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Spring and Summer 2016 Fashion Trends for Men

Spring cleaning is in full bloom, and many people are trading old clothes out for new. If you’re a man who is eager to know what’s “In” right now, we’ve got the scoop for you below!

Spring & Summer 2016 Trends for Men

1. Colors


Every season has its colors, and for men over the warm months, there are a few to choose from. Light browns make their usual reappearance, but while they’re normally found in military styles, this year it’s all about aviation and safari looks. Lightweight and pocketed, jackets, shirts, sweaters, and pants will all be stylish options this year.

Shades of green are back, and while it’s usually recommended to stick to one color from head to toe, this season is all about shades. From dark olive and light khaki to bottle green and jade, mix and match your outfit pieces to include two or three colors. For those just starting out in mixing colors, using your accessories is encouraged – ties and bags come in a number of colors, and would be an excellent way of including shades.

White-on-white is making a reappearance, and while it isn’t the hardest look to pull off, it is one of the hardest to keep clean. If you want to go for this, stay away from anything that could stain your outfit.


2. Cuban Collar


Harking back to the 50s, the Cuban collar is back, so you can put your heavier, crew-collared shirts away, and pull out something a little more open. Sticking with the short sleeves this season is a must, and you have loads of options to choose from. A plain white shirt, or something brighter with prints or embroidery would go well on this shirt.

But be careful to stick with fitted shirts – the loose-hanging ones won’t look anywhere near as good a fitted shirt, especially if it’s tucked in.





3. Bright Prints


Patterns are not only in this season, but highly encouraged to be made as boisterous as possible. Branches, upholstery designs, and even cartoons are making their way onto clothes everywhere. Go all the way with this look and wear it from head to toe. Keep the outfit matching throughout, or go for complementary patterns and colors.

However, if you want to go for the cowboy-like prints, it’s best to keep that to a single item – a shirt or jacket – as opposed to the entire outfit. Paired with slacks or dark jeans, the look will still be classy and fun, without looking full-on Wild West.




4. Wide-legged Pants

The infamous skinny pants are now out, and with the warm weather rolling in, that’s a relief. Wide-legged or baggy pants will allow air to circulate around your legs better, helping you to stay cooler with the warming temperatures. Casual, jeans, or work-pants, all have their place this season. The style goes well with everything, from tees to short-sleeved button-ups to blazers. Keep the cut on slouchy side and you’re ready to go!





5. Layered Jackets


Layering has its place in every season, and jackets are now rolling on top of each other. Various options are up for grabs here. A zipped jogging-suit style jacket worn under or over a suede jacket, or tied around the waist, will keep you in style. Or a denim jacket under any number of fabrics will keep you warm and styling.

In order to keep yourself from overheating when it gets warm, remember to layer lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or nylon. A good look would be a shorter jacket on the inside, with a longer jacket or coat on the outside, in complementary colors.




Keeping up with this season’s styles won’t be hard, with so many options out on the market right now. If you’re at a loss on what to wear, just remember to keep it light and airy.




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