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Natural Alternatives to Prednisone

Although for many people it is necessary, taking Prednisone comes with a whole bunch of side effects that aren’t fun at all. Insomnia is common, because of the extra amount of energy that many users can get from it. You will also start eating a lot more to keep up all of this extra energy, making unnatural weight gain very common. Mood swings, especially dipping into anger, are also shockingly common. Even worse side effects can include teeth breakage, psychosis, and swelling of the face.


Do note that if you are trying to reduce, or stop, your intake of Prednisone, you need to follow your doctors advice. This is because trying to come off of Prednisone can have multiple side effects, including in the worst cases, death.

Do not substitute this for actual advice from an expert as many cases require treatment that CAN NOT be remedied with natural options.  These natural options may only be helpful in addition to treatments, again consult with a medical professional before self treating or self diagnosing. 

Sort out your diet

One of the first steps, before taking any alternatives to Prednisone, is to make sure that your diet is in check. One of the common reasons that Prednisone is prescribed is for its anti-inflammatory benefits. But, it is possible to naturally reduce inflammation with adjustments in diet.

Firstly, you will need to examine if you are consuming any gluten or other grains, and if so, reduce them from your diet. Next, you need to look to see if you can reduce other harmful substances such as alcohol and sugar.

Then, you want to look into introducing a few more vitamins, and sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 into your diet. Evidence has shown that getting these vital elements into yourself can really help to reduce inflammation.

One of the great things about increasing your intake of Vitamin C is that the sources from which you can get it from are truly delicious; Strawberries, Pineapples and Raspberries all contain high amounts of this most essential mineral.

For Omega 3 and 6, you can look to seafood, such as Salmon and Tuna. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can instead substitute Walnuts of any Soya based food, for example Tofu.

Eating food rich in Curcumin can also help with any inflammation problems. Curcumin can be found in plenty of Indian and Thai food, meaning that your next takeout can naturally help you with your inflammation problems and provide a great substitute to Prednisone.

Ginger and Mint

These two herbal supplements help to heal the body’s natural immune system, allowing your body to naturally take care of it’s inflammation problems itself.

The best way to take these natural herbal alternatives to Prednisone is to create a tea. You can use fresh mint or ginger for this, or buy tea from any supermarket. Taking a cup of mint in the morning and a cup of ginger in the day will also help to anchor your days and improve your mental health as well as your inflammation problems.

Ginger is especially great to make a tea out of, as it naturally helps to prevent any stomach problems, helping to reduce any discomfort. Furthermore, the scent of it has been shown to help people feel healthier and happier. Some ginger teas are also made with a little bit of lemon. The natural acid in lemon will help to replenish the natural acid in your stomach.

If you don’t like the taste of mint or ginger, another great alternative, which works in exactly the same way as a natural Prednisone cure, is wildflower tea. Working in the same way as the above two, if you can stand the taste of it (sweetening it with a dash of honey can help), you can be well on your way to reducing your need for Prednisone.



Another important element to get into your diet is Potassium. Although you can take a Potassium supplement, one of the better ways to get this natural Prednisone alternative into your system is through eating a couple of Bananas.

The reason that Bananas work as a herbal alternative to Prednisone is due to the regenerative properties of them. They help to repair the damage you might have done to your cells with Prednisone or any other unnatural drugs.

Furthermore, they also help to reduce blood pressure in the body, helping your body to work through the root causes of needing Prednisone.


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One additional problem with taking Prednisone is that of brittle bones. The drug can very quickly make sharp work of your bone structure, meaning that you need to find a natural alternative to replace any loss.

Calcium is the answer here. After all, it is the reason that we are encouraged to give milk to babies and small children. There are plenty of natural sources of Calcium, including milk. If you are a vegan, it might shock you to find out that Broccoli is also rich source of Calcium. If all else fails, Calcium supplements do also make a great natural alternative to Prednisone.

Licorice Root

This supplement can be found in many herbal health shops, and is a wonderful replacement for Prednisone. Licorice root can help to replenish and reduce the wear and tear on adrenal hormones. These hormones can become damaged after any course of Prednisone, and also helps to settle any imbalances in the digestive tract.

Licorice Root also helps with other side effects of coming off of Prednisone. As licorice root contains Glycyrrhizic Acid, it is also a great anti-depressant, and anxiety reliever.

One of the side-effects of taking Prednisone is bad skin and an increase in acne. Licorice Root supplements are also a natural way to help restore any imbalances in the skin, helping you to feel like your true self after coming off of Prednisone.


One very natural alternative to Prednisone is to replace your daily pill with a daily gym regimen.

By going to the gym, you can start working out any weight you may have gained while on the Prednisone pills. Furthermore, by going to the gym, you are helping your body to produce all of it’s natural chemicals and hormones that will help to stave off the illness you need to take Prednisone for.


One nuclear alternative to Prednisone is to do as the monks do and partake in a fast.

In a group of patients, those who went on a fasting period successfully managed to beat the diseases that caused them to be recommended for Prednisone in the first place.

While fasting, you can of course, carry on drinking tea and taking supplements, to further help your body to get onto the path of recovery.

Of course, before deciding to embark on a fasting treatment, ask your doctor if it is right for you.


Another great natural alternative to popping a Prednisone pill is to start practicing Tai-Chi.

Tai-Chi isn’t all about martial arts, and in fact many people practice purely because of all of the great health benefits with it. It has been shown that practicing Tai-Chi can help with muscle pains and arthritis. In fact many doctors recommend to their elderly patients to start practicing it. This means that Tai-Chi is another great way to cure your symptoms without needing to take synthetic Prednisone.

Closing Advice

It is never good to be told that you need to take Prednisone. It is even worse to have been taking it for a while and realize that you need to come off of it due to the side effects taking over your life.

By following the natural alternatives above, as well as the advice of your doctor or clinician, you can carry on living a normal life without having to deal with expensive and unhealthy drugs.'
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