New Jersey Will Soon Have The World’s Biggest Vertical Farm

Farms are very important for countries, but for some like the US, it is difficult to keep productive farmland as urbanization is taking more and more land. But there are a few companies working on ways to have great farms with less space and water. One of these companies is AeroFarms, which builds indoor vertical farms.

AeroFarms will soon open another facility in Newark, New Jersey. But the most impressive part about all of this is that it will be the world’s largest vertical farm. The 70,000-square-foot facility will be able to harvest two million pounds of food a year. Oh and it will use 95 percent less water than food grown in fields.

This is nothing new for AeroFarms as it has been working on ways to solve the global food crisis for almostAeroFarms 12 years. According to Urbanist, not only will this farm produce millions of pounds of food a year, it will also produce 75 percent more than a traditional farm that is the same size.

The farming systems used in the facilities will also affect the environment less and sometimes will not affect it at all. This massive farm will use climate controles and specialized LED lights to grow hundreds of greens. This without the need of sunlight or gigantic fields.

The lights used in the vertical farm let AeroFarms control the shape, texture, size and other parts of the leafy greens and herbs grown there. The facility, which has been in construction for a year, will soon be complete. The company is also opening the areas that are complete to start operating.

Global Food Shortage

The vertical farm is filled with big shelves that can only be reached with a forklift. Farmers are required to wear equipment such as gloves and lab coats before they can start working. The firm is building the world’s largest vertical farm in the U.S. but is also helping to combat the food shortage around the world.

In the future, the world’s population will be a lot more and more food will be needed. Climate change has been affecting crops for years now and it is expected to get worse. AeroFarms and the other companies working on vertical farms could be a huge part of the future as they not only grow more than traditional farms, but also use less water.

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