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Disney Magic Kingdoms Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Disney Magic Kingdoms is Gameloft’s newest inclusion to the freemium mobile city-building genre. Kids and the young at heart that are fans of Disney and Pixar will have the chance of building up the park of their dreams and make the visitors happy with the attractions and the actual characters marching around.

If you are either new to this game or a veteran looking for tips and other things then check out what we have in store for you.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Disney Magic Kingdoms Magic and Gem Tips and Tricks

disney-magic-kingdoms-tips-and-tricks-magic-and-gemsMagic is what serves as money in Disney Magic Kingdoms. These blue potions are used to pay for almost every action in the game, from building attractions to expanding the park by clearing away the Curse. Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding Magic and Gems:

Finish character Missions instead of sending them off to do pointless tasks. Missions provide more of the blue stuff although some of them take a lot of time to finish.  But if there are no available Missions then you can let them do other things so you can earn Magic and Experience points.

Manage your time well by taking on Missions and activities that run for an hour or two during the day. When you are about to sleep that’s the best time when you should send your characters on eight-hour long assignments.

Fulfill the wishes of your visitors by tapping on the thought bubbles that pop up above their heads. Granting these will fill up your Happiness bar. Keep the visitors happy and more will come later, and the more people in your park the better the rewards will be.

Another perk of filling up the Happiness bar is the option to start a Parade by tapping on the Tent beside the Castle. These Parades run for two hours and during this time all Magic-generating activities have better output. Missions will award you with more magic while collectors generate it a lot faster.  You can also obtain Experience, Gems, and items of varying rarity. It would be best to spend a few Gems in unlocking another Parade slot so you can have reap more rewards in a single day.

Don’t forget to visit the parks of your Facebook friends by tapping on the Social button. Once there you can tap up to three of their wandering characters for some bottles of Magic. You can also earn additional Magic and Gems by watching advertisement videos in the IAP store although there are times when there are no available videos.

Look out for special events in the game. Recently they had the Magic Brooms event where players hunted down these bipedal sweeping implements that walk around the park in exchange for hefty Magic and Gem rewards.

If you are willing to spend real money on purchasing Gems then keep an eye out for limited discounts. There are also offers that give you not only Gems but also characters. Don’t hesitate to use your gems in purchasing premium attractions as there are characters that have activities only available in such attractions.

Play safe and do not rely on online “hacks” that promise infinite Magic and Gems. Using these highly Missionionable websites or programs can damage your device and put your account in jeopardy.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Character Tips

disney-magic-kingdoms-tips-and-tricks-charactersDisney Magic Kingdoms allows you to collect your favorite Disney and Pixar cast of characters and have them walk around your park, do Missions, and interact with the visitors for Happiness. Here are a couple of tips to help you out:

When you are just starting out in the game it is best that you prioritize increasing your roster first as much as possible. The more characters you have the more activities and Missions you can send them off to, and the more Magic and rewards you can possibly obtain.

Once you have completed the requirements you can level-up your characters. Doing this will give you more activities, unlock additional buildings, and allow you to fulfill more Missions. More importantly you’ll have more choices in terms of completion hours so you can be more efficient with your time.

Some characters have the same item requirements when being upgraded so you’ll be torn in choosing who among the two will be leveled-up. You can either pick one or just save the items until you can upgrade both of them.

Remember that characters that are occupied in activities cannot fulfill the wishes of visitors. If WALL-E is busy doing tasks that run for eight hours then he cannot entertain visitors who want to see him for that time.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Character Welcoming Guide

disney-magic-kingdoms-tips-and-tricks-welcomeThere are 27 regular characters you can obtain in Disney Magic Kingdoms plus five premium characters that are only available through gem purchases. Here is a short guide on what you need to welcome them into your roster:

Aurora – 15 Spinning Wheel  15 Gold Tiara 15 Aurora Ears, 36,500 Magic

Bo Peep – 25 Luxo Ball, 3 Bonnet, 2 Bo Peep Ears, 5,000 Magic

Buzz Lightyear – 15 Luxo Ball, 7 Laser, 3 Buzz Ears, 5,500 Magic

Celia Mae – 8 Energy Tank, 5 Headset, 4 Celia Mae Ears, 26,500 Magic

Daisy Duck – 10 Red Balloons, 6 Pink Bow, 3 Daisy Ears, 12,500 Magic

Donald Duck – 50 Red Balloons, 15 Sailor Cap, 15 Donald Ears, 61,934 Magic

EVE – 15 Leaf, 12 Plant, 8 EVE Ears, 45,000 Magic

Fauna – 10 Spinning Wheel, 10 Green Pointy Hat, 10 Fauna Ears, 26,500 Magic

Flora – 20 Spinning Wheel, 20 Red Pointy Hat, 20 Flora Ears, 24,500 Magic

Flynn – 10 Sun Crest, 12 Satchel, 12 Flynn Ears, 29,500 Magic

Goofy – 1 Green Fedora, 100 Magic

Hamm – 20 Luxo Ball, 3 Black Bowler Hat, 1 Hamm Ears, 3,500 Magic

Jessie – 5 Luxo Ball, 2 Lasso, 1 Jessie Ears, 850 Magic

Mike Wazowski – 4 Energy Tank, 8 Construction Hat, 6 Mike Ears, 19,500 Magic

Mickey Mouse – Obtained for free during the start of the game

Minnie Mouse – 25 Red Balloons, 10 Polka Dot Bow, 10 Minnie Ears, 23,500 Magic

Mother Grothel – 30 Sun Crest, 20 Dagger, 10 Gothel Ears, 95,000 Magic

Pete – 40 Red Balloons, 10 Brown Bowler Hat, 6 Pete Ears, 35,500 Magic

Prince Phillip – 20 Spinning Wheel, 15 Magical Armaments, 10 Prince Phillip Ears, 50,000 Magic

Rapunzel – 15 Sun Crest, 12 Lantern, 8 Rapunzel Ears, 57,000 Magic

Randall Boggs – 18 Energy Tank, 8 Randall Drawing, 8 Randall Ears, 35,000 Magic

Roz – 10 Energy Tank, 8 Spectacles, 6 Roz Ears, 30,000 Magic

Sarge – 20 Luxo Ball, 4 Bucket O Soldiers, 2 Sarge Ears, 3,000 Magic

Sulley – 5 Energy Tank, 12 Sulley Drawing, 8 Sulley Ears, 23,000 Magic

Tinker Bell – Given for free on the fifth day of the Daily Login Rewards

Woody – 1 Luxo Ball, 2 Sheriff Badge, 1 Woody Ears, 350 Magic

Zurg – 50 Luxo Ball, 15 Ion Blaster, 10 Zurg Ears, 65,000 Magic

Now for the premium characters:

Pluto – 150 Gems

Rex – 295 Gems

Maximus – 575 Gems

Merryweather – 240 Gems

WALL-E – 475 Gems

Disney Magic Kingdoms Park Building Tips

disney-magic-kingdoms-tips-and-tricks-parkInvest on concession stands and attractions so you can have a consistent generator of Magic. Don’t forget to harvest them once they are full or else your collectors will not accumulate more Magic. Try not to build useless items like decorations unless they are specified on a Mission. These things do not provide anything other than aesthetic value which may not be very ideal if you are not yet swimming in Magic.

Try not to purchase additional plots for your park unless it is required for a Mission. This action costs a lot of Magic and do not contribute to anything useful unless you are itching to create that perfect park you have in mind. Save up your Magic for more important purposes and just expand when you are not strapped in the blue stuff.

Your park in this game can become quite huge and populated. You will be spending a lot of time dragging the screen around looking for wishes to be granted and Magic to be harvested. One good trick in ensuring efficiency is by placing all Magic-collecting buildings together and not too far away from each other so you won’t have to waste so much time wandering around your park just to get your income.


Here concludes our tips and tricks for Disney Magic Kingdoms. Just save up the Magic, collect and upgrade characters, and keep your visitors happy. Good luck and may your park be truly the happiest place on Earth.


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