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Virtual Beggar – Cheats, Tips, & Tricks


topVirtual Beggar is a cool game where you play as a beggar who begs for money and, eventually, become rich. This game involves tapping for coins (tap to win) and managing your business empire. Read below for some tips.

Game Mechanics

You control a beggar who will ask for some cash on the street, then you tap the screen to drop coins so the beggar can collect it. The coins earned can buy things like offices, power ups, hire workers to expand your beggar’s financial state. Money management is required (and consistent tapping) to succeed in this game.

In-game Currency

Coins are the primary currency of the game and can be obtained in several ways like tapping on the screen until the coins drop, hiring workers to work with you, purchasing or upgrading businesses that generates passive income, or performing quests. The coins you earned can purchase things like pets, upgrades, new costumes and places, etc.

There is another type of currency in the game called virtual cards and is more valuable than coins. They are randomly dropped by a passerby, win via scratch card prize, obtained when you level up, or an in-app purchase (optional). Virtual cards can be used to purchase additional coins, scratch cards, or to upgrade your workers.

Coin Multipliers

You can get multipliers if they tap fast enough, and the multiplier cap increases if you upgrade it in the shop. Random passerby sometimes drop bags full of coins that could multiply your earnings. Always monitor the bottom of your screen to see how fast you earn coins every minute.

Leveling Up

You level up if you obtain enough coins. As you level up, you unlock new items for your businesses and stores or for customizations. It will also get you a free virtual card. The number of coins required will also increase each level, so it is important to manage your earnings both passively and actively for fast level up.

Obtain Power ups

middlePower ups roam around the screen and you can access it via balloons. There are different types of power ups that increases the rate of coins dropped by any passerby (Rush Hour), pressing on the screen instead of tapping to drop coins (Coin Cannon), increases the cash or experience gained by your workers, and drop large amounts of cash when tapped (Mighty toss). You can also upgrade your power ups to increase its duration in the shop.

Business Empire

Business can be purchased in the shop to earn coins while you are not playing. There are different kinds of businesses available to purchase and can earn coins passively if you upgrade them and, along with tapping, will increase your earnings. More businesses will pop up as you level up.

Offices and Workers

You can purchase an office or offices and place your workers to work there. It will earn you money while you’re away, so give your workers tasks to fulfill. You can also purchase additional floors via coins or virtual cards.

Your workers level up while working and studying at the library, but you’ll have to spend some coins to complete their education, and when their levels peaked, their endurance and earnings will improve when they’ve completed their jobs. You can unlock their second job when they’ve reached level 3 and third job when they’ve reached level 8. Endurance is important for your workers. A worker with low endurance often needs rest and those with high ones needs longer training, but you can speed everything up using in-game currency.

Different Places

You can unlock different places in every location so that your beggar can earn huge amounts of money. As you level up, you can browse in the shop for new available places, and you can also unlock special items like animal companions. You can even have your very own private jet.

Completing Quests

Completing a certain quest objective like giving your workers specific tasks or collecting a number of coins will give you rewards. You can reject the quest and new ones will show up at any time, so always check the screen on your right side.

Player Customization

Having your workers and your beggar level up unlocks different items at the shop. You can customize your character’s appearance like wearing different shirts, caps, pants, shoes, facial hair, etc. If you have extra coins, you can give your beggar a little makeover.


There is a minigame where you “Scratch Cards” to win Virtual cards or coins. Each card cost one virtual card, and you match in a row the same items to win. If you feel like this is your lucky day or if you have enough coins to spare, then give it a try. There’s also a game called “Virtual Stack”, but it’s too expensive to play.

bottomAnother minigame is Pong (similar to a classic Pong game where your opponent is a computer, or in multiplayer mode where you can challenge another player) that you can play in the library. You can play Pong twice a day, and you bet certain amount of money in order to play. If you win the game, you’ll double the money that you wager.


Rewards like virtual cards and coins can be obtained via logging in daily. Every consecutive daily log in will give you better prizes.

Additional Tips

  • Focus on coin upgrades as this increases the amount of coins you earn by tapping. You can also boost the passive coin upgrade so you’ll earn coins while you’re away. Purchase them if they’re cheap as the price quickly rises.
  • The Rush Hour power up upgrade is hands down the best power up to use because of its increased rate of coins ability.
  • Tap as frequently and as fast as you could. It is recommended to use two to three fingers while tapping to get more coins.
  • Expensive workers tend to earn more, and cheaper workers are the opposite. If you don’t have enough cash, hire the cheaper ones first, then fire them if you can purchase a more expensive worker.
  • Having pets along with you could make a passerby to drop coins of higher value. Take advantage of your pet’s power ups and upgrades as well. If you don’t spend a lot of time playing the game, then don’t prioritize it.
  • Buy a motel as soon as possible as it could boost your earnings like crazy, and it it’s the first place that you’ll get with new options to unlock. Hire three workers and max out the multiplier in the coin upgrade. Start saving money because it’s pretty expensive (65,000 coins).
  • You can get more virtual cards for free. Just tap the menu and the virtual card icon to watch an advertisement, or you can wait for a passerby to throw the cards and you pick them up.
  • If you don’t play that often and want to earn over time, you may set aside your device and leave it, making sure it’s not set to auto-lock. Charge your device if necessary.
  • Training your workers in the library is a quick way to level them up.
  • Want to instantly earn coins? Go to your device’s date and time settings and set the day or time ahead of the current date.'
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  1. Coin cannon is wsy better than rush hour, i upgraded both and rush hour+tapping makes me win 250,000 aprox and the coin cannon more than a million


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