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Ghostbed Vs Leesa – Mattress Reviews & Comparisons 2018

I’m not too certain how fair it is to compare a bed from a big retailer muscling their way onto the fledgling direct to consumer market, but I guess it has to be done. The Ghostbed owes a lot of its design choices to Leesa, and both owe a lot of their online model to Tuft & Needle. The three tiered foam design is a tough one to get right, there are a few on the market that are good, but not perfect. In this comparison we’ll be looking at one that I think has pretty much nailed it, while the other simply does its best. You need to know which is which, right? Read on to find out.

Company Vs Company – Ghostbed Vs Leesa

Every other company I have pitted against Leesa has come up short in the philanthropy department. I expected that to change when I compared them to Nature’s Sleep, one of the biggest mattress companies in North America, and I was far from disappointed. Not only do they hold an annual contest, where people send in their own designs for mattresses to win prizes, but most impressively they started the Free GhostBed Military Mission program. In addition to donating all returned mattresses, they also donate two mattresses to veterans every month, something that no other company can boast. Leesa on the other hand not only donate all returned mattresses, were applicable, but also donate a fresh new one for every ten sold, I have read it as one hundred sold as well though so bear that in mind. The major benefit to Ghostbed is their parent companies longevity, they have been around for a long time, over a century in one form or another, so I expect to see them still in the market in the coming decades.

Winner – Ghostbed

Leesa Vs Ghostbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesaThe Leesa’s topper, as if you don’t know by now, is made of a Lycra-blend. Not as porous as cotton, but much more durable. There isn’t much more to say on it, it feels good and gets the job done. Ghostbed uses a pure polyester cover, which I was deeply dismayed to feel. It isn’t as durable as Lycra, nor as porous. It does use a more durable material for the sides though, and it’s even a different color, leading to an aesthetic design that is quite pleasing on the eyes. Leesa is no lurch when it comes to design though, with its Adidas-like horizontal strips over a cream mattress. If I’m honest neither company impressed me in this section. They both look nice and do their job, but nothing much sets them apart here, sad to say.

Winner – Draw.

ghostdogThe Leesa is a classic design, taking three layers of different foam densities and using shaped foam for both heat dissipation and cooling. Wonderful. The base layer is six inches of support foam, on top of that is two inches of classic memory foam, still the most comfortable kind of foam. The topper foam is really rather clever. They use Avena foam, shaped in ridges to allow for more accurate body contouring. It also gets rid of excess heat more quickly due to the space and its extra porous nature. They have done with simpler materials and excellent design what most companies spend millions in R&D to accomplish. The Ghost bed also uses a three tiered design, though this time we’re looking at seven and a half inches of base foam, great support, though makes the who thing a little more firm. This is topped with two inches of Gel Memory foam, excellent heat dissipation , but reduced comfort. The try to make up for this with their aerated Latex foam layer, and it does its job well. All in all an excellent design, but Leesa made the more comfortable bed.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Ghostbed Overall Review

This is a hard one to call. While I like the Ghostbed, and its daring use of underutilized materials, I cannot help but prefer the Leesa. As I’ve said, they have somehow achieved a level of comfort with less than most companies do with all the money in the world. If we were to factor price into this it would be a closer call, but I have to give this to Leesa.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Ghostbed– Pricing & Returns Policy

Here’s where the Ghostbed really shines. That price may scream undercut, but it is nice to look at at the very least. The difference isn’t quite as big as your first glance might suggest. We have to factor in Leesa’s discount codes, which are $75 off and a gift card to Target. this give us an adjusted price which is pretty competitive with the ghostbed. What it really comes down to is would you rather have the better mattress for the next 15 years or the lesser mattress and a couple pizzas? If you want to take advantage of the current leesa discounts  and promos you can click the link towards the bottom of this post to automatically apply the best promotion they are currently running.  We did the hard work tracking down all the discounts so you don’t have too.

Twin XL$625$600
Cal King$990$875


Leesa offer 100 days to test their mattress, a full day below Ghostbed’s 101 days. That extra day won’t make much of a difference though, I would argue that these extended trial periods are a marketing gimmick anyway, thirty days should be more than enough time to decide if you want to keep a mattress. Where Ghostbed streaks into the lead is through its warranty, which sits at twenty years, twice as long as Leesa’s ten. As good as it sounds, it is less impressive when you know the average life expectancy for a mattress is eight to ten years, but Nature’s Sleep has been around for a long time, where Leesa is still young. It is less likely that Ghostbed will cease to exist anytime soon, voiding any warranty.

Winner – Ghostbed

Ghostbed Vs Leesa – Conclusion

The Ghostbed is an excellent product, and a real boon to their parent company. They are one of the few old firms who understands the direct to consumer model, and have used their clout to offer a high quality mattress at a really good price. If I were comparing the Ghostbed to almost any other model on the market that might have been enough to clinch the win. But this is the Leesa, a mattress far and away better than the competition in so many areas, that near perfect balance of quality to price.

Ghostbed & Leesa Coupon Codes & Discounts – 2018

Discounted Price Update: You can currently save $75 on the Leesa by clicking this link to view & automatically apply the coupon code on their website.

If the ghost bed is more your speed we also tracked down a coupon for $50 off as well. To view and apply the coupon just click this link. 

Overall Winner – Leesa

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – Always get a get mattress protector. If you want even half a chance of lasting the twenty years offered by Ghostbed’s warranty then you will need one my friend, preferably one that hermetically seals you mattress in an oxygen free environment. Failing that a SafeRest should do you fine. You can get it from amazon, and you can click on this link to automatically apply a discount rate.  Always good saving money, right?

Sheet – Where you don’t want to skimp is your sheet. You have to get a high thread count cotton sheet, especially for both of these mattresses, as comfortable as their topper materials are, they do not compare to pure cotton. The ones that I got can be found on amazon, and they are great. Highly recommend them. 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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