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Castle Clash Cheats, Tips, & Tricks in 201

Castle Clash is your usual mobile strategy game where you build armies and attack enemy bases while defending your own. Making sure that your troops and heroes are powerful enough is the key to victory and in surviving hostile offensives. Here are some updated tips and tricks for 2018 that should help you achieve that.

Castle Clash Quick Level Up Trick

Do you have a hero who is lagging behind in levels and need a serious boost? This trick will get the job done but you will need the legendary hero Vlad Dracula. This said hero can easily solo Here Be Monsters (HBM) challenge J thanks to his Blood Banquet skill. The experience reward is distributed to your heroes in the garrison so make sure that those who are waiting to be upgraded are tended to if you don’t want to waste experience points.

If you do not have Vlad Dracula then Thunder God is a great alternative. His Thunderstorm skill deals incredible damage in an area and can inflict Coma as well.

If you need to power level one legendary hero then just leave that one on your base, hide all your other heroes, then spam the “sweep” button on HBM. Take note that sweeping does not give experience to garrisoned heroes.

Castle Clash Merit Spending Tips

castle-clash-tips-and-tricks-meritsMerits are used to trade items in the warehouse. 12 randomized items are available for trading and change stock every day. Just make sure to grab them immediately even though you will not use them yet, as you’d rather have them in your storage than lose these important items when the warehouse inventory shuffles. If you have merits to spend and you don’t know what item to trade then here are some of the best choices:

  • The Hero Slot Card unlocks a new space on your altar so get it immediately if your collection of heroes is growing.
  • The Talent Refresh Card allows you to reroll a hero talent once. Instead of getting a new talent which cost 300 gems you can just use this card and pray to Lady Luck for a good outcome.
  • Shards are crucial in hero recruitment and for Guild donations. This resource is also quite hard to come by in large numbers. Make sure you get the Medium and Large Shard Packs once they are available.
  • Dungeons are a good source of shards so you should trade Dungeon Refresh Cards instead of spending gems. Quest Refresh cards are also great as the Quest Board has some pretty good rewards.

Castle Clash Beginner Upgrade Guide

Those who are new to Castle Clash might be confused with what building or troop to upgrade first. Here is a short guide on what choices you must prioritize:

  • Always upgrade your Town Hall whenever possible. Do not leave it standing idly especially when you have enough gold to work on it. Upgraded Town Halls unlock more content for your base like defensive structures and Hero Bases. Afterwards you should upgrade your Vaults so you can store more resources to prepare for future upgrades that tend to get really expensive. To compensate for that you must work on your Mana Mill and Gold Mine next for a steady stream of income.
  • By the way you should not leave your Gold and Mana hanging in your Vaults or their respective collectors. A Vault full of resources makes for a tempting raid target. You’re better off spending them rather than having other players take a portion of your wealth.
  • For your troops prioritize Pyromancers until they become level 5 so you can unlock Griffins. Griffins are flying units so certain units and defenses cannot harm them, and the bases of lower-level players and dungeons are quite lacking in the anti-air department. Alternatively you can upgrade Hunters first to gain access to Centaurs which are very effective in raiding during the early stages of the game. They can also easily counter players who rely mostly on flying units to defend their bases.
  • Get your Relic Hall to level 6 fast so you can have two spells to use in combat. Speaking of spells you should upgrade Ares’ Favor to give your troops and heroes a boost in their ATK. Work on Arrow Storm next for a more offensive spell choice.
  • Build up your Hero Bases so your heroes have better attributes whenever they defend your base. Upgraded Army Camps increase troop count and decreases hiring times. Work on these when you have spare builders and enough resources.

Castle Clash Tips for Hiring Heroes


Heroes play a very important role in Castle Clash. They come in different rarities with Legendaries being very hard to come by but are worth it, Ordinary heroes being the ones aplenty, and the Elites being the guys and gals in between. Some of the ways to hire heroes include:

  • Hiring with gems yields a low chance of acquiring a Legendary and a moderate chance of an Elite hero. This is the best way to obtain heroes although it is expensive and may be hard for those who want to play without spending any real money.
  • Hiring with shards allow players to select a specific hero with the Legendaries costing four digits and above. Elites are three digits and Ordinaries come in two digits. This is your best bet if you want no money involved.
  • Choosing to use Honor Badges will give you one random hero. There is a high chance that it will be an Ordinary or Slime, a small chance for an Elite hero, and an incredibly small chance for a Legendary.  Less expensive yes but takes quite a gamble.
  • The Warehouse sometimes puts Hero Cards in exchange for Merits. It will give you a random hero from a chosen rarity. This is your second best bet especially if you are good in farming Merits.
  • The Daily Reward gives a Druid Card on the first day. Talk about a quick Legendary hero without any effort at all.

Hero Expeditions allow you to use multiple heroes and even duplicates to fight a set of opponents in exchange for rewards like Honor Badges and Merits. The higher your Might score, the better the rewards but the tougher the enemies. Some players maintain a low Might for easier fights and higher chances of completing all ten levels. If you wish to follow suit then you should only upgrade buildings crucial to HBM like resource storages, Hero Bases, Town Halls, and Towers. Also sacrifice unused heroes as they also contribute to your Might.

Castle Clash Gem Cheats in 2018

Early in the game you are given a good amount of gems to start with, and you’ll get more with events and rewards. You might be tempted to use these purple stones to try your luck in hiring a hero. A better way to make use of the starting gems is to save it up until you can buy a new builder. More builders mean you’ll be able to progress faster and do more work in your base compared to just having two of them around.

Make it a habit to check the free gem offers in the shop. These offers come in the form of testing an app or watching a video. If you wish to buy gems then keep an eye out for offers that give bonuses whenever you make a purchase.

As always you should avoid apps and sites that claim to cheat or hack Castle Clash for ridiculous amounts of gems. These are not safe and will only put both your account and device in serious trouble.

Castle Clash Tips and Tricks in Attacking

castle-clash-tips-and-tricks-attackIn Castle Clash your troops return home when they survive an attack, unlike in other games where they disappear even if they did not get slain. Knowing this you should not conserve your units and deploy them all when you’re on the offensive. Before you log out make sure that your Army Camps have troops inside so they can defend your base from enemy forces.

Massing one unit type works during the early stages. Mass centaurs, griffins, you name it. However players with higher Might have better defenses and know how to counter mass strategies so you better adapt. Mix durable units like Mecha Men or Savage Ogres with ranged units of the same tier.

Same goes for your heroes. Make sure that you have a balanced group consisting of tanks, high damage dealers, and support heroes. Some skills like Pumpkin Duke’s Celebrate affect both troops and heroes.

Proper deployment is important in ensuring victory. Use the first 30 seconds to scout for a good place to deploy your units. Avoid Army Camps and Hero Bases unless you are confident that you can overwhelm the troops and heroes stationed there. If the enemy units are powerful then you should deploy away from them so your troops and heroes can start destroying structures. You can also try to attack both sides simultaneously to inflict the most damage.

Take note of your enemy’s base design. Some players strategically place their buildings so attacking units will be routed away from the Town Hall and towards structures of less importance. In this case you should send a few powerful units first to clear a path for the bulk of your army to enter in. If you are in doubt then always back away to not waste troops and resources in a futile attack.

I hope that these tips and tricks will help you on your quest to become a powerful player in Castle Clash. Practice strategic troop composition and deployment, upgrade your heroes properly, and be active in this game to reap the most number of resources in a day.

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