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Leesa Vs Keetsa Foam – 2018 Comparison and Reviews

Some might consider it unfair to compare Keetsa to Leesa. I can see why that would be. Leesa are a company that sells one mattress online only. Keetsa are a company that is making in roads in the direct to consumer mattress market, but are still very much an old company, higher prices, many products etc. But we live in the Age of Information. You can get everything online, and most people do. It’s cheaper, and oxymoronically mass market bespoke. So Keetsa needs to keep up with the times, and honestly they have done so to some extent. So how do their foam mattresses compare to the Leesa? Read on to find out.

Company Vs Company – Leesa Vs Keetsa

As I mentioned before, Keetsa are a relatively old firm. They have been in operation for over a decade, and in the direct to consumer market that makes them positively ancient. As such their prices are still stuck in the past. Where they make up for that is the variety of products they have available and their billing as the Eco Friendly alternative. I cannot find any reference to them donating mattresses, though they do advise people who are returning their products on where accepts donations in their area. Leesa was founded on the principles of good customer service, a product that will meet all your needs and they give back to their community, not with mere hand me downs, though that is always a good move to make for a mattress company, but by donating a new mattress for every one hundred sold. It’s a policy that I’ve come to love to laud.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Keetsa Foam Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesaWe’ll be pitting the two foam mattresses on offer from Keetsa against the Leesa this week, and as is usual we’ll look at the top layer. The cover material for the Tea Leaf Supreme is made from a hemp blend. It falls in line with the companies focus on sustainability and Eco friendliness. Hemp is extremely durable, and very cheap to make. It is porous and comes with the added benefit of absorbing humidity too. The Keetsa Cloud, their budget alternative, has a topper made of pure cotton. Hemp might be more durable, and more sustainable, but cotton is more comfortable and porous. The Leesa uses a Lycra blend fabric, the most durable by far, but less comfortable than the Keetsa dream, and not from a natural source like both the dream and the Tea Leaf. All in all, they each have positives and negatives, with no topper coming out on…

Winner – Draw

tea leaf supremeThe insides of these three mattresses are all very similar. Three tier foam designs, with memory foam and a heat dissipating foam top layer. The Leesa should be familiar to you by now though. Six inches of high density base foam, two inches of luxurious memory foam and two inches of ridged Avena foam to conform to contours and dissipate excess heat. The workmanship is seldom surpassed and the flat block design both of the Keetsa mattress go for simply don’t compare. The Tea Leaf Supreme uses eight inches of base foam, three inches of their own BioFoam, a version of memory foam partial made from natural oils, and another three inches of quilted BioFoam. The make up of the Keetsa Cloud is similar, though thinner. Seven and a half inches of support foam, one and a half inches of regular BioFoam and one and a half inches of Quilted BioFoam.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Keetsa Foam Overall Review

It might seem like the Tea Leaf Supreme wins out here with its six inches of what is essentially memory foam, but it over looks something. Memory foam is notorious for absorbing heat. Add to that the fact that it can be too plush, and you have a mattress that excels in one area while neglecting the big picture. The Leesa on the other hand, is well balanced in all areas, it accommodates all sleeping positions equally and the Avena foam at the top makes it not too hot, nor too cold. Just right as they say. The Keetsa Cloud can’t really compete with either of them I’m afraid.

Winner – Leesa

Keetsa Foam Vs Leesa – Pricing & Returns Policy

Yoiks, not too hard to tell that Keetsa is still very much a high street retailer. Look at those prices. The Tea Leaf Supreme is comparable to the Leesa in terms of overall comfort levels, heat issues not withstanding, and yet it is almost double the price. When one factors in the $75 discount and the free gift card, it is more than double the price of the Leesa, in the Queen size at least. If you want to take advantage of the current discount and giftcard promo from leesa you need to click here to automatically apply the coupon to your account. A Fully discounted Queen sized Leesa will cost you the equivalent of $790. I have, with a little snooping, been able to find a 5% discount code for Keetsa products, but even that doesn’t help soften the blow. These prices really show how behind the times Keetsa is, and they don’t include taxes.

 SizeLeesa Tea Leaf Supreme Keetsa Cloud
 Cal King$990$1888.95$1321.95

Keetsa insist that all customer use their mattress for a minimum of thirty days before seeking a refund, an odd policy to say the least. They offer a full ninety days of testing, not as long as Leesa’s one hundred, but still a good length of time. Not sure if the first thirty days are included in the ninety making it sixty days really, but still. Both companies offer the standard ten year warranty, remember that covers mattress sagging too. Shipping for both firms is free too, overall not too much to differentiate them in terms of policy. Just that ridiculous price differences clinching it for Leesa.

Winner – Leesa

Keetsa Foam Vs Leesa – Conclusion

Keetsa offer a wide range of excellent products, that is impossible to deny. For those of us that care deeply about the environment, and are looking for ways to mitigate the damage we do, then their eco-friendly builds have a lot to offer. I only worry about their pricing. It seems to me to be too much in the current market. The Leesa offer a mattress that feels better than most of Keetsa’s, and is in some cases half the price. For my money, Leesa are the better option.

Overall Winner: Leesa

Discounted Price Update: You can currently save $75 on the Leesa by clicking this link to automatically apply the coupon code on their website.

Keetsa Coupon Codes for 2016

Also we tracked down links for discounted prices on all the Keetsa mattresses.

Step 1: Click this link to visit the website with the 5% discount added

Step 2: Use the corresponding coupon code when checking out:

Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFDREAM”

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFCLASSIC”

Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFSUPREME”

Keetsa Plus Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFPLUS”

Keetsa Cloud Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFCLOUD”

Keetsa Latex Mattress.  “KEETSA5POFFLATEX ”

Keetsa Pillow Plus Mattress. “KEETSA5POFFPILLOWPLUS”

The Frame by Keetsa. “KEETSA5POFFTHEFRAME”

Bedding Add-Ons

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