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10 Interesting Facts About The World’s Longest Glass Bridge

There are lots of bridges in this world but some are known for being just more than a structure that connects us to another place. There are all types of bridges around the world, but in China, there is one that has already set a number of records. We’re talking about the Zhangjiajie glass-bottom bridge, which hasn’t been opened to the public. The bridge, located in China’s Zhangjiajie National Park, connects two cliffs and was supposed to open to the public in June. But the opening date was reportedly pushed back due to rainfall.

Glass BridgeThe Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge has caught the attention of the world by setting a number of records. Here are ten interesting facts about the glass bridge:

  • The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is not only the world’s longest but also the highest.
  • The bridge won’t be just about crossing from one point to another, it also has a bungee jump, which is also a record holder.
  • The bridge is 375 meters long, 6 meters wide and is 300 meters above the floor of the canyon.
  • What’s the capacity of the bridge? 800 people at a time. That’s a lot of people, especially for a bridge that has glass panels as its floor.
  • The transparent glass floor raised some questions about its safety but park officials have proven a few times that the glass won’t break. How? Tourists were recently invited and given sledgehammers to hit the glass repeatedly.
  • The glass cracked during the visit from tourists but that’s OK according to park officials because it will never break into pieces.
  • The safety of the glass floor is something that many people are worried about, so park officials proved again that the glass won’t break. This time, they drove an SUV over the glass panels.
  • The cost of the world’s longest and highest bridge was approximately $39 million.
  • The bridge is located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, which has an area of 11,900 acres.
  • The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge will be open to public this month and up to 800 visitors will be able to walk on the bridge. The bridge could also be used as a runway for fashion shows and yoga sessions, which have already taken place in other glass bridges in the country.

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is a record setting structure that will attract thousands of tourists when it opens soon.



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