Roman Reigns Receives 30 Day Suspension for WWE Wellness Policy Violation, Brand Split Pay-Per-Views Confirmed

Roman Reigns Suspended 30 Days for Wellness Violation

The absolute unthinkable has happened this past week; WWE’s “golden boy,” Roman Reigns, received 30 day suspension for violating the wellness policy. Roman Reigns is a wrestler/”WWE Superstar” who has received very mixed reactions due to not being able to connect with the fans, and has received a very-evident push from the “behind the scenes people.” Basically, Roman Reigns is not that impressive of a wrestler, but was being forced into a role he is not quite ready for.

Roman Reigns recently was confirmed as violating the wellness policy, which most likely came as a shock to many people. However, this does legitimize WWE’S wellness policy, since many had called into question if the wellness policy was still being upheld due to few recent suspensions of top names. The most recent superstar to be suspended prior to Roman Reigns was Adam Rose, who was released, and this is a controversy in itself due to Adam Rose having a doctor’s note which would theoretically allow him to receive a specified medication for a condition.

Roman Reigns, the guy with the biggest pecs. Guess we know why they’re so big now

There is no confirmation on why exactly Roman was suspended, and before any more rumors of “Roman did cocaine” are thrown around, do keep in mind that Roman could have simply refused to not pee into a cup. Hornswoggle, real name Dylan Postl, was suspended during his tenure with the WWE for refusing to pee. On a podcast with Chris Jericho, Hornswoggle swore on his parents’ graves that he had not touched any drugs and never would, so Roman Reigns having a shy bladder is also a very, very real possibility.

Roman Reigns was suspended effective Tuesday. There have been rumors that WWE has known about the wellness policy violation for some time, as only this past Sunday Night at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Dean Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank contract after the main event between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to score the belt off the newly-crowned WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. As a result, Dean Ambrose is now the WWE champion, but many are speculating that WWE had to pull this maneuver in order to move the belt from Roman Reigns since he would be suspended less than three days later.

Roman Reigns then wrestled on Monday Night RAW in a match against Seth Rollins to determine who would become the number one contender for Dean Ambrose’s WWE Championship at Battleground, the next upcoming pay-per-view on July 24th. Reigns was suspended on the 21st, which means he will subsequently miss the WWE Draft (July 19) and many of the events leading up to the draft.

Interestingly enough, Reigns is still being billed in the Triple Threat match, consisting of the three previous

Roman Reigns is still being advertised as being in the main event. The reception to his return is going to be an absolute bloodbath
Roman Reigns is still being advertised as being in the main event. The reception to his return is going to be an absolute bloodbath. This is straight from WWE’s website, here

SHIELD members; Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns is still on. Roman Reigns is still being used in promotional footage for Battleground, which begs the question of what exactly is happening behind the scenes of WWE. Despite numerous previous and current superstar support from WWE personnel, there is no way that the image of Roman Reigns is not permanently by this incident. This will force WWE to change their plans moving forward, but should prove to be an extremely interesting time for any wrestling fan.

WWE Brand Split Pay-Per-Views all but Confirmed

The "leaked" list posted on Reddit. Emphasis that it was posted on Reddit, so do keep in mind somebody could be doing this for attention, but this list appears to be promising
The “leaked” list posted on Reddit. Emphasis that it was posted on Reddit, so do keep in mind somebody could be doing this for attention, but this list appears to be promising

Recently on Reddit, a user uploaded a rough Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of what could be the potential upcoming pay-per-views. It has now been confirmed that there will be two pay-per-views a month under the WWE brand, alternating between Raw and SmackDown.

The most affirmative we have received so far to this “leaked” list is that TicketMaster is indeed selling tickets for the “Clash of the Champions” event in September, which was originally titled the “Night of Champions” event. This gives the list, and the leaker, some credibility. “The Big Four,” which are the four largest events of the year, will consist of the brands coming together to form supercards, and it appears that both Survivor Series and SummerSlam will now last a permanent 4 hours.

This change was previously said to only be temporary, but it appears that WWE will need some additional time for airing the card in its entirety. Another statement floating around is that WWE has been asking for pay-per-view providers to extend the time slot of their events up to an hour extra, which is thanks to the advent of the WWE Network. WWE appears to be moving towards more control of their timeslots, adding additional matches to cards, and allowing for exciting main events to reach their fruition without fear of cutting off any watchers from pay-per-view systems. So far, this change has only been confirmed with a network in Italy, but we will most likely see more pay-per-views extend past the time of 11 PM eastern time.


FinallyCM Punk Confirmed for UFC 203

One last thing to note is that former-WWE Champion, CM Punk, will be guaranteed making his UFC/MMA debut at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio. Interestingly enough, this is the same exact arena, the Quicken Loans Arena, where CM Punk walked out of his WWE contract and was subsequently fired via a Fed-Ex overnight package containing the terms of his release. His opponent has been confirmed to be Mickey Gall. Do keep in mind that CM punk initially announced his intent to fight in the UFC in December 2014, so Punk is debuting

UFC 203 will take place on September 10, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and will be the first ever UFC event to take place in the city. So far, there have been five fights announced, with only one of those fights being a title defense. Stipe Miocic, a Cleveland native, will defend his UFC Heavyweight Title against the returning Alistair Overeem in an exciting slugfest.