Thursday, July 7, 2022

Samsung’s $5,800 Smart Fridge – What Does It Bring?

Most of us go to the refrigerator to grab something to eat or drink. But Samsung’s new smart fridge lets users do a lot more. Just a few hours ago, the company held an event to give more details on the Family Hub smart fridge. We first found out about the smart fridge earlier this year but the company now had more details to reveal about its new release.

Samsung’s new fridge comes with everything that a normal fridge has plus a lot more. It makes ice and keeps drinks and food refrigerated but those are not the best features. Samsung stands out for releasing great tech and from the picture above, you can tell that this is not a regular fridge.

Touchscreen and Apps

Samsung Family Hub FridgeThe fridge comes with a huge touchscreen, which reminds us of a tablet or smartphone. It is located on the right side and takes almost all of the top door. Users cannot install third-party apps yet but the smart fridge comes with a number of pre-installed apps.

The smart fridge also comes with an interesting feature that lets you shop from the door. The groceries are then delivered to the owner. The fridge also includes weather, calendar and a few other apps to keep you entertained at the door.


One of the coolest features are the cameras, which takes pictures a few seconds after you’ve closed the fridge. This allows the user to check what’s inside the fridge without having to open it. You can also look at the photos when you’re not at home through your smartphone. When most of us go to the supermarket, we forget what we have in our fridge. Sometimes we even call home to find out what we need to make the food we’re going to prepare. But the new Samsung smart fridge makes everything easier, simply check your photos and you’ll see everything you have in your fridge at the grocery store.

Release Date and Price

The Samsung smart fridge looks great and comes with a number of interesting features. But be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want to have photos of your fridge and the option to shop from the door. Samsung’s Family Hub smart fridge is now on sale and prices start at $5,800.

What do you think about Samsung’s new smart fridge? Let us know in the comments.

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