great. Nathan exits the vehicle to look at an area while Sam and Victor talk in the vehicle. We see the climbing, jumping and a new treasure.

The three continue and they drive through water and more mud. They reach a waterfall with a cave, where Nathan finds a few things. They leave the cave and try to drive up a muddy area. After crossing a bridge, more mud is seen. This time, the vehicle slides and they have to take a different route.

The video continues with them driving through more mud and rocks. It gets even better when they get out of the vehicle, especially in the last four minutes.

The video is 15 minutes, so here we have a few details that impressed us:

  • The area featured in this level is so big. It almost makes it seem like an open world game. Will it give us the chance to look for a different route or way to complete a level?
  • The conversations and the reactions to Nathan’s driving throughout the video.
  • We also got to see some stealth in the last four minutes of the video, with Nathan and his friends taking out a number of enemies without being spotted.

Uncharted 4 will be released for the PS4 on May 10.