Clash of Clans May 2018 Update

Clash of Clans was announced a week ago to have an update along with teasers of new content and some changes. On May 24 it was finally released and players are treated with new units, spells, a feature, and some balance changes:

Clash of Clans May 2018 Update

clash-of-clans-may-update-baby-dragonFirst is the Baby Dragon, a Town Hall 9 flying unit that costs 18,000 Elixir with 10 housing space and 10 minutes training time. It can attack both ground and air targets and do splash damage. Think of it as a Wizard with wings. The Baby Dragon gains extra attack speed and damage when it is deployed far away from its fellow air units. You must have a level 11 Barracks to train this cute little thing.


clash-of-clans-may-update-minerNext is the Miner. This Town Hall 10 shovel-wielding fellow costs 4,200 Elixir with a five minute training time and a same amount of housing space. What’s awesome about the Miner is that he moves underground when deployed. This makes him immune to damage and he cannot be attacked by defenses but he can still be affected by spells. While digging the Miner can also bypass walls and pop up next to its target. Once it destroys a building it will go subterranean again towards its next prey. Upgrade your Barracks to level 12 to unlock this guy.


clash-of-clans-may-update-skeleton-spellFor the new spells we now have the Skeleton spell and Clone spell. The Skeleton spell is unlocked at Town Hall 9 and a level 4 Dark Spell Factory, costs 110 Dark Elixir, and is upgradable up to four levels. The spell summons a group of skeletons to the location where it is cast. For the first level it pops out six skeletons while the fourth level generates ten. They also do not activate enemy traps. This spell is perfect when you need instant reinforcements.


clash-of-clans-may-update-clone-spellThe Clone spell replicates units that enter its blue ring. The clones have the same damage and health as their original counterparts but they only last for a limited time. Also the spell cannot replicate heroes and can only clone up to the maximum allowed housing space of your troops. You can unlock this spell at Town Hall 10 and a level 5 Spell Factory and costs 38,000 Elixir. It can be upgraded four times.


Another huge new feature in Clash of Clans is the new Friendly Challenge which allows clan members to attack each other’s bases either for fun or to test out strategies and defenses. It is for free and will not waste troops or spells. To avoid abusing this feature in clan wars Supercell no longer allowed recently modified base layouts to be used in Friendly Challenges. This is applicable for Town Hall 9 bases and above. The war’s Preparation Day is also changed. Now players can only see active village layouts and not war bases anymore. This prevents the possibility of copying war bases and trying them out in Friendly Challenges.

Here are the rest of the changes for this update:

  • New levels are in store for the Cannon (level 14), Balloon (level 7), and Lava Hound (level 4). The Bowler gets a reduced housing space from 8 to 6, and levels 2 to 5 Spring Traps now have better spring capacity.
  • A revamp of the Edit Layout mode coupled by new features like moving your entire base to a direction and hiding all buildings so you can see only walls for better positioning.
  •  You can now drag and drop units and spells in the queue. You can also donate them even when you have reached your troop capacity.
  • The Builder icon at the top of your screen can now be tapped. It will display a list of suggested building upgrades that you can also tap to immediately move to a chosen suggestion.
  • The chat box has been changed to include the challenge and request buttons.
  • Clan War Logs can now be viewed publicly unless they are set to private. Also during clan wars you can see how many people are watching in the live spectator mode.


Talk about a good list of new stuff and changes. Now go ahead and update your game so you can clash on with these new units and spells.

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