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Leesa Vs Casper 2018 – Review & Head to Head Comparisons

We live in a golden age for foam mattresses. We really do. Never before has this level of comfort been attainable without wrapped coils and properly balanced springs. By taking many kinds of foam and layering them just right we have a mattress that can accommodate whatever sleeping position you desire. It’s the norm these days, but I remember sleeping on blocks of uncomfortable foam growing up, and that is not something I would wish for anyone, especially those with back pains. In this review we’ll be comparing and contrasting two of the best foam designs on the market. The Casper and the Leesa. Both are excellent choices, but one has to win, let;s see which is better.

Company Vs Company – Casper Vs Leesa

I think this is a section that becomes more and more important as time goes on. How good is the company that makes these products. Not just in terms of success, but in terms of philanthropy. I don’t know about you, but I am always more positively inclined to a product if the parent company seems generous. Leesa has a wonderful program whereby they donate a new mattress to the homeless for every one hundred sold. Very commendable. Casper donate every returned mattress. I have to say I prefer Leesa’s model. I’m not certain how often Casper mattresses are returned, so I don’t know how many get donated, but considering how comfortable their product is I can’t believe the number is high. With Leesa though, I know they sell quite a few mattresses each month, so there is a guaranteed donation there. So while both companies have great policies there, I have to give this one to Leesa.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Casper Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesaI tend to start with the cover material and I see no reason to switch the formula up yet. The Casper’s cover is made from a Polyester Polypropylene blend. The material is great, nicely porous and quite durable. When it comes to toppers those are the two things you’re looking for. The Leesa uses a Lycra blend for it’s top layer and while the material is more hard wearing that Casper’s, I would argue that it is slightly less breathable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic material, but considering the innards on the Leesa, I would have preferred a more porous cover material. Neither topper matches the quality of an all cotton cover. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the Casper is a little boring to look at. The Leesa doesn’t fare much better, but those three stripes make it a work of art in its field. Overall I have to give this one to the Leesa, the material for both is so similar that even the paltry design on it pushes it ahead. But only slightly.

Winner – Leesa

casper layersOn to the insides. The Leesa and the Casper both share some fundamental design choices. They are both a blend of three different kinds of foam, layered for maximum comfort. The Leesa is six inches of base foam topped by two inches of memory foam and two inches of specially shaped Avena foam. The Casper is seven inches of base foam, one and a half inches of memory foam and one and a half inches of latex foam. You can see the differences already I’m sure. Memory foam is wonderful for those with a bad back, and for the rest of us it ensures we don’t develop back issues. It does have a problem retaining excess heat, which is what the top most layer is for. Casper went with latex foam, which is a great material. Cooling, comfortable and inexpensive. Avena foam is an alternative that perform slightly better than latex foam. Again Leesa wins out. It’s combination is more luxurious and that shaped Avena foam really makes a difference. It’s designed to alleviate back pains, and it does its job very well.

Winner – Leesa

Casper Vs Leesa Overall Review

It’s been stated already that both of these mattresses are wonderful. I don’t deny that now. They both accommodate the full range of sleeping positions out of the highly compressed box, they both create little pockets of preference no matter how many people are sleeping on them and they are essentially the same size. It’s through its better proportions and that expertly designed top layer that the Leesa wins out. I really noticed the difference when I was trying them out. There is an extra hug to the Leesa that the Casper just cannot match.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Casper – Pricing & Returns Policy

I’m a big fan of comfort in my bed, but I’m a bigger fan of savings. In the Queen, you’ll likely find a king but more seriously. The Queen sized in the Leesa will set you back $890, vs Casper’s $850. There is no delivery charge to worry about here and by clicking the link towards the bottom of this post you can apply a $75 discount plus get a free target gift card for the Leesa.  Casper could have competed in this category by undercutting the cost even a little, but when you factor in the promo’s, you can get the Leesa for a fair bit cheaper and it’s a slightly better mattress. It’s really a no brainer and a no contest matchup at this point.

Twin XL$625$600
Cal King$990$950

Both companies allow you a full one hundred days to decide whether you want to keep the mattress or not. It’s a terrific policy, so it’s not too surprising to see it mirrored here. They also both offer the standard ten year warranty on their mattresses. Casper has recently teamed with Uber for delivery in the New York area, such a great idea that, but it’s not enough to save them. This round, like all the others so far, goes to Leesa.

Winner – Leesa

Casper Vs Leesa – Conclusion

I prefer a close fight, unfortunately here we didn’t get one. The Casper is a fantastic mattress, and in a vacuum certainly on the better ones on the market. here I am forced to compare it to, in my mind at least, what is the best on the market in all categories. When I compared the Leesa to the Saatva, Saatva won out in a few places, but that is not the case here. The Leesa is more comfortable, offers better delivery options, and well worth the extra $40 for the Queen.

Discounted Price Update: You can currently save $75 on the Leesa plus get a target giftcard by clicking this link to automatically apply the coupon and promo on their website.

If you decide the Casper is more your speed you can currently save $50 on your purchase by clicking here to apply the Casper Coupon!

Overall Winner – Leesa

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – As is usual at the end of these articles, I like to advise people on a few must have accessories for their sleeping experience. First is a mattress protector. You want your new mattress to survive as long as possible, and with a SafeRest you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to make sure. You can find it on Amazon, and you can click here to apply a small discount to it too.

Sheets – Get yourself a high thread count cotton sheet! It’s a theme with me. I love the things and the difference they make to your comfort levels cannot be overstated. Considering the cover materials here were selected for their durability and not their comfortability, you need a damn good sheet. Here’s the one I use, 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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