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Muscle Tech Platinum 100% Glutamine Review

Platinum 100% Glutamine is a muscle building supplement from MuscleTech.  I’ve reviewed MuscleTech’s Nitro-Tech protein supplement in the past and I was particularly impressed with the company’s commitment to sticking with high quality ingredients along with the longevity of MuscleTech’s presence in the fitness industry.  I was excited to review this product based on my experience with their other products and I’ve always been curious about adding glutamine into my stack.  Let’s take a look at what glutamine supplementation can do for you and if Platinum 100% Glutamine from MuscleTech lives up to its claims!


What is it?

Glutamine is a natural amino acid that occurs throughout nature and is required for the human body to function.  It’s particularly found in high amounts in meats and eggs, though supplementing this amino acid has been popular amongst bodybuilders for quite some time.  Generally known as a muscle builder within broscience circles, you can find glutamine supplements in any nutritional supplement store nearby.  Keep in mind that you’re already consuming glutamine as its present in many foods that are rich in protein.  Based on a study of over 70,000 women performed back in 2003, daily glutamine intake is estimated at roughly 7 grams daily.  Meat sources tend to be the best sources of glutamine as protein is abundant in such, but certain vegetables do contain notable amounts.

This amino acid serves in a variety of different biological functions in the human body.  It acts as a transport system for nitrogen across tissues, partly why it’s so highly touted as a muscle builder amongst weightlifters since nitrogen balance is key for building lean muscle mass.  Glutamine is also a precursor to the antioxidant glutathione, which helps prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and other damaging molecules that are present in the body.  It serves in other functions as well, ranging from DNA synthesis to regulating acid/base metabolism throughout the body.  Needless to say glutamine is an important molecule and it’s no wonder why so many studies have been performed to determine the benefits of supplementation.

Effects of Supplementation

Glutamine supplementation is found extensively in scientific literature due to the importance of this amino acid to the human body.  The majority of the studies focus on its effects on those suffering from severe burns and muscular wounds due to physical trauma or those who suffer from diseases.  In such individuals, studies show glutamine supplementation was effective in helping rebuild muscle in damaged tissues and helped preserve existing muscle while under recovery.

Supplementation has also proven to be very effective for the gut as well as your immune system.  Consuming pure glutamine resulted in increased protein synthesis in the gut in healthy humans according to clinical healthy-digestionstudies performed in a controlled setting.  Many agree that glutamine supplementation may aid a ‘leaky gut’ and would help people who suffer from such a symptom with absorbing more nutrients from daily intake.  Due to this, it’s been reported to help those who suffer from Crohn’s disease, an incurable disease which causes inflammation of the lining in your GI tract.  People with Crohn’s disease suffer from malnutrition issues as they fail to absorb nutrients from the foods they eat.

Now onto muscle building for athletes and fitness enthusiasts… it likely won’t help.  While glutamine is intimately linked to muscle protein synthesis in the body, studies have failed to show any relationships between glutamine supplementation and increases in muscle mass amongst healthy individuals.  Studies also explored the intake of glutamine with other known muscle builders such as creatine and all of the results suggest that glutamine supplementation had little to no synergistic effects with any of the other compounds.  Sorry to burst your bubble guys, glutamine supplementation is meant for those recovering from physical trauma or struggling with digestive issues.  The latter of which you may want to consider as healthy digestion is always important for a training athlete.  For those looking to take glutamine for intestinal health reasons, the dose often recommended is 5 grams daily.

Important note: If you choose to live a vegan lifestyle, glutamine is HIGHLY recommended as many vegans fail to meet their daily optimal requirements for protein intake.  Glutamine will not only provide vegans with the necessary amounts of glutamine missing from their diet (assuming low protein intake), but can also enhance the amount of nutrients absorbed from other foods.

Platinum 100% Glutamine

Ingredients & Effectivenessimage_prodprod2060046_largeImage_X_450_white

This MuscleTech product contains 5 grams of micronized glutamine per serving (also 5 grams).  While marketed as a muscle builder, please keep in mind that it’s only effective for this applications for those in an injured or diseased state.  As such, if you’re recovering from a serious injury, 5 grams of glutamine can go a long way for preserving your muscle mass and helping with your recovery.  Unfortunately it will have little to no effects on healthy individuals for the sole purpose of building lean mass.  As for improvements in your digestive health, a 5 gram dose is the recommended amount and this product is perfect for this application.

Taste & Texture

The glutamine present in this product is micronized and easily dissolves in water.  Glutamine is virtually tasteless and odorless, though few people are very sensitive and tend to be highly sensitive.  You’ll know immediately if you’re a part of this population as they tend to report that glutamine tastes awful.  My personal experience with this product the latter, I mixed it with my existing pre-workout supplement and didn’t notice a change in flavor.

Price & Value

A 60-serving package of Platinum 100% Glutamine will run you about $15, which around the average price for a pure glutamine supplement.  The value as a muscle builder is unfortunately low due to the lack of scientific evidence on healthy individuals, but if you’re recovering from an injury glutamine is worth its weight in gold to you and you should stock up on this stuff immediately.  Fifteen dollars is a small price to pay to preserve a good chunk of your muscle mass during recovery.  It’s also a good value for vegans and provides a great convenient value to obtain your necessary dietary intake of glutamineth.

Product Summary

Sorry to tell you guys, but glutamine supplementation will likely not help you build the body you want if you’re a healthy individual.  The science just isn’t there to suggest that glutamine is a muscle builder, but it has been shown to be very effective for those who have suffered physical injury and/or suffering from digestive issues.  Definitely look into glutamine if you’re recovering from an injury and also consider it if you’re vegan.



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