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Top 10 Richest Female Rappers – Highest Paid in 2018

While rap is predominantly a male genre, there are also some wildly successful female rappers out there. Their songs are constantly played on the radio, and their music videos are all over MTV and other channels. With such a huge audience, it’s no wonder that those girls are some of the richest people in the whole music industry. They live in mansions, drive fast cars, buy expensive clothes and treat themselves well. And they sure do enjoy it.

Who are they? Let’s find out.

#10 – Trina Net Worth 2018 ($6 Million)

Trina-2016-Net-WorthKatrina Laverne Taylor, or as you probably know her – Trina,  takes the number 10 spot on our list with her net worth of 6 million USD.

Trina was born in December 1978, and started her career when she was 20 years old. She appeared on Trick Daddy’s album called “” (yeah, that’s what he named his album). That appearance gave a boost to her career, and she has released 5 studio albums since then, and is planning on a new one soon!

The popular American rapper was named “the most consistent female rapper of all time” by the XXL Magazine. And who can dispute that?

Trina has been on the scene for the past 16 years. In that time, she has released 5 albums, got nominated and won many music awards, and became rich in the process.

#9 – McLyte Net Worth 2018  ($8 Million)

McLyte-Net-Worth-2016Lana Moorer, known as McLyte, is often considered one of hip-hop’s female leaders. McLyte has been in the business since the late 80’s!

In 1988, she has released her debut album, called “Lyte as a Rock”. That album is now known as the first solo female rap album, and has cemented McLyte’s status in the world of music.

She is also an entrepreneur and a speaker, who has opened two companies and spoken at numerous colleges.  All of that amassed her a net worth of 8 million dollars, placing her as number 9 on our list.

#8 – Eve Net Worth 2018 ($10 Million)

Eve-Rapper-Net-WorthEve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper, born in Philly in 1978, is an American rapper and actress.  She has released 4 studio albums, collaborated with many famous artists, made her own clothing line and starred in several movies. Combine all of that, and she easily takes number 8 spot on our list with her net worth of 10 million USD.

During her career, Eve made collaborations with many popular musicians, including Lil’ Jon, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. She has also starred in the movie “xXx” alongside Vin Diesel, and in few more movies and TV shows.

Nowadays, Eve enjoys travelling, touring with Gwen Stefani and is planning on releasing more movies.

#7 – DJ Spinderella Net Worth 2018 ($10 Million)

DJ-Spinderella-2106With roughly the same amount of net worth as Eve, Deidra Roper takes number 7 on our list. Oh and yeah, she’s known as DJ Spinderella on stage.

This popular DJ claimed her fame by performing with the hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa. After their original DJ missed rehearsals and appearances, the group was looking for a fresh DJ to take the spot. Deidra auditioned when she was only 16, and took the stage name DJ Spinderella when she won the audition.

Other than rapping and DJing, she has also starred in some movies and opened her own beauty salon.

Nowadays, she lives in Dallas, enjoying the money she made over the years.

#6 – Cheryl James Net Worth 2018 ($14 Million)

Cherly-James-Salt-Net-WorthRemember the group Spinderella was a part of, Salt-n-Pepa? Well, other than the DJ, there were two other members, named Salt and Pepa (duh). Take a guess at what’s Salt’s real name…

You got it, Cheryl James is Salt, and today she is worth around 14 million dollars.

Together with two other members, Salt has released 5 studio albums, some of them reaching the platinum status.

Salt has left the group in 2002, after no longer wanting to be a part of the music world. However, 6 years later, the trio got back together and made many more appearances.

#5  – Sandra Denton Net Worth 2018 ($15 Million)

Sandra-Delton-Pepa-Net-Worth-2016This is getting old, but is there any way you could guess who the third member of the group was? Yup, Deidra, Cheryl and Sandra are Salt’n’Pepa, and they take three consecutive places on our list. With the richest one obviously being Pepa, placed on number 5, with net worth of 15 million USD.

In other words, that means that the female rap group had a total net worth of $39,000,00!

Today, Sandra is married and has a daughter with her ex-husband. She speaks about domestic violence and is a supporter of an organization that educates young people about AIDS.

#4 – Lil’ Kim Net Worth 2018 ($18 Million)

Lil-Kim-Net-WorthKimberly Denise Jones is an american songwriter, model, producer and a rapper known as Lil’ Kim.  And oh my, this girl has achieved wonders during her fruitful career.

She has been active on the scene since 1994. Her debut album was certified double platinum, so how can you not expect an amazing career from her? Since then, she has released 4 studio albums on her own, one in a collaboration and 36 singles.

Her albums have sold millions of copies, and placed her on number 4 on our list, with a staggering amount of net worth.

#3 – Missy Elliott Net Worth 2018 ($50 Million)

Missy-Elliott-2016-Net-WorthAs we enter our top 3, the amounts of true net worth rapidly grows. At number 3 we have Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, amassing 50 million dollars!

Missy Elliott has released 6 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 19 music videos and 72 singles! But, her achievements don’t stop there. She is also a professional dancer and a record producer.

Recently, you could have noticed her at last year’s Superbowl halftime show, where she performed with Katy Perry. Or maybe you’ve heard Pharrell Williams talking about her comeback album on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Either way, it looks like Misdemeanor is ready to come back, and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us!

#2 – Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018 ($60 Million)

Queen-Latifah-2016-IncomeOur second spot is claimed by one and only, Dana Elaine Owens, or as you know her – Queen Latifah. Latifah has definitely had the most expansive career of all the names in this list. Other than being a rapper, she is also an actress, a model, talk show host, comedian, producer and a writer.

How can she not be worth $60 million US dollars with all of that on her resume?

But she has also reached some other, mind-blowing, achievements. She was the first ever female rapper nominated for an Oscar. She has received the Grammy Award, a Golden Globe, two Emmy’s and an Academy Award nomination.

Queen Latifah has influenced many artists, and surely the majority on this list.

She is a huge name in the television industry as well, having started in many popular movies (Scary Movie 3, Taxi, 22 Jump Street), and TV shows (Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Eve, The Queen Latifah Show).

#1 – Nicki Minaj Net Worth 2018($70 Million)

Nicki-Minaj-2016-Net-ValueWhile other girls from this list have been on the scene for decades, Nicki Minaj has first appeared quite recently, in 2007. Her first studio album was released in 2010, and has hit the number 1 spot on US Billboard 200. In the same year,  Minaj had 7 hits on Billboard’s Top 10… simultaneously.

The New York times considers her “the most influential female rapper of all time”, and she was in Time Magazine’s 2016 Most Influential People In The World list.

Those are only some of the acknowledgements that Nicki Minaj has gained in the near past. She’s young, she’s popular, she’s rich, and she has not plans on stopping any time soon.

With all of that combined, it’s safe to say that Nicki Minaj is our number 1, with roughly 70 million US dollars true net worth. Can you imagine her average monthly income?

So there you have it, top 10 highest paid female rappers in 2018. These girls have worked hard for years, and it definitely paid off.  They are definitely some of the highest paid artists, and we’re sure that their income will only increase in the following years.

It looks like you need to work hard and branch into many fields to reach the status and income that these rappers have earned. Most of them do much more than perform on stage, especially the girls from the top. Television shows and movies, their own brands, music labels…they’ve had their fair share of all of those, and even more.

It’s true that these girls may have had some luck here and there, but they all have one thing in common; they kept going. And they got here, listed among some of the richest musicians in the world.


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